Survey: How Different Zodiac Signs Fight Stress and Rest

Stress affects all people throughout their lives, yet we know that there is no single solution to relieve it. So, we decided to study how different Zodiac signs cope with stress and relax, and how a lockdown influenced these preferences. We surveyed more than 2,500 people of all signs and are now ready to share the results. Here we highlight the most important trends that emerged among our respondents.


Aries appeared to be one of the most active signs with a wide range of interest. 34.4% of the respondents said they prefer outdoor activities. 19.7% favor traveling, especially to exotic places. During the lockdown, 46.4% of Aries rested by physical exercises. About 8% found a new hobby in tinkering or working with their hands, but most admitted they prefer not to spend too much time on it.


Taurus is the one most connected to the places of comfort. 56.2% of respondents said they like to spend free evenings with friends but at home. Fun and laughter, and sincere communication were stated as the best pastime for them. 31.5% of Taurus find their best rest in painting or listening to music. 18.2% relax by shopping, and 5.6% like gardening or working with plants.


These restless creatures love adventure and change. Geminis are in for entertainment, fun, and communication. 31% of responded Geminis said they like active communication like partying or going to the club. 24.2% admitted they like social events or meetings, even if they are job-related. During COVID-19, Geminis tried to reach out for communication. 42.2% said they preferred talking to someone as their way to relax, even via online calls. At the same time, about 14.3% were mostly fine during isolation and enjoyed meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises.


Cancer's motto is "There is nothing better than home." 59% of them prefer to relax at home with their family or chosen friends. 24.2% like taking short walks or swimming. 11.3% of Cancer respondents are fond of history and love to visit historic places and excursions. Lockdowns didn’t affect Cancers much. They stayed loyal to their family interactions and in-home activities. 67.7% during this time rested by reading books and watching movies. 13.2% paid more time for their hobbies like collecting or working around the house.


Always in the spotlight, Leos like to relax in style. 41.1% admitted they save money to have a fashionable, expensive vacation later. 39.1% said they love dancing and singing. At the same time, about 64.2% of Leos claimed they always need some time for themselves, which they prefer to spend alone. As for the lockdown, 72.1% said they started spending way more time on social networks. 33% preferred watching comedy shows and TV series as a stress relief. About 11.4% love video games as a way of solo time spending.


Virgos appear to be a spiritual sign who prefers simplicity. About 36.1% of Virgo respondents practice meditation or yoga. They do not need expensive resorts, but only a corner of beautiful nature. 41.1% like long walks and 35.6% love spending time in the park or countryside. During the lockdown, Virgos worked a lot on their spiritual side, doing meditation or physical exercises like stretching. 46.1% preferred to spend most of their time with loved ones, and 17.4% practiced doing puzzles or other sorts of non-physical work with their hands.


Libra has great taste and a clear intuition for elegance and aesthetics. 49% of respondents said they like to spectate art and go to museums, art galleries, and theaters. 64.1% find their rest in music, both alone and with others. 13% use shopping as a stress reliever. Lockdown made Libras focus more on their houses and inner beauty. 41% of respondents made some significant redecorations at home, 36.9% acquired new pieces of art and 22.1% acquired new houseplants. 


Another active zodiac sign. Scorpios love sports, especially those associated with risk: rallying, parachuting, and alpine skiing (37.6%). Representatives of this Zodiac sign are faithful to their element and love to relax by the water: 19.4% of the respondents like to swim and 44.4% strive for some time on the beach. Scorpios' activity also relates to their sexual life. 71.6% of Scorpios specifically stated they use sex as stress relief and 32% said they started having more sex after the lockdown. In general, the lockdown did not affect Scorpios as much as others. They still knew how to spend time alone, preferring reading the book (35.6%) or meditating (17.9%).


Sagittariuses have a rare ability to turn a vacation into a holiday. They were the ones who missed out on traveling and flying during the lockdowns the most. About 46% of Sagittarius respondents cannot see themselves without exploring new locations. Sagittariuses have a very inquisitive mind. They like to actively engage in filming, and photography both for Instagram and just to keep the memories (41.1%) They are in a constant search for a beautiful moment. Apart from traveling, the pandemic hit the Sagittariuses’ love to communicate. 61.1 of them prefer not to spend time alone, and therefore 79.1% had to turn to social media more.


Capricorns are stubborn workers. Even on vacation, they have things to do. 51% prefer a respectable location they can visit from time to time, be it a bar or a club. The main focus for the Capricorns is the people they rest with. 67.1% said they would rather spend time alone than with people they don’t know well. 71.2% of respondents said they can do most kinds of activities while they are with friends they trust. During the lockdown, Capricorns had to turn more to solo time-spending, which they are pretty good at. About 26% practice meditation, yoga, breathing, or other spiritual exercises.


Aquarius is a sign of friendship and human communication. They mostly prefer collective sports (31.2%) and like to be engaged in social activities like parties and conferences (28.2%). At the same time, Aquarius stays very spiritual and often gets stuck in their heads. About 48% said they like to spend their time thinking alone or meditating. Unlike most other zodiac signs 52.2% of respondents said they started spending less time on social media since COVID-19 started. Being locked down, Aquarius tends to play video games (11.2%) or explore new books (39.4%).


Their whole life is a process of growth. Pisces is a rather contradictory sign in terms of rest. They feel the need for creative expression, company, and loneliness at the same time. 48.5% said they listen to music alone as a stress relief. At the same time, 57% claimed they love to dance and spend time partying with their friends. Pisces like meditating and doing yoga (22.4%) and enjoy spending time with their pets (27.2%). The pandemic made Pisces feel more lonely and spend more time on their own. 64.4% said they felt left out with their best friends, and 54.4% admitted that they have been having way fewer sexual relationships.


All data were collected via online surveys, using special services. A total of 2,514 people aged 21-60 were interviewed. The questionnaire included 64 open and closed-ended questions.

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