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Best Math Resources For Students, Teachers and Parents

Mathematics is considered to be one of the most complicated assignments in the high school curriculum. It is also a basis for such subjects as accounting, statistics and finance that are covered at the university. Algebra and geometry require much patience, diligence and effort as it’s almost impossible to remember all the formulas and know how to solve any problem on the spot.

We have surfed the whole Internet in order to find the most useful online Math resources, from the basics to calculus, that will help easily reach various handy tools. So, unless you have a personal statistics homework helper, you'll surely find a practical use for these.

Basic Math Resources for Students

These sources will be helpful for those who only begin their Math journey and learn its basics. They can be used not only by students but also for tutors who are teaching this subject.

  • Mathematics Illuminated offers a video course that was created for teachers and for students. The website contains video programs with course guides, online texts. It is a great source for learning and repeating material.
  • GPA Calculator if you struggle with calculation of your grade point average, use this free tool. Edubirdie helps students find out their GPA for university, college, high school or even online course.
  • The Math Forum was created by the Drexel University School of Education. It is a resource that helps improve math teaching as well as learning. The forum is operated by teachers, researchers, mathematicians, parents and students. They utilize the Internet with the purpose to better math education and help struggling learners.
  • Percentage Calculator - is a useful tool for those who want to calculate percentages quickly. Just insert the figures and find out the result fast. The tool is free of charges and easy in use.
  • Pay Someone to Do Math Homework - when students run out of time, a good alternative is to use online help with Math. Find an expert who can check if you solved problems right or pay him to do it for you.
  • Studocu - Lecture notes, exam and book solutions and much more

Educational Online Games & Apps

Math is more fun if you learn it using games and apps. This approach works not only for kids but also adults. It does not matter if you are a child a parent, these games will make you spend spare time with quality.

  • Middle School Math 8th Grade With the help of this application students practice middle school math skills. It features a game-based approach, and a charming monkey as a character to guide students along the way.
  • Matific provides activities and games for elementary, as well as middle school students. The platform has two versions for students and for parents. A parent version has math activities with a higher complexity.
  • Buzzmath also helps to develop middle school math skills. It is really fun and has immediate feedback, if the answer to the problem is incorrect. There also examples that allow to progress at your own pace.
  • Chalkboard Math is designed as a real classroom chalkboard and is suitable for elementary school students who need of math practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The game may also help to fight the fear of standing in front of the classroom as students get used to the chalkboard picture.

Algebra Resources

Check these best free online sites that help to develop algebra skills and solve problems of various ranges of difficulty.

  • Wolfram|Alpha is a search engine that gives access to the world's facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics besides algebra. The range includes science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, linguistics, sports, finance, music.
  • eMathInstruction creators have completed a website suitable for learners of all ages. Here one will find electronic textbooks with key answers, various video lessons, and printables for students and tutors of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
  • BeatCalc is a game that challenges young students to beat a calculator! Features step-by-step directions for performing functions quickly.
  • Khan Academy is a nonprofit that has an aim to provide free, world-class education to the students all over the world. The website has a compilation of learning algebra resources that are available for all ages. You can find videos for any math category that are followed by practice activities.
  • EduBirdie is the "write my assignment" platform that deals with any kind of homewrok including Algebra and Geometry. Just say, "do my homework for me," and get the help you need.

Geometry Resources

Here is a compilation of resources who help deal with geometry problems, building of geometrical figures, calculation of complicated equations. All of the sources are accessible and free of charge.

  • Learning Math: Geometry is a video- and Web-based course for elementary and middle school teachers, introduces geometric reasoning as a method for problem-solving.
  • Elementary Geometry Resources - contains the sources divided by grade level from grade 1 to 5. These lessons were designed for children by age level and do not repeat. The exercises are easy to understand and calculate and will definitely help any student who struggles with geometry.
  • The Geometry Junkyard - this website was designed by a pure geometry admirer Professor David Eppstein from the Computer Science Department at the University of California. The resource has web-pointers, lecture notes, clippings, research papers, abstracts and other content related to computational and discrete geometry. Materials are useful for those who enjoys simplified explanation of complicated rules.
  • Geometry in Action - once again, the creation of Professor Eppstein. It has different areas in which ideas from computational as well as discrete geometry meet some real world applications. It contains brief descriptions of how to apply geometry in real life with examples and the questions that may arise from them. There are many exercises to practice your skills.

Pre-Calculus & Calculus Resources

Calculus is not as scary as it sounds if you study it with the help of these useful materials and tools. They are suitable for any age and totally free. You can do tasks online or download them to your computer.

  • was designed by two mathematics teachers who devote their platform to fun but challenging activities and lessons in elementary, primary, secondary and college level mathematics for students and teachers. Here you can find problems for algebra, geometry, calculus and links to other helpful math websites.
  • That Quiz has simple math test activities for teachers and students, from beginning math operations to calculus. You can choose a skill level on your own, the number of problems to solve and the time limit. After each quiz you will receive a report with right and wrong answers.
  • Math Problem Solver - is a free calculator that can be used without any limits. There is no need to register or watch endless adds to use this tool. Utilize it for making correct calculations and getting excellent grades.
  • Visual Calculus is the website that contains tutorials and explanations that cover various calculus topics including: derivatives, sequences and series, applications of differentiation, integration, limits and continuity, and applications of integration. If you wonder, "Can this calculus solve my Math's question", the answer is yes, as the resource is rich with theory you can easily apply during your studying.
  • Graphing Calculator Help allows you to select your model or brand of calculator and then offers instructions on how to perform many different operations on that specific calculator.

Math Computer Programs for Mac & Windows

A short list of best and free mathematical software for students as well as teachers. They are free of cost and are excellent in solving any math problems. If you are busy and prefer to use your time in the most effective way, buying a term paper at a reliable writing platform is what you need.

  • Matti Math is a program for children that gives access to dozens of virtual objects like number lines, pie charts, algebra balance scales and more to help them understand math concepts.
  • With GeoGebra kids can plot the path of equations and draw lines, points, shapes and other features. There are many options for viewing and annotating the plotted graphs.
  • MathType can handle advanced math like derivatives, statistics and matrices. Once kids type out their answers, they can print or save and email their work.

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