How to Use ChatGPT to Study: Exact Tips and Strategies

As technologies are moving forward, more artificial intelligence solutions emerge. Since ChatGPT has launched, it caused a massive response from the audience. No wonder, this solution is among the first ones to offer such a comprehensive and easy fix for students and professionals in numerous areas. Moreover, it is the first AI language model to communicate naturally and engagingly. You can compare it to a friend who knows the answers to everything but does not ask for anything in return. Thus, it can understand what you're asking and respond with an appropriate answer. 

This article will guide you through how to use ChatGPT Homework Helper in studying to improve your time and assignments. We’ve collected ways to use chatbots to study. Try out everything this chat can and see how it can contribute to your academic life or humanize AI text.

What is ChatGPT?

The "GPT" in ChatGPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer, " a type of neural network architecture pre-trained on vast amounts of text data. OpenAI developed this language model, which uses deep learning techniques to generate natural language responses to user queries.  It works pretty similarly to chatting with a really smart friend. It can support a conversation or simply answer your query. While the chatbot has a huge database, it does not have all the information. Yet, the solution is tailored so that the system will try to find an answer based on what it already knows, even if it is not definitive. Using ChatGPT for studying can provide valuable insights and assistance, but if you're overwhelmed, you might consider a service to do my assignment for me to ensure thorough and accurate work.

How to use a chatbot? 

When you reach the website, pass a simple verification process and sign up. You must enter a confirmation code to start chatting, but that’s pretty much it. The interface could not be simpler. 

Once you reach the chatbot, you can start the conversation with literally anything. Before you start typing in your query, it gives you concise heads-up on how the AI works and describes its capabilities and limitations. 

From here, you can type in your detailed request to get an answer. If the chatbot does not give you the answer you need from the first attempt, try rephrasing your request, adding related details, or explaining your query from a different perspective. The more you train your chatbot, the quicker it understands what you need and adjusts itself to your specific style and needs. 

How to use ChatGPT for studying?

Thanks to the wide range of commands and queries ChatGPT can process, you can study almost any subject, including complicated and technical ones. 

Exam Preparation

By creating these support materials, ChatGPT can make the learning process more interactive and insightful, regardless of which subject or topic you study. 

  • Flashcards. Flashcards can include key concepts, definitions, and important information you need to know to pass exams.

Use an effective GPT prompt: Make a flashcard on the topic 'Genomic medicine' 

ChatGPT output: 

Front of flashcard:

Term: Genomic medicine

Definition: A field of medicine that uses information from a person's genomic sequence (DNA) to guide their healthcare

Back of flashcard:

Key points:

  • Genomic medicine allows for personalized medicine based on a person's unique genetic makeup
  • It can be used to diagnose and treat genetic disorders, as well as to predict an individual's risk of developing certain conditions
  • Techniques used in genomic medicine include genome sequencing, genetic testing, and bioinformatics analysis
  • Mnemonics. Mnemonics can be especially helpful for remembering complex information or long lists of information.

Input: Help me remember 7 most common functional groups in organic chemistry. 

ChatGPT output: 

"ACE MATES" for functional groups: Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Esters, Amides, Thioesters, and Sulfonic Acids.

  • Historical or factual events. ChatGPT can also help you memorize historical or factual events, such as important dates or names, by creating mnemonics or memorably organizing them.

Input: Help me memorize WW2 events.

ChatGPT output: 

Sure, I can help you memorize some key events from World War II using mnemonic devices. Here are some examples:

  1. D-Day: "Double Ds invade Normandy" - this mnemonic can help you remember that on June 6, 1944, Allied forces invaded Normandy, France in a massive operation known as D-Day.
  2. Battle of Britain: "BBQ without the Q" - this mnemonic can help you remember that the Battle of Britain was fought in the air between the British and German air forces during the summer of 1940.
  3. Pearl Harbor: "Remember December 7th" - this simple mnemonic can help you remember the date of the surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Japanese on December 7, 1941.

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Formulas and equation assistance

Regarding technical subjects, ChatGPT can help you better understand how to solve a specific equation, offering step-by-step explanations or similar examples. 

  • Step-by-step instructions. You can input the equation you are struggling with, and ChatGPT can explain how to solve it.

Input: Find the derivative of f(x) = 2x^3 + 5x^2 - 4x + 1.

ChatGPT output: 

To find the derivative of the function f(x) = 2x^3 + 5x^2 - 4x + 1, we can apply the power rule and the constant multiple rule of differentiation. The power rule states that the derivative of x^n with respect to x is nx^(n-1), and the constant multiple rule states that the derivative of kx^n with respect to x is k(nx^(n-1)). Therefore, we have:

f'(x) = d/dx [2x^3] + d/dx [5x^2] - d/dx [4x] + d/dx [1]

= 6x^2 + 10x - 4 + 0

= 6x^2 + 10x - 4

Therefore, the derivative of f(x) is f'(x) = 6x^2 + 10x - 4.

  • Clarifying concepts. Students struggling to understand a particular concept can input a related question, and ChatGPT will explain it in simple language.

