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General Rules and Template for Book Citation in CSE

Unless you are enrolled in a university course that deals with Biology, you might be new to the CSE style. Coming back to the 1960s, this format used to be called CBE, which stood for Council of Biology Editors. Currently, it is known as the Council of Science Editors, which is why we call it CSE in the modern edition. As it has already been mentioned, CSE is used for those assignments that deal with Biology, Chemistry, and science-based subjects that approach biological subjects. In this guide, we shall review the rules of CSE book citation to help you see what must be included and what kind of a template to follow. 

Here are some rules that must be remembered according to the 8th edition

  • Author’s initials (if known) must be implemented without periods and are used instead of the author’s names. 
  • Connect the author’s last name in your reference with the help of a comma instead of placing “and” or an ampersand. 
  • Add the hanging indent in your references list entries. 

You can also use various citing types in CSE: 

  • Citation-Name Style. It uses superscript numbering to mark your in-text citing. Sort it by ABC. 
  • Citation-Sequence. It also has superscripts, yet the References page must be sorted by the order exactly how it appears in your text. 
  • Name-Year Style. It implements a classic parenthetical in-text citation style with the author’s name and the year when your source has been published. 

For example, our CSE citation book template looks this way: 

Surname Initials. Year. Title in sentence case, no capitals. Xnd Ed. City: Publisher.

Bibliography page:

Mills, MA. 2004. Microbiology Pathogenic Methods. 3rd Ed. London: Oxford Press.

In-text citing: 

(Mills 2004)

Book Citation Types in CSE

Entire Book in Print


Author’s Surname First Initial(s). Date. Title of book: subtitle. City (State): Publisher.


(Last Name Year)
Jasson RV. 2016. The mammals’ behavioral patterns in the Mediterranean Sea.
        Jacksonville (FL): Florida Marine University. 

Citation-name pattern:

1 Jasson RV. 2016. The mammals’ behavioral patterns in the Mediterranean Sea. Jacksonville (FL): Florida Marine University.

Entire Online Book (e-book)

Author’s Last Name Initial(s). Year. Title. Title in italics (if electronic). City: Publisher; [accessed Year, Month Day]. URL.
Bittar E. 1996. Cell chemistry and physiology: part I. New York: Elsevier Science;
        [accessed 2020, Sep 29].


(Bittar 1996)

Citation-Name pattern only adds the superscript number before the author. 

Chapter in a Book

Surname and First Initial. Year. Chapter’s title. In: Editor(s) Last Name and First Initial, editor(s). Book Title. City: Publisher. P. xx-xx.
Hall, T. 2009. Viral variations in South African apes. In: Larkin V, Adelabaja R., editors.
        South African Animals Reference. Cape Town: De Boer Press. p.221-234. 


(Hall 2009)

For your Citation-Name pattern add the superscript number relevant to your source. 

Chapter in ebook

Citation template: 

Last Name of Your Author. Year. Chapter. In: Editor(s) Last Name and Initial. Book Title. Edition (if present). Place of publication: Publisher. Page numbers. Available from: your URL.

Here is how to cite a chapter in a book CSE format for your Bibliography page: 

Burger M. 2012. SADF machines. In: Secrets & lies: wouter basson and South Africa’s
        chemical and biological warfare programme. 1st Ed. Cape Town: Zebra Press.
        p.234-236. Available from:

In-text remains the same with Surname and the year. For other case, add superscript number after the quote. 

(Burger 2012)  

According to the CSE manual, the Citation-Name pattern only adds a superscript number. 

Edited Book

CSE book citation format with an editor template: 

Last Name Initial, editor. Year. Title: subtitle. City (State): Publisher.
Canterbury, C, editor. 2012. Human equation: comatose recovery of immune cells.
        Santa Monica (CA): Bartham Press. 

In-text referencing: 

(Canterbury 2012)

Edited ebook

Last Name Initial, editor. Year. Title: subtitle. City (State): Publisher. Page number(s). Available from: URL.
Wilson DE, Mittermeier RA, editors. 2019. Southern American mammal protection rules.
          In: Mammalian Biology: handbook of the mammals of the world (Vol. 9).
          Barcelona: Lynx Edicions. p. 789-793. Available from:

In-text quote:

(Wilson and Mittermeier 2019)


Here is our template for a scientific reference book or a textbook: 

Author’s Surname Initial. Year. Title. Xnd ed. City (State): Publisher.

Bibliography page: 

Weiner IB, editor. 2012. Handbook of Psychology. 2nd ed. New York: John Wiley &
        Sons Inc. 

For your research quoting, it remains this way:

(Weiner 2012)

Book Citation Author’s Templates and Rules in CSE

  • Single Author 

(Surname Year)
(Stipe 2005)


Stipe M. 2005.
  • Two Authors

(Last name and Last Name Year)
(Jones and Kelly 2005)

Bibliography page: 

Jones R, Kelly V. 2017.
  • More Than Three Authors

(Last Name, Surname and Last Name Year)
(Fox, King and James 2016)


Fox RR, King A, James K. 2016.

Once again, the other CSE citation patterns only add the superscript number.

Why Use Our CSE Generator for Book Citation

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