Mental Math Tricks: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

Mental math tricks can help anyone to do it even faster; by using them, you can significantly improve your arithmetic skills and in future you will have advantages for jobs that require mathematics. Mental math is the ability to calculate and solve math problems with only human brain and without the use of calculators or any other technique devices. This is precisely the importance of mathematics. It also means that you don’t usually write down the example. Basically, it is just you and numerals you need to deal with. You can use it when different tools are not available or when it is easier and faster to calculate yourself. There are also competitions on the ability to quickly solve tasks. You can enjoy it and take part in championships to prove your talent.

Why are Tricks with Mental Math Important?

Lots of people might argue that in the 21st century calculating everything in your brain is not necessary, especially considering that we all have smartphones in our pockets. Why bother if there is already a tool to solve the problem or online math solver? Yes, using an electronic device may seem more convenient because we all tend to rely on gadgets these days. The issue is that using a tool won’t increase the brain activity and won’t improve skills that are generally very useful. And the calculation is not that difficult if you learn several tricks that will increase your performance, so you don't need help with math. Here are a few reasons why quick math calculations are important:

  • It Boosts Your Memory

Quick math calculations are an exercises that require you to keep several things in mind simultaneously, thus helping you to remember things better. Your brain uses math rules and facts to make a calculation. By this, it creates stronger neuron paths and endorses the ability to memorize things. Actually, mental mathematics helps to recollect what you already know much faster. Learning Math will shorten the average time needed to do my statistics homework and improve your memory in general.

  • It Increases the Level of Concentration

Mental math practice demands a high level of focus on the problem. You need to focus only on problem-solving and elimination of any background distractors. You get better at listening and therefore start feeling more confident. Another crucial benefit of such exercise is the growing understanding of numbers and relations between them. It increases your logical skills and analytical thinking. Now you can easier calculate sales when shopping or decide on tips without any efforts. It just gives you more freedom and time.

  • It Really Improves Mental Health

Another somewhat unexpected advantage of mental math is the influence on our general mental well-being. The most recent researches claim that it endorses the part of the brain that has been previously linked to depression and anxiety. Of course, math won’t resolve all your mental issues, but it certainly helps in several questions.

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  • You Should Use it Everywhere

This skill is hugely convenient and needed for everyday use. When you can calculate fast, nobody will have a chance to fool you at shops or elsewhere. It is not a theoretical knowledge; it is an efficient and useful skill. And it is a fabulous way to improve your abilities to observe the world around. You cannot even go through a day without a sign of arithmetical tasks everywhere.

Several Useful Speed Math Tricks

If you wonder how to do mental math just look at these 6 easy tricks:

1. How to Add Large Numerals Quickly

If you need to add up such numerals as 473 and 658, it might seem challenging. But there is an easy way to do it. Rounding is the key. So the 473 will become 480 and 658 – 660.

Next, add 480 + 660 = 1140

But there is one more step – subtract the numbers that you’ve added before that.

So you’ve just added 7 to 480 and 2 to 658

This means that first, you add up 7 + 2 = 9. Now just subtract it from 1140.

1140 - 5 = 1131. Here, now you know it!

2. How to Subtract from 1,000

It is also much simpler than it seems! Follow these 3 simple steps and get your answer. If you need to subtract big numbers from 1,000, first subtract each one individually from 9, except the last numeral, because it has to be subtracted from 10. For instance:

1,000 - 189 = ?

9 - 1 = 8

9 - 8 = 1

10 - 9 = 1

The answer is 811.

3. How to Multiply Large Numbers

Multiplying by 10 is simple – just add 0 at the end of the original number. For instance:

267 x 10 = 2670

There is another related trick. How to multiply by 5 if the starting number is like 7,854? Just divide it by 2 and multiply by 10!

So it looks like that:

7,854 : 2 = 3,927

3,927 x 10 = 39,270

4. How to Figure Out Percentage

Lots of us struggle with this one, especially when we go to the restaurant and have to calculate tips. So here is another hack: just switch the percentage! How does it work? Do you need to figure out how much is 10% from, say, 60? Than switch like that – 60% from 10. Both results are equal 6.

5. How to Multiply Quickly

If you need to multiply two-digit number by one-digit number, then you should first multiply each of two-digits and then add them to get the result. Example:

57 x 7 = ?

50 x 7 = 350

7 x 7 = 49

350 + 49 = 399.

6. Multiplication of Numbers with Zero

This is also very easy. If you need two numbers that end with zero multiplied just multiply the other numbers together and add up all zeroes at the end. Example:

150 x 500 = ?

15 x 5 = 75

Now add three zeros to the end:

150 x 500 = 75,000

75, 000 is your result! Isn’t it simple?

Of course, there are much more of speed arithmetic hacks, and you can learn them to increase your skills in arithmetic. They all are quite effortless and logical, so memorizing them shouldn’t be a problem. And the next time at groceries, you will impress everyone.

7. How to Do your Homework Faster

This tip is surely the most desirable for all students not depending on their major. And we know the trick! You can pay someone to do your assignment in Math or get help with essay writing on a bunch of different subjects; both humanitarian and STEM.

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How Can Math Skills Help Us?

It is extremely important and beneficial to learn these tricks because you will need them in your everyday life. Even if you are getting a degree in Arts, you will find these fun and advantageous. Using mental calculation boosts your brain and helps to remember a lot. It also helps to develop observational skills and become a better listener. As soon as you start practicing, you can find out that calculating process is actually fun. You will feel more confident and proud of yourself. And maybe you will participate in a competition, who knows!

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