Input: Clarify the concept for the equation: Find the derivative of f(x) = 2x^3 + 5x^2 - 4x + 1.

ChatGPT output:

The equation "Find the derivative of f(x) = 2x^3 + 5x^2 - 4x + 1" is asking us to find the derivative of the function f(x) with respect to x. The derivative of a function represents the rate of change of the function with respect to its independent variable, in this case, x.

To find the derivative of f(x), we use the rules of differentiation, which allow us to find the derivative of a function in terms of its algebraic expression. The power rule and constant multiple rule of differentiation are used to find the derivative of a polynomial function like f(x).

In this case, applying the power rule and constant multiple rule of differentiation, we get:

f'(x) = d/dx [2x^3] + d/dx [5x^2] - d/dx [4x] + d/dx [1]

Language learning 

Yes, ChatGPT can help you learn and master a new language, guiding you in terms of grammar, punctuation, and help you remember new words. 

  • Vocabulary building. ChatGPT can provide you with definitions, synonyms, and antonyms of words to help you expand your vocabulary.

Input: What does 'aimer' mean in French?

ChatGPT output:

"Aimer" is a French verb that means "to love" or "to like". It is a very common verb in the French language, and it is used to express positive feelings towards a person, object, or activity. For example:

  • J'aime le cinéma. (I like movies.)
  • Tu aimes ta famille. (You love your family.)
  • Il/Elle aime voyager. (He/She likes to travel.)
  • Nous aimons la cuisine française. (We love French cuisine.)
  • Conversation practice. The chatbot can engage you in conversation practice, allowing you to practice your language skills in a low-pressure environment.

Input: Engage me in a conversation in French (I'm a beginner)

ChatGPT output:

Bien sûr, je peux engager une conversation en français avec vous. Comme vous êtes débutant, nous pouvons commencer par une conversation simple.

Bonjour, comment ça va ?

(Translation: "Hello, how are you?")

Academic & essay writing 

  • Brief overviews. This command helps to summarize lengthy articles and can provide a brief content overview.
  • Feedback on your essay. ChatGPT can provide feedback on drafts of academic papers by highlighting areas that need improvement, suggesting alternative ways to phrase ideas, and providing general writing tips to enhance the overall paper quality.
  • Research assistance. ChatGPT can help with research by collecting relevant articles, academic papers, and other sources to use as references. 

Topic explanation 

  • Providing definitions. By entering a keyword or phrase, ChatGPT can generate a definition and provide context to help you understand the term's meaning.
  • Offering examples. ChatGPT can provide examples of how a particular concept or idea can be applied in different scenarios. 
  • Explaining complex concepts. You can get an explanation of complex concepts related to a particular topic in simple language. If you struggle to understand a particular concept, just input a related question, and ChatGPT can explain it in simpler terms.

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Top 5 study commands

A variety of commands you can use makes ChatGPT a flexible tool that can contribute to your academic writing or other assignments. Basic commands include ‘define’, ‘compare’, ‘describe’, ‘calculate’, and ‘summarize’ ─ you can try to type in your detailed request and then adjust your commands based on the answer the chatbot provides. Besides, you can try giving more advanced commands that can greatly assist you in your studying. 

  • For instance, the "Set a timer for [X amount of time]" command can help you break your study sessions into manageable chunks of time ─ set a timer to study with ChatGPT instead of using apps like Pomodoro. 
  • "Search for [topic] in [academic database]" will help you quickly find scholarly articles and other resources for your research projects. 
  • You can even ask to "Play [ambient noise or background music]". Use this command to get in the right mindset for studying ─ some students find that background noise or music can help them focus better while studying. 

Top Tip: By recording your online lectures, you’re able to rewatch them in your own time and make sure the information is fully digested. By using a tool that integrates GPT technology, you can take things to the next level. Get an AI summary of the lecture from Google Meet or Zoom, including key action points and important notes. All of this will be automatically generated during the lecture, so you can focus on absorbing what’s being said. Afterwards, you’ll easily be able to scan through the transcripts and read the AI notes.


While ChatGPT does not have all the answers, it can benefit your study process. Make a shorter learning curve for any subject and save time by using the commands listed in this article. Remember that as an advanced artificial intelligence bot, ChatGPT can and should be trained to satisfy your specific needs. While using chatbot to study may be helpful, do not forget that it is just a tool that can support your studies. It should not be your go-to solution. 


How to use Chat GPT if you are a student? 

As a student, you can ask questions, get study tips, check your essays and other homework papers, create interactive materials to support your studies, practice foreign languages, and get help in solving equations. 

Can I trust ChatGPT results?

While the chatbot relies its answers on a complex system or algorithms, it can still make mistakes or provide incomplete answers. Double-check information with authoritative resources rather than fully relying on the solution.   

How can chatbots be used in education?

Ask the bot to create flashcards and mnemonics, elaborate on any topic, or send you supportive materials. You can also get study tips from the chatbot to support your learning. 

Can ChatGPT make flashcards?

Yes. Simply send a command to create a flashcard on any topic, and ChatGPT will conduct as many flashcards as you need. 

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