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"I am motivated to write a good paper because I want to study the topics I take myself."

To better familiarize our users with our team and make us closer, we decided to open a new blog section where we will interview our employees. We want to show you that EduBirdie is not just a website. We are a family, a single organism, and a whole team full of bright and enthralling personalities.
Disclaimer: For privacy reasons, EduBirdie is not allowed to disclose the identity of our users as well as our authors. It doesn’t make Kyser’s story any less engaging though!

On personal life

How do you spend your free time?
I like to watch sitcoms and study languages. I am currently learning Polish. I also like to play GTAV on my PS4.

What’s your favorite quote?
“We can’t encourage narrow mindedness, for no nation can be great whose people are narrow in thought.”— Jawaharlal Nehru

What makes you laugh?
Jimmy Carr and Jerry Seinfeld

On professional experience

What do you seek in your clients?
I like my clients to be polite and to trust me with the work when they have chosen me as their writer. They can make sure to get just the perfect result they need every time when I offer them to write essays for money.

What is the most interesting topic you had to write a paper on?
The black cat by Edgar Allan Poe. It really allowed me to use my imagination and I was free to interpret the story in a manner that I saw fit. 

Is there a subject you will never take? Why?
Yes, that would be computer science since I have not studied coding at university :)

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My nickname is Kyser and I’d say that I am academically inclined. I worked in a pharmaceutical company. I majored in biotech. It was a position of R&D analyst. But then I realized it wasn’t for me.

Why is that?
It’s mostly because of what you’re learning, the training you receive at work. It was very good at first, Chemical analysis, but then I felt that my department was focusing more on paperwork, on bureaucratic stuff. It wasn’t the best use of my time. I thought I should be doing something more useful, like research.

So, what do you do now?
I went to university to get my Master’s degree. So when you apply you have to give them an entire research proposal, a full plan of what you want to study for the next two years. I wrote a full proposal, about 13 pages long. That was on Dengue virus. It’s a disease caused by a mosquito like Malaria, but Dengue would be more severe than Malaria. It was a preliminary study for a Dengue vaccine. But when they tried to take preliminary tests at university, they found that they couldn’t replicate those tests, so that research proposal was canceled right there.

So the proposal was solid, but they canceled it because they couldn’t conduct the tests?
Exactly. That’s when I had to make another research proposal and that’s where it gets interesting. That was for a COVID vaccine. But I think they were impressed from the very beginning, because the proposal was so long. They wanted only two pages, and I wrote because I had the whole experiment, two years mapped out. So, they did give me a scholarship. It’s a full 100% scholarship but only on tuition fees. I still have to pay for my rent and food, and that’s when I applied to EduBirdie.

How was that for you?
It just perfectly aligns with my goals, you see. This way, I can do what I like and pay for my education.

Coming back to your second application. So, your second study, the one you want to conduct now is on COVID, right?
Yeah, COVID vaccine.

Tell us a little bit about it if you can.
You know there are vaccines that are being administered to the public like Pfizer, Moderna, or the Oxford vaccine. But, you see, there are a lot of different platforms for vaccines. Some will use a traditional approach and some will have this very exciting next-generation sequencing technology. That’s extremely engaging, and that’s what I like. The problem with these approaches and the current vaccine is that you cannot use them for a significant portion of the population. For example, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use the platform of MRNA. So, you actually need to have these large large freezers, a cold chain. And countries like Pakistan or most countries in Africa, they won’t have the facility of a cold chain. We cannot use these vaccines from Moderna or Pfizer for the resource-limited areas. You can get some vaccines there, but you won’t reach the goal of vaccinating the 60% of the population which is needed to get the virus under control.

And the vaccine you’re working on is different, right?
The vaccine me and my supervisors are co-developing is a DNA vaccine. It can actually be stored at room temperature.

Wow, that’s very impressive, thank you. Let’s switch over a little bit. You are studying Polish, right?

Why? It’s not the usual typical language to study.
You see, all my efforts are towards something constructive. Eastern Europeans usually don’t speak English very well, so there is huge potential for translation. I can study the language, get fluent in two years and maybe get a translation job as well. That’s my way of exploring the world and sharpening my mental acuity.

Any more examples that illustrate it?
Yes, EduBirdie works very well for it. For example, if you take a subject like history, and your client has a specific assignment that requires you to be knowledgeable about the whole book, you have to read the whole book.

So you’re not only to earn money but to study something for yourself?
Exactly. It adds meaning to the whole venture. This way I am motivated to write a good paper because I want to study the topics I take myself.

But how did you end up here? Was it ever your goal to get into academic writing?
That’s a good question. It was actually upsetting at the time. My friend in university, when they couldn’t write their paper, they would just hit me up, “Okay, I need your help.” You see, not even a hire. And I would help them. But was unsatisfying, upsetting, they were using me. So, I thought I might as well monetize it. I started googling and found you guys.

You said you like to take some complicated topics that give you the opportunity to grow, to study. Do you take basically any reasonable topic just to widen your expertise?
No, surely no. My goal is to be here for a long time, so I want to build a solid profile and client base. And these clients should know I’m a good writer. I make sure I take the topics I can write very well.

Let’s get to your goals. What are you trying to achieve in life?
First I get my Master’s, then I get my PhD, then post-doctorate degree. In the process I would find a permanent position in the university. It would be a research position, so I would get grants from the university for any research I study. I’m looking for both financial and emotional stability.

Do you have an ambitious ultimate goal for your research? Something like “I want to cure cancer.”
I would like to cure cancer but I’m realistic. What I’m thinking of now is, you see, COVID is the disease that caused significant emotional distress, economic distress. The governments had actually to implement these laws where you can even get fined if you don't wear personal protective equipment or if you go past curfew, past lockdowns. This is something we need to deal with as a society. Protective equipment and distancing measures, it’s right, but they cannot be the ultimate form of protection. It has to be a scientific, a medical breakthrough that actually eliminates the virus or reduces the chances of you getting infected. That’s why I’m into biomedicine.

Thank you for the conversation. It was a really pleasant talk. I wish you good luck and hope all your goals come true.
I know it’s gonna happen. There is no luck in it. I will make it happen.

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