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Introduction for Your Dissertation Writing

10 Oct 2016Essay Writing Guides

The dissertation paper has a quite difficult structure: it consists of three main parts – opening clause, the main part, and the last part - conclusion. Each of these parts carries its meaning and requires a great and careful attention.

Writing your dissertation introduction is a very significant part of a process of creation of a scientific paper because professors pay a lot of careful attention to the introductory clause and the conclusion as they do not have enough time to read the whole thesis carefully.

The size of the introduction part should be 5-6 pages.

Introduction to your dissertation consists of the following:

  • Relevance
  • Problem statement
  • Subject and purpose of the study 
  • The key idea of the work
  • Key methods of scientific research
  • The novelty of the idea
  • The position of the author
  • Practical (economic, social) importance of the results
  • The practical value of the results
  • The size of the dissertation and short outline of the work
  • Quick review of the literature used

What is the relevance of the work when writing an introduction for a dissertation?

The creation of an introduction for a thesis is a very substantial task: it is obligatory to mention the relevance in every dissertation. How to make the description of relevance? Relevance should include the facts that prove that this particular research is necessary and valuable in a scientific world. Introduction chapter of your dissertation should urge the reader that this complicated paper is meaningful and significant; the relevance is the ground for the creation of goals and the key idea of the dissertation.

Goals and ideas

The next stage is to make a clear statement of the goals and objectives of the study. You should think it over carefully and pay a lot of attention to the formulation on them as goals, and key ideas should also be significant.

While creating the goals of the paper you must mention the stages of research and to make a clearly defined goal for every stage. You can use research questions or hypotheses for that.

The hypothesis

The addition of a hypothesis is not a mandatory element, and its representation in the introduction is up to the author. But if you write this part it will be a great plus. The hypothesis is the substantial idea of the work: it is the author's vision of ways how to achieve the goal of the work. An example of the composing of the hypothesis: "... study parameters should be based on ..." - use this sample in your academic work. The hypothesis is maintained or refuted in the result of the study; you may also find a template of a hypothesis on the Internet. If you cannot understand how to create an introduction part for a dissertation paper, you may ask someone for help. It is affordable now to find a person who has already written a thesis work. He can take a look at your paper from a different perspective. When you are making a psychology dissertation introduction, you may use a material which is suitable in the psychology. It is simple.

How to write a good introduction for a dissertation?

An intro is an opening part that must catch readers’ interest and logically follow them into the main text, for a reader it is like a “door” into your thesis, with this in mind, you must remember that your intro must be understood even by a person who is not familiar with the subject of your work. Use simplified language in the opening clause. It will be useful to ask your friend to read it, as it will show you whether a non-expert will be able to understand what you are talking about in your introduction.

Useful tip: write a draft of your intro after you have the main body. It does not mean that you need to set aside and forget about this part of your thesis. This tip, however, will help to simplify your writing process because an intro can change and develop along with your thesis, so if you write it in advance, you will have to make many amendments.

If you had previously written a research project, you can also take the research proposal as a sample for your thesis introduction, because as a rule, these two parts of scientific works are drawing on each other.

Top tips to a strong intro:

  • Catchy and interesting first sentence.
  • Do not try to cover the whole paper in your intro; do not make it too long, too complicated or too boring.
  • Keep your language simple and straightforward.

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