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MLA Formatting Writing and Citation Guide

23 Aug 2017

The best way to learn new formats and styles of writing is by using various guides, which practically show you what you should do. Our website is a place, where you can find everything you need for composing your academic papers fast and easily. Our instructions will teach you how to deal with such a serious issue in an academic world as MLA citation style.

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Chicago Manual Of Style - Quick Writing Guide

23 Aug 2017

Well, there are several main citation styles as we already know. This time we’re going to tell you about the most recent updates, sixteenth actually, of Chicago style format and its citation identity. Please, be patient with Chicago style citation as this format is not the easiest one and if you already know Harvard styleIEEE or MLA format well doesn’t mean you will learn this one fast. This style preferred by many, but still lots of people don’t do it well. Thus, let’s start with a definition and short summary.

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Citation APA Format Guide

23 Aug 2017

You have an uneasy task to do an APA format essay. It might seem like some daunting job, especially if you used to write another style essays, APSA, IEEE, MLA or Chicago, for example. Before you start, you should learn the basics and principal document formatting rules of how to cite APA style. Also, you can find online any APA book citation format example and compare it with MLA format paper example to see the difference.

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Essay Writing - A Level Business Papers

06 Mar 2017

While studying finance or management in college, university or attending GCSE courses, you will inevitably come across with the need to write numerous accounting papers or research paper related to business. Even if you don`t know what is a brochure and how to use it your business, we will help! Besides, when you are new in this sphere and had never engaged in business papers writing this task can become a tough challenge for you.

But it is not necessary to panic! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to write a business paper of a high level!

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Key Steps to Writing Assignments on Accounting

06 Mar 2017

Accounting is one of the key processes in all corporate businesses. Besides, it is a prestigious job. That is the reason why so many people strive to obtain this specialty, but it is also a complicated subject that does not only require learning lots of financial theory and management nuances but also writing numerous accounting papers.

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How to Launch and Develop Your Business Idea? Hear From The Experts!

10 Jan 2017

It`s a question that has been pondered so many times before, and the answers were so few! Usually, people who have already developed their business are rarely sharing their experience. The problem is nobody wants to give away their secrets as they were carefully brought up for years. Once one created his business, he will keep his mouth shut and try to keep his secrets uncovered. Moreover, you won`t find anywhere on the web free professional custom powerpoint presentation on their business success.

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Steps To Writing A Dissertation

26 Dec 2016

In the life of each graduate student comes a time when the experience and level of professionalism allow him/her to improve his/her scientific status, preparing and carrying out the defense of the dissertation. This is a rather troublesome exercise in terms of organization and a very serious matter, the main component of which is scientific research. Many students have real troubles with this task. Carrying out scientific research and registration of their results in the form of the dissertation abstracts can take the young scientist even a few years. If you feel the strength for such a long and responsible process, you should begin to act in accordance with certain rules.

In this article, we have prepared some useful hints and steps to writing a dissertation. So, let’s get started.

Short, But Ultimate Dissertation Writing Guide

Here you will see some steps to performing your dissertation abstracts (as well as the work itself) and advice for approaching it. Follow these tips and you will get the highest grade for your abstracts!

Step 1 – Research

The first stage of the process is carrying out scientific research with the subsequent registration of their results in the form of abstracts. This includes the collection of information, scientific facts, conducting their own practical and theoretical research, analysis, comparison of data and the provision of conclusions that will be applied in subsequent scientific papers or used in the development. Articles based on the materials of the dissertation research are published in professional journals and almanacs.

The second serious stage of work on the dissertation is the introduction of the results of the research in practice. This does not require mandatory, but it is necessary to confirm the possibility of practical application of your discoveries. In any form, a written paper will give a vivid idea of the demand for dissertation research in practice. If there are other documents confirming the usefulness of the work, the dissertation Council will be more favorable to the applicant.

What else to keep in mind? It is also good to get a special dissertation planner in the very beginning to divide your work into groups, start drafting abstracts, and manage your time more efficiently.

Step 2 – Writing

After all the research is finished, the applicant begins to write the final work - the abstracts and the paper itself. It is necessary to justify the relevance of the solution of the problem, applied research methods. The text should have scientific novelty and practical value (possibility of using the results obtained during research). Having answered all these questions, the applicant can proceed to the presentation of all his thoughts and arguments on paper. What do you need to know? Writing work requires mandatory compliance with the rules established by the commission, otherwise, the thesis will not be admitted to the defense. Usually, the thesis has a standard structure:

These simple rules should be observed if you don’t want delays and unnecessary problems.

What else to keep in mind? You should also prepare good abstracts and confirm them with your professor in order to ensure that you are going the right way and not making any major mistakes.

Step 3 – Defense

We should note that not everyone overcomes the finish line. In fact, only 20-40% have a right to protection, defense of the dissertation and the degree, while others fail at the stage of presenting the abstracts or first drafts or even when their text is already completed. The universities themselves set the rules for writing dissertations and include the results of their activities. A Commission of several people (often professors from the same University, sometimes – professors from other academic institutions) examines the study and discusses whether its author is worthy or not. The decision is made by two opponents: "external" (from another University) and" internal " (from the same faculty). Sometimes the number of opponents increases to three. The supervisor is usually present but does not participate in the decision-making process. Graduate student participates in an oral public defense of the thesis, the results of which shall be made a positive or negative decision about the award of a scientific degree. The award of the degree shall be made by voting.

Some Pieces Of Advice For Writing A Dissertation

  1. Before you begin your research, read some abstracts in your field of expertise, they will help to figure out what should be your work written about.
  2. When drawing up the plan, remember the famous deductive method Sherlock Holmes: sections in the work should provide information from the partial to the General or Vice versa.
  3. There are usually standard requirements for the design of the abstracts (or the whole text) and its content, do not be lazy to read them, to prevent misunderstandings.
  4. When you look for literature, do not be lazy to investigate the usual library, because there may be valuable copies, which are not found on the Internet. However, most libraries have an online catalog and even services for the selection of literature on a topic.
  5. If your work will be in a foreign language, you need to get a special permission to publish it.
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How To Write A Scientific Paper On Political Topics

19 Dec 2016

What is a political paper?

If you want to create a qualitative political science research paper, you need to do a little research first. For instance, you can choose a topic about the situation in this sphere or existing problems that you can see in your own country. In this case, you have to read some books, journals, and newspapers about the events related to this subject. You may find some information about such events on the Internet; find out what problems are the most relevant in your country, but do not choose the topics that have already been solved.

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How to Handle Your Geography Research Papers with Ease

19 Dec 2016

Often students lack skills, experience or time to cope with their academic writing. In addition to this, when a person enrolls into the university he gets tens of new subjects and new forms of assignments, so it becomes a real challenge to keep up with everything.

Creating geography papers is not less problematic! We will help you to understand how to write a geography research paper, what is its purpose, tell you about its structure and will give some useful tips on how to make a high-quality work easily!

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Tips on Writing Aviation Papers

07 Dec 2016

Students constantly face the necessity to complete written tasks. Writing a paper on your own is challenging, but if you know all the nuances, requirements to the structure and format, and expectations of your teacher – you can easily handle such assignment, and this article is aimed to help you cope with your aviation papers!

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