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Find Your Inspiration – Creative Writing Prompts Generator

Have you ever been in a situation when you need an essay for your tomorrow English class but the right words or even the right topic just don’t arrive in your mind? Experienced writers call this state a writer’s block. It makes one’s mind simply ignore all the attempts to think creatively or unite separate words into meaningful sentences. Occurring unpredictably, this state can put your academic success under threat. To help students deal with such situations, we’ve developed a writing prompt generator. This tool is completely free of charge. It aims at promoting creativity while helping students get back in a creative flow.


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It is an essay idea generator that randomly brings inspiring, appealing, argumentative or just interesting sentences. EduBirdie team developed this generator intending to help you with assignments. Without exaggerations, random essay prompt generator from EduBirdie benefits students who lack ideas or have difficulties with creating a short story. Here are some of the most likely benefits users get:

  • They become inspired;
  • You come up with a relevant topic;
  • Our creative writing prompt maker narrows a broad topic down to a relevant research thesis;
  • This tool generates sentences that can be directly used in essays.

Whether you incorporate the generated sentences in your writing or use them as topics for research, random writing prompts from EduBirdie essay service will give you a push, stimulating your creativity.

How It Works

Unlike other comparable tools available online, this story prompt generator enables students to receive cues of specific categories. We’ve added this feature because many professors leave students with rather wide topics like technology or career that can hardly be covered in a single essay. Professors often give such assignments because they expect students to narrow down the topics on their own. Many become stuck with possible options. For this reason, our prompt generator already contains categories corresponding to the most popular topics:

  • Technology – in this category, students pick up ideas related to social media, internet, and modern devices;
  • Arts & Entertainment – here, writing prompt generator encourages students to write about their experiences related with music, theater, and other arts; some of them discuss topics related with entertainment and its effects on various life aspects;
  • University & Career – this category brings up discussions relevant to learning and studying, effects of education on career;
  • Identity & Family – here, you’ll find inspiration to talk about family matters, effects of parenting on identity, values and moral standards promoted in modern families;
  • Social Like & Leisure Time – this broad category of random writing prompts enables users to examine ideas connected to friendship or other interpersonal relationships and discuss effects of various activities on society and individual;
  • Science & Health – this category is particularly helpful for those concerned with the environment, its effect on human health and animals;
  • Civics & History – students writing essays for their history classes will love this category because it brings random cues for history and policy topics.

Students also can use online essay title maker to get some topic ideas to write about.

Using Prompts in Writing

There are many ways students can use sentences produced by a writing prompts generator. They can be utilized as research topics but some prompts will also do well as an opening line or a hook. Mind though that you may need to slightly change some story ideas, for instance, by removing a sentence starter, to incorporate them into your essay the way you like most. So, if you look for a good first line, hook, topic, or research question, EduBirdie story idea generator is a good place to start. Find an awesome prompt to ace your paper!

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