No GRE Master’s Degrees: No Need to Overcomplicate

What is GRE and Why Do Students Feel Frightened About It?

When an average student hears about GRE, it always brings up fear and confusion. The GRE or Graduate Record Examination is quite important when a person is planning to apply to a certain school as a post-secondary education choice or major in a STEM field. Since it is a part of an application process, it represents a type of test that includes multiple-choice questions with the help of an online-based application. There are strict standards for GRE, which makes it quite comfortable in terms of global acceptance and structure. The program itself is controlled by the ETS. It makes it possible to use the same measures when comparing the results of various students and evaluating their readiness for certain academic disciplines. In simple terms, the higher your GRE score, the better are your chances of getting enrolled.

It is not surprising that most students feel frightened about passing the GRE test since it feels like winning a lottery. The GRE test is usually considered more challenging if compared to the usual ACT or SAT examinations. The tricky part about passing the GRE is the use of advanced vocabulary and the presence of confusing sentences that always make future students feel lost.

Thankfully, there are other ways to succeed by choosing the no GRE Master’s degree programs that make it possible to avoid the test. The complexity of the GRE examination has made the educational sector consider alternative options for those topics that may not have this particular requirement included. As a result, those who study Criminal Justice may not take it. These days there are even entire educational institutions that no longer require the GRE per see.

Should I Challenge Myself With GRE & What Fields Usually Require It?

Unless your program requires the presence of a GRE score specifically, there is no clear reason that would force an average student to avoid the test except not wishing to take the risk. Since it is the most frequently requested admission test that is valid for five years, it can be easily compared to SAT and ACT that also aims to help the admission committee see an advantage by checking student’s critical thinking skills, ability to analyze text, discuss things, use strategic planning, and reasoning. Remember that some schools may ask you for a specific subject with the GRE content.

According to the ETS statistics, the majority of test-takers intend to graduate in the Engineering and Life Sciences field, followed by the Social and Physical Sciences. Only 6% of applicants were pursuing a degree in Business & Marketing, which also appears as the field where GRE testing is usually necessary. It must be noted that 41% of applicants had the intention to obtain a Master's degree. It is also a reason why there are so many non-GRE Master’s programs that one can consider without passing this challenging examination.

In terms of why students seem to avoid it, it must be said that the test itself is not something that a person can pass without due preparation. An average student must dedicate at least one month of preparation since it takes three different test parts that must be studied. Starting with the Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning to Quantitative Reasoning parts, there will be one score for the first part and two scores for the second and the third parts. This complex examination system always brings confusion and extra stress, which is why students often avoid it or seek alternatives.

Another aspect of the test is the higher cost if compared to the alternatives like SAT or ACT with an average cost being at $60. The current price for the GRE is $205. This payment also covers the sending of your final score report to four different graduate colleges.

The Universities That Do Not Require GRE

  • Colorado State University Global Program. This particular university allows students to skip the GRE test and still get admitted by focusing on specific objectives that are related to their course. For example, you can choose Criminal Justice, Banking, or Healthcare Administration among the possible options. The major advantage of choosing CSU is the presence of special aid for adult learners and those who serve in the military.
  • The University of San Francisco. You have three master's programs that are also available online. The university waives the test and does not require it if you are an online student. You can choose Public Health, Public Administration, and Nursing.
  • Boston University. The famous institution offers several options through its famed Metropolitan College Online. You can choose Criminal Justice, Arts, Media Studies, or Pre-K Education among others. Remember that it still requires recommendation letters, CV, and transcripts.
  • Florida International University. Keeping with the highest educational standards, FIU offers a no-GRE MS program in Criminal Justice. You do not have to keep the usual 3.2 GPA score. If you have at least a "B" grade for undergraduate research, it is also an advantage. One of the best career choices!
  • Northcentral University. One of the most varied options in terms of Master’s programs that are also taken online and do not require the passing of the challenging GRE examination. In this case, we have Psychology, Health Administration, Teaching, Psychiatry, Special Needs Teaching, and Nursing among the possible options. The school is accredited and has a flexible schedule for online students, which makes it possible to focus on research work. There are also numerous grants and scholarships available.
  • Regis University. Since we have already mentioned business schools that usually require GRE, it is good to discover a nice option for a change. The Regis offers a great Master of Science program in Logic & Organizational Leadership. Since this university is a part of the Roman Catholic Church and the AJCU, it also offers scholarship help for students who are devoted and hard-working.
  • The University of Cincinnati. You can major in Computer Science by skipping the test, yet it requires credits from the ABET score university or a GPA of 3.0.
  • The University of North Texas. There are only a few exceptions in Strategic Planning and Engineering programs that must provide a GRE score. As for the other programs, it is not required as of 2019-2021.
  • George Mason University. A pleasant exception for the Master’s programs in Civil Engineering and Health Informatics that show that there are endless possibilities for those who seek alternatives in complex majors. Considering that it is one of the top universities in the United States, these two options are worth checking.
  • San Jose State University. It includes programs in Biomedicals, History, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, Public Administration, Civil Aviation, Education, and Maths.

Additional 25 Academic Programs With No GRE Required by Type

If you would like to pursue a career in business, marketing, and advertising, check these no-GRE programs:

Computer Science options that do not require passing the test:

In terms of education, you can consider:

Those who would like to consider Engineering programs in various forms can look at these opportunities:

Electrical & Data Science:

Industrial Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:

If you want to explore the field of Education and the Leadership, these MS/MA programs are among the best to consider:

Health Administration programs:

Good options for journalists:

The Possibilities Are Out There

Regardless of a program that you may choose, there are always possibilities that you must consider if you do not want to pass through the challenges of taking the GRE examination. Remember that while some programs will let you skip the test, some additional requirements may be in place. Seek online programs in your subject, consider the presence of recommendation letters as you apply.

If all fails, however, do not be afraid of taking the GRE test because it only takes practice, patience, and readiness to analyze.

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