Top Easiest & The Weirdest Scholarships

Most of us have heard about college scholarships and the benefits that come along, yet there were various obstacles or just our lack of confidence that made it quite challenging to start with. A chance to win a scholarship is always out there, which is why it is always worth checking it out and giving yourself a chance. Even if you receive a little bit of financial assistance, there is way more than that because you also get due recognition and some useful facts to include in your CV. 

Why Apply for a Scholarship and What Types are Out There? 

The most frequent reason why people apply for a scholarship is getting the financial aid that comes along, which is understandable. Yet, there are also cases when a specific scholarship assists with the scientific research or even helps with future employment. Take Google Lime scholarship as an example, which also offers internship options in the IT field and helps to build up a social network of useful contacts. Since it also helps people with various learning disabilities, it is one of those examples where there is not only a financial factor involved. 

Main scholarship types may include: 

  • Financial assistance for an average college student. 
  • Scholarships that are awarded because of academic excellence and extra skills. 
  • Various competitions that help you to get recognition. 
  • Learning disabilities and special needs. 
  • Research projects help. 
  • University-specific scholarships that help students who major in specific or rare subjects. 
  • The awards that are run by the private funds or single individuals that carry an entertaining character and may sound odd to most people. 

Speaking of the latter, we shall offer the list of the weirdest scholarships you can apply for a little bit later, once we get over the things that are obligatory for any application and the easiest scholarships that you can apply for in 2021. Never ignore an opportunity to apply for at least one award because it will become a major change in your life and studies! 

Preparation for Scholarship Applying Rules 

Even if the rules of application sound easy to you, the trick is to read it until the very end and make sure that everything is filled in right. Pay attention to the deadlines and the list of documents or information that you provide. Below are several aspects that you must take into consideration before you make a choice. Remember that there are always exceptions to the common rule, so it is recommended to check twice with an institution behind the award.

  • Study the information about the scholarship by paying attention to the deadline and eligibility rules. 
  • Check twice regarding the regional or state restrictions that may be in place. 
  • If you are a first-generation college student, mention it to a committee as such aspects may have an effect, yet be not mentioned in the description. 
  • Some scholarships require a 4-year course to be eligible, which is why make sure that you do not make a mistake. 
  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) matters. While it is the most frequent requirement, there are cases when this information is not necessary. Still, it is good if you can provide good credentials and some background related to your past achievements. 
  • Always proofread your application and make sure that every obligatory field has been filled in. 
  • Most descriptions for college scholarship mention preferred factors that will help you to get noticed, which is why it is wise to work the other way around by seeking for such awards specifically where you are already head and shoulders above the rest. 
  • The last rule is to never complain when you apply for recognition and help. Even if your financial situation is challenging, explain it, and show your determination to learn and succeed instead of begging for it! 

Top 20 easiest scholarships to apply in 2021

  1. Fund Your Future Scholarship.  This $1,000 award is meant for first-year and senior college students and the graduates majoring in Stem, Nursing, or Business Management courses. The deadline is July 31, 2021. No essay or any writing required! 
  2. Be Bold. This particular award is one of the easiest because you can receive $10,000 if you simply apply as a student who wants to make some progress. All it takes is to share your course information. The deadline is September 2021. 
  3. Public Health Grant for Black Students. If you are an African American student pursuing a future career in public health, you are eligible for $1,000 financial aid. The deadline is November 2021. 
  4. Christian Connector Funding. You can receive $2,500 help if you are a student or high-school senior thinking of attending a Christian college. The deadline is May 31, 2021. 
  5. Customized Girl Annual Competition. All it takes it to create a t-shirt slogan that is both creative and inspiring. Think about it and receive your $500. The deadline is December 21, 2020/2021. 
  6. FieldLevel Athletic Recruiting. Annual $1,000 award for high school students who plan to participate in college sports. The deadline is September 30, 2021. 
  7. Niche. This $2,000 payment can be given to any college student who simply creates a free account and applies. The deadline is September 30, 2021. No more requirements are included! 
  8. You Deserve It. Indeed, all you have to do is sign up and automatically become eligible. Just remember to fill in the information and a college name right to get your $1,000. The deadline is September 29, 2021. 
  9. Share Your Dream Job TikTok Competition. All you have to do is create a TikTok video where you describe your dream job’s single day. Get your $1,000 thanks to some creativity. The deadline is September 30, 2021. 
  10. Unigo. You can receive a $10,000 payment if you will be a college or community college student by the fall of 2025 as a U.S. resident. You also have to answer a simple online question. The deadline is December 31, 2020/2021. 
  11. Courage to Grow. You only have to explain why you believe that you should receive this $500 assistance by writing down 250 words. Do the best you can because we know that you can do it! A minimum 2.5 GPA is required along with U.S. citizenship. The deadline is September 30, 2021. 
  12. CollegeXpress Contest. No GPA, essay writing, or anything. You can win 10,000 simply by filling out the profile and signing up for the competition. The deadline is July 2021. 
  13. Against the Grain Scholarship. If you are a strong leader with the passion of helping others, apply for this particular award of $1,500. The deadline is 5 July 2021. If you participate in any Asian-American community or help as a volunteer, it will win you even more points. 
  14. Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference. If you plan to major in journalism and feel strong about the free speech and freedom of expression, you should simply fill out an application. The payment of $1,000 is selected randomly. The deadline is January 3rd, 2021. 
  15. Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund. This is a very specific stipend, which is meant for those students who research data in terms of educational work and management of information. One can receive $2,000 support for researching work. The deadline is January 5, 2021. 
  16. America's 911 Foundation's Financial Aid. This foundation helps to keep the memory of September 11, 2001, alive and is meant for those students who participate in volunteering and rescue-and-search work. If your sibling or parent participates in this program, you are also eligible. You can receive $2,000 help. The deadline is September 3, 2021. 
  17. APS/IBN Research Internship for Undergraduate Women. Gender-specific assistance of $2,500 with no further requirements except for studying engineering, chemistry, physics, IT, or any other non-typical subject. The deadline is February 15, 2021. 
  18. Estudent Loan. All you have to do is explain "What makes you unique" in 500 words. Once done, you receive a $1,000 prize. The deadline is March 31, 2021. 
  19. Smithsonian Magazine Photo Competition. It is meant for college students who enjoy photography. You can participate in various categories and receive from $500 to $2,500 prizes. The competition runs between March 31, 2021 and November 30, 2021.  
  20. Do-Over Scholarship Competition. Just write 250 words about what you would "do-over" in your life and why. As a result, you can win $1,500. The deadline is 30 June 2021. 

