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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

As with most written academic endeavors, the dissertation paper follows a quite rigid structure: it consists of three essential sections – the opening clause, the main body, and the conclusion. Each of these sections is indispensable to the final product, and so requires a significant amount of time and careful attention paid to detail.

Writing your dissertation introduction is an integral component of the scientific report formulation process. This is because professors devote the greatest amount of time and attention to the report’s introductory clause and conclusion, since they generally do not have enough time to comb through the entire body of a thesis in careful, close detail.

You should aim to have your dissertation introduction in the 5-6 page range.

When determining how to start an introduction to your dissertation, consider the following key points:

  • Relevance of the analysis
  • Statement of query
  • Subject and purpose of the study
  • Overarching idea behind the work
  • Optimal methods of scientific inquiry
  • Uniqueness and originality of an argument
  • Author’s position in their field
  • Practical (economic, social) applicability of the results
  • Estimate size of the proposed dissertation
  • Works of literature utilized in forming hypothesis

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Overall Relevance

The introduction to a thesis is where you first acquaint the reader with an issue you wish to present and theory you wish to argue--it is a very substantial task. When you are pondering what to include in an introduction, consider that it is of utmost importance to mention the relevance to advancing discourse in your field of study in each and every dissertation. How do you formulate your thesis’ description of relevance? This description must include the facts demonstrating that this particular academic investigation is both necessary and valuable to the scientific world. The introductory chapter of your dissertation needs to consistently remind the reader that this sophisticated and elaborate paper is meaningful and significant in its field of study. Demonstrated pertinence serves as the foundation of a dissertation paper that a wide swath of prospective readers will want to see through until the end.

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Aims and Objectives

The following step is to clearly state the aims and objectives of a study. Make scrupulous notes, giving special attention to how you plan on exploring your objectives and achieving your goals.

When establishing the objectives of the paper, be sure to include the stages of research you wish to use with clearly defined intentions for each stage. Incorporate your research questions or hypotheses at this point in the process.


While the inclusion of a hypothesis is not a technical requirement, it is a highly valuable tool for articulating the crux of author’s argument. The hypothesis represents the base theory the author wishes to test and how he or she plans to gauge it. The hypothesis is maintained or refuted in the result of the study. There are a wide variety of hypothesis templates available for you to look up on the Internet as a frame of reference. If you are struggling to figure out how to put together the introduction section of your dissertation paper, you can always ask someone for help. It’s more affordable now than ever to find a person online who has already written and defended a successful thesis  to aid in the development of your dissertation. He or she can offer your paper a fresh set of eyes and different perspective. If you are writing the introduction to a psychology dissertation, try using pertinent materials from the field of psychology it really is that simple.   

How to Write a Good Introduction for a Dissertation?

The introduction to any written composition serves as the reader’s first impression of the entire paper. A key is to grab readers’ attention early, and compellingly lead them into the main body of the text, by which point they should feel compelled to read to the end. To the reader, your paper’s introduction is in large part the front door into your thesis. Bearing this in mind, be sure that your introduction is easily understood; even readers who are not yet well-versed in the subject of your work should be able to follow along. Stick to simplified language in the opening clause. Consider asking a friend to read through it to get a better sense of whether a non-expert will be able to comprehend the content of your introductory text.

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Useful tip: Develop the main body of your thesis prior to creating a draft of your introduction. Of course, this doesn’t mean setting this section of your thesis aside and forgetting about it until the very last second. The purpose of this strategy is to help simplify the writing process overall. The introduction is supposed to match a tone and substance of the thesis’ main body. As the body develops, a pre-written introduction would require an untold number of amendments--particularly relating to how to end an introduction in order to correspond sufficiently with the final product.  

If you have composed a research project in the past, you can also utilize the research proposal as an example that your thesis introduction draw on: as a rule,  scientific works are always influencing each other and inspiring improvement.

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Ace Advice for Creating a Rock-Solid Introduction:

  • Use a catchy and engaging opening sentence.
  • Don’t attempt to encompass your entire dissertation in the intro; if you know how to make a paper longer, please, try to forget it and make your writing short, convoluted or dull.
  • Stick to simple, straightforward wording.

We hope that you have found this article on how to write a dissertation introduction to be interesting and informative, boosting your confidence in your ability to successfully open your paper to readers. How to write a dissertation introduction should not be an issue now after reviewing this article. In case you still need any help and you can pay someone to write dissertation always contact EduBirdie for top-class writing assistance.

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