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Is It Possible to Plagiarize Yourself Without Knowing?

23 Mar 2018

Students write hundreds and maybe thousands of essays, reaction papers, reports, and other assignments during the whole study at college or university. No wonder that they start struggling with producing brand new ideas for each paper they have to turn in. Is it possible to plagiarize yourself? Yes, moreover, it is quite probable. We have similar beliefs, ideas, vocabulary and there is a possibility you use the same ones in all of our papers. You may have already plagiarized yourself many times. We are using the same speech patterns in everyday life as well as the same ideas and believes while writing essays. If we will look at the bigger picture, that is the reason writers and journals have their idiosyncrasy. How negative is it for academic world?

Can You Plagiarize Your Own Work

How Will Plagiarizing Yourself Affect Study?

As long as your papers are not published, you can use any parts of it. If your tutor remembers and recognizes the particular aspects of your previous papers, you can always tractate it as further development and research of your own ideas. You permit yourself using it. It is not good to copy paste significant parts of the previously custom written papers. On the other hand, what is wrong in using your old research as a basis for a new one? It is not prohibited by academic rules. We all know the saying ‘everything is allowed if not forbidden’. It applies to your academic research and other assignments. What if your research has been already published?

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How To Cite Your Own Work?

In a situation when your academic paper has already been published, and you still want to use part of it in new research, you have to treat it as a regular literary work keeping all the citation requirements. Formalities are very important. If you have used part of your own published work without citing it, no one will judge you, but on the other hand, it will be wrong and fail to follow the academic rules. It is always important to cite every source not only to avoid plagiarism but also to keep track on every literature item, which you have used, in your current research. Can you plagiarize your own work? Yes, it is wiser to check paper for plagiarism and proudly include you in the list of references.

Who Can Help Me With Formalities?

If it is not clear how to cite this or that source and not plagiarize any of them, we recommend you to ask a professional help and use plagiarism checker for students. Your professor has plenty of work to do and won’t be glad helping you with your formatting issues. Hopefully, there are other specialists. Edubirdie offers students professional and timely academic assistance, which helps to resolve any problems. We specialize in quality. With writers from Edubirdie, you don’t have to think how to cite, format, or improve your papers. Even such questions like how to write an article review properly won`t be bothering you anymore. We can write them from scratch or proofread already existing paper to make it perfect. Why bother your tutor if we can help you? Isn’t it attractive having a personal educational advisor who is always ready to resolve your problems and help you with your homework? Hundreds of students have already appreciated academic assisting services, why don’t you do the same?

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