Top 15 Weird and Unusual Scholarships to Discover 

  1. Clowns of America International Award. Although it sounds amusing, such kind of help does exist for those who are enrolled in college and participate in various events. The award is calculated upon the number of participants and the deadline is prior 60 days before the event. 
  2. Doodle 4 Google Competition. There are various age categories that let you win up to $30,000 for the creation of various doodles that you see on Google. The competition takes place monthly and annually. 
  3. Shout it Out Contest. If you can write 250 words about what you would say to the entire world at once, you can win the $1,500 prize. The deadline is October 2021. 
  4. Vegetarian Resource Group Aid. Write about why being vegetarian matters and how it has changed your life and get $5,000 in financial help for college. The deadline is March 2021. 
  5. Pokemon World Championship. Anyone up to 28 years of age can participate and win up to $10,000 aid. The deadline is May 2021. Just play and win, really! 
  6. Brilliance & Design Competition. If you are a college student with great design skills, you can try your hand at designing the jewelry. You can submit your design and get a $1,500 prize. The deadline is December 31, 2021. 
  7. Lake Erie College Twins Scholarship. We know how hard it is to finance college if you have a twin brother or a sister. Worry no more as you only have to submit your documents with a funny story in 200 words to have a chance to win. You can get from $1,500 to $3,000 tuition assistance. The deadline is June 2021. 
  8. The Flavor of the Month Ice-Cream Contest. If you are an ice-cream aficionado, it is for you! Win $1,500 by writing a 250-words essay where you tell about the best flavor. The deadline is each month of the year. 
  9. Rolex Underwater Competition. If you are enrolled in any “underwater” disciplines, you can get up to $25,000 for any research that you do. The deadline is January 2021. 
  10. Starfleet Academy Financial Aid. All the Star Trek fans must apply! Join the club and get up to $1,000 help for your studies! No deadline specified, just share your passion! 
  11. STS Travel Students Contest. Do you know how to travel in a cool way? If so, you can share it and win a $1,000 prize. The deadline is May 2021. 
  12. Discover Award. Share one of the pages of Discover website on your social media and win up to $5,000 for college. The deadline is October 2021. 
  13. Parapsychological Research Assistance. $5,000 awards for those who study paranormal activities with a scientific approach. Enter before September 2021 as the crystal ball tells you! 
  14. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship. $2,000 for the best zombie escape plan. Crazy enough but still real! No deadline or other requirements, just share your ideas! 
  15. Tall People Club Financial Help. You can even get some help if you are tall! 5' 10" (178 cm) for women and 6' 2" (188 cm) for men can get you $1,000. Join anytime! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Scholarships 

  • Can I apply for scholarships if I already receive a student’s financial aid? 

Yes, you can! Most entries in our list do not have it as a requirement to have or to avoid. 

  • What is the best way to write a short essay? 

Be unique and real! Tell about how you feel and be creative as you write. It does not have to be perfect, it has to be YOU! 

  • Can I win several scholarships at once? 

Of course, such is possible because you may get awards that are specific to your major and get one for your leadership qualities! 

No Fear - It Works! 

As the final word, it should be reminded that there is no need to fear that you will not win. The opportunities are endless and are worth trying out! It only takes several minutes to fill in an average form and change your life and studies right away. Look at the deadline, study the options, get into a positive mindset, and win!

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