Top 30 High-Paying Jobs for Graduates

What determines your future remuneration is not only the school you choose but the degree program and significant area of specialization. Evidence from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that medicine is the top-rated occupation globally due to its competitiveness. 

Worldwide, the healthcare sector is growing exponentially due to many factors – an aging population, an increase in lifestyle diseases, and malnutrition. Getting an admission to pursue a medical program is quite challenging due to its entry barriers. However, it is vital to note that other professions are also paying well. 

In this article, you will get insights about the top majors that lead to the highest paying careers and 30 highest-paying jobs. Let’s dive in and see!

Top Majors that Lead to the Highest Paying Careers

The major you choose at college has a significant impact on your future careers and salaries. The following is a highlight of the highest paying majors.


Average salary: $70, 000

Majoring in engineering can land you a lucrative job.  On average, this program takes about five years to complete. The most demanding opportunities in this course are energy, construction, and information technology.


Average salary: $ 90,500

Pharmacy is one of the best courses offered at the school of health sciences. It takes about six years to earn a degree in this field. 

Computer science

Average salary: $ 68, 500

Computer science majors spend about four years at universities learning about information systems, programming, data management, and operating system. Almost all sectors of the economy require computer experts, and therefore, specializing in this area can reward you with excellent earnings. 


Average salary: $71, 000

Studying architecture entails learning the techniques of designing and constructing structures.  It takes about seven years to complete this program, and you must register with a professional body before you start practicing . 

Actuarial science

Average salary: $102, 000

The primary role of an actuarial scientist is to quantify risks based on probability and statistics. These employees are valuable assets in the finance and insurance industries. If you want to become an actuary, you must spend four years to finish your studies. 


Average salary: $84, 820 

Financial experts play a crucial role when it comes to advising people on money management. To complete this program, you have to take at least four years in college. The benefits of becoming a financial analyst who evaluates investment opportunities are immense. 


Average salary:  $117, 830

A bachelor’s degree in physics can land you an excellent career. Also, with a first degree, you can pursue a postgraduate program and get a teaching position at universities. Physicists can work for the government and private sectors in the fields of mechanical, civil, and information engineering. 

Food science

Average salary: $65, 147

With a major in food science, you will become a nutritionist or a biological scientist. The new food manufacturing industries require the services of these experts to enhance high-quality production.


Average salary: $103, 000

An economics major can enable you to get an opportunity with either government or private entities. Usually, economists are employed in research, consulting, and financial companies. 


Average salary: $75,655

With chemistry, you are highly informed about the constituents of matter and how elements change when they interact. If you are willing to become a chemist, you must get a bachelor’s degree as the minimum qualification. With your first degree, you can pursue a postgraduate program to get a research position at universities. 

Business administration

Average salary: $88,190

A major in business administration can equip you with entrepreneurial and management skills. With this qualification, you can fit in various areas, such as accountancy, financial management, sales supervision, and any administrative position. 


Best-Paying Jobs for College Graduates

Before you choose your career, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the best rewarding opportunities in the job market. According to the American Bureau of Statistics, here is a list of 30 top-paid professionals in descending order.

Compensation managers
Median pay: $131,820
Compensation managers are the best paying jobs in the field of human resources. 

Genetic Counsellor
Median pay: $100,379
Genetic counseling is a new field. These specialists might help you to find out what kind of inherited diseases might affect you and your family.  

Natural scientists administrators
Natural sciences administrators earn a mean annual wage of $140, 680, and their role is to coordinate activities in physical sciences, statistics, research, and mathematics. 

Sales managers
Median pay: $141,320
Sales managers are responsible for the marketing and distribution of the company’s products and services. 

Median pay: $145,230
Attorneys are lawyers with different specializations like criminology, family, commercial, accident, etc.  

Financial managers
Median pay:$ 146,830
Financial management entails coordinating budgeting, investment, and procurement activities in a firm. 

Marketing managers
Median pay: $147,200
The earning of a marketing manager differs across industries. 

Engineering manager
Median pay: $147,800
An engineering manager’s primary role is to supervise activities in research, innovation, budgeting, and planning. 

Median pay: $148,100
Architects are experts who design and oversee the construction of various structures, such as houses and roads. 

Median pay: $148,300 
Podiatrists are medical specialists who handle foot diseases. 

Information technology administrators
Median pay: $149,700
System administrators supervise functions like data processing, analysis of systems, programming, etc. 

Petroleum engineers
Median pay: $153,780
A petroleum engineer’s primary responsibility is to devise the techniques of extracting oil and gas from deposits that are under the earth’s surface.

Median pay: $154,200
Without a pilot, a plane may neither be navigated nor flown. 

Flight engineers
Median pay: $165,280
Flight engineers use various plane devices to guide pilots on navigation. 

Nurse Anesthetists
Median pay: $169,200
A nurse anesthetist's role is to administer anesthesia and supervise the patient’s recovery from the procedure. 

Median pay: $170,840
Dentistry is one of the medical professions that are growing at a fast rate. To become a dentist, you must earn a doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery. 

Median pay: $178,240
Pediatricians are medical specialists who diagnose and treat children’s ailments.

Median pay: $191,200
A prosthodontist performs a vital role in correcting a natural deformation of mouth jaws to restore oral processes, such as speaking and chewing. 

General internists
Median pay: $196,390
An internist diagnoses and provides patients with non-surgical treatment. To become a general internist, you have to gain a degree from a medical school, which takes 4 years to complete, and, 3 to 7 years in internship and residency programs. 

Chief executives
Median pay: $196,900
Chief executive officers (CEOs) are among the highest-paid employees all over the world. 

General practitioner
Median pay: $208,460
GP physicians are medical specialists who diagnose and provide a range of non- surgical health care to adult patients.

Median pay: $215,200
A psychiatrist is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats mental and psychological ailments. 

Median pay: $225,560
An orthodontist is a dentist who corrects misaligned teeth and jaws. 

Median pay: $230,140
An obstetrician specializes in child delivery, pregnancy, and women’s reproductive systems. 

Median pay: $238,200
Gynecologists are specialists in women’s reproductive health, and they can diagnose and treat fertility problems, sexual infections, and hormonal imbalances. 

Oral surgeons
Median pay: $240,270
An oral surgeon conducts complicated procedures, such as the removal of a wisdom tooth.  

Maxillofacial surgeon
Median pay: $242,640
A maxillofacial surgeon performs procedures that affect your mouth and jaw. 

Median pay: $243,100
A neurologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases affecting the brain and nerves. 

Median pay: $244,200
As a medical specialist, a neurosurgeon diagnoses and treats diseases of the nervous systems. 

Median pay: $266,100
An anesthesiologist is a physician who administers anesthetics before and after a medical procedure.


As a graduate, it is vital to beware that most paid professionals include pharmacists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, chief executives, and many more. If you want to prepare for well-paying careers, you must choose the right program and then major in areas that will make you acquire a lucrative job in the future.  

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