How to Launch and Develop Your Business Idea? Hear From The Experts!

10 Jan 2015

It`s a question that has been pondered so many times before, and the answers were so few! Usually, people who have already developed their business are rarely sharing their experience. The problem is nobody wants to give away their secrets as they were carefully brought up for years. Once one created his business, he will keep his mouth shut and try to keep his secrets uncovered. Moreover, you won`t find anywhere on the web free professional custom powerpoint presentation on their business success.

There are websites which are offering you their expert advice, from how to start a business to how to write a professional business email, but usually, they are doing that by copying same old information, which usually has no ground or was meticulously invented to lure readers to their web pages. Usually, they offer you with everything but a kitchen sink but at the end flunk you badly. You understand that after you have already followed their advice and threw loads of money all to birds. When you think your success is near it appears it was close but no cigar.

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That is why it is better to take a piece of advice from a reliable source. Follow an advice of somebody who made helping people to launch and develop their businesses his bread and butter. A professional life of an expert advisor depends wholly on his reputation. The higher the reputation he has, the more clients will come to ask for his advice and use his services. Such interdependency creates quality.

We compiled a top list of professional business sites. Their writers and editors have a high level of expertness as well as a relevant academic background which will add value to your business and will make it flourish!

  1. is the site which provides you with a pertinent business information about how to launch and evolve your business. Danae Shell is its editor and a writer. This information resource is packed with useful features and thematic articles. While visiting it, you find yourself encircled with experiences of savvy entrepreneurs who achieved success and are willing to share with it sharing their advice and expertise.

For more information visit a twitter account of this site. Here you can follow its activity or send instant messages to its team.

  1. specializes in giving consultations, deployments, and architecting data security solutions. Michael Gordover is its permanent writer. Having an experience of a Senior Sales Engineer and a certified Insider Threat Program Manager he gives information about how to protect a business against insiders. In his articles, he also explains what possible damage they can cause and how to uncover them if you suspect somebody is leaking your commercial secrets to your rivals. is always available online and you can contact it via a Twitter account.

  1. is a rather daring project which was created following the book, written by Erik Qualman - its founder. Its primary intent and priority are providing to its readers with short social stories, statistics, studies and other useful stuff which happen in the world of high-tech. Everything connected to the world of gadgets, as well as the intensification of sales and businesses with their help, is immediately posted on this web page.

Erik Qualman`s site is available on Facebook as well.

  1. is a consulting site created by Marty Zwilling, who is its founder and a writer. This resource consults its clients, entrepreneurs, by giving expert consultations about launching, maintaining and developing businesses. It also assists its visitors in creating their startups, providing consultations of its expert writers. The professionalism of its founder is closely connected to his experience in general management, software development, and marketing. In his site, he managed to comprise high-tech and business expertise. He also helps his clients to find potential investors as well as board members and service providers.

Follow this Twitter account to know more and get the information you need to make your business work and find investments.

  1. provides you with information which is helping you to boost your business in social media and make it more profitable. Its writer Amy Hall is giving professionally tailored reviews about how to increase your client base with the aid of internet tools. Boosting your business in the web can bring it to a higher marketing level. The Internet provides you with the variety of tools engineered to help you achieve higher yields as well as the satisfaction of your clients.

As expected the site is actively promoting itself in social medias, check it out on their Twitter page.

  1. Marketinginfo is the marketing assistance site. Its founder Muhammad Hassib Gul is also one of the writers of its articles. The site provides you with relevant information about business strategies and market tendencies, which can influence them. It helps readers who seek assistance to find needed advice on how to boost their businesses and how to gain highest yields by operating them correctly. It is also a valuable expert resource regarding online sales, as well as social media, content and commercial marketings.

This resource is always available on twitter, so whenever any questions arise – you can contact its team.

  1. - this site was created to provide developers of small and middle businesses with articles and interviews taken from successful entrepreneurs. Themogulmom creates original pitches where you can find lots of useful advice for your business. Tiffany Rowe, who is a writer of this site, is creating a helpful content which matches interests and demands of its visitors. This site gathers and generates articles which encourage, inspire and motivate its readers to start and develop their businesses.

For more information visit their Twitter account.


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  1. is a platform which gives an insight into the world of entrepreneur perspectives. It is a place where entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners and developers are coming to look for information which will suit best their highest demands. Articles on this site are created to give its visitors a boost to start, run, and grow their businesses.  The primary goal of this site is to provide its readers with in-depth insights into business finance, leadership, management, and high-tech.

Visit their Twitter to find more.

  1. is a site created by people, who are passionate about what they do. Three ladies: Rieva Lesonsky, Maria Valdez Haubrich and Karen Axelton, powered by their passion for entrepreneurship, decided to create a site which combines their life-long experience in writing about this theme with their new role of startup entrepreneurs. That is what they wanted to share with others. Rob Simons, the writer of this web page, generates articles which combine their knowledge and the latest tendencies of the world of business.

Check their Twitter and follow their posts.

  1. is a platform which provides its readers with information regarding investments as well as a framework to improve an investment process of business. It is a research site which is focused on news of the financial industry. This site was created for readers who are looking for information regarding investment process and everything which is relevant to it: hedge funds, value investing, and large asset management. There is also a particular feature which distinguishes it from others – it contains archives of famous investors, as well as numerous investor resource pages.

Find out more about investments on their Twitter

  1. was created for everybody involved to SEO who are looking for smart solutions. The site is proud to host hundreds of professional SEOs worldwide who are using their information and cloud features to maintain and develop their businesses. Ben Shepardson, who is the writer of Advancedwebranding, uncovers insights on things, which can make your business thrive.

Follow their Twitter and be in touch with the latest information they provide.

  1.  - this site was created to help people fill their lives with sense. If you are desperate about changing your work career or you are looking for a new job, this site was created for you. One of its writers, Natasha Stanley, creates an informative content which helps people to change their way of living, filling it with new senses.

Find out more on their Twitter account.

  1. – is a site which will boost your self-confidence. If you have a feeling that you`ve lost any motivation to move your business further, you will certainly appreciate their assistance. One of the writers of this site, Chi Odogwu, who has a valuable experience in working with businesses, will become an indispensable assistant and supporter to you and your business.

Find more om their Twitter page.

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  1. is a personal site of Andy Sowards, who is its founder and a writer. This site was created for readers, who want to be inspired by the ideas and experiments in Frontend programming and topics regarding the Industry - from Photoshop to PHP. It also has a good review basis of all the trendy and nerdy themes Andy is fond of.

Follow him on his Twitter to be acknowledged about all the useful stuff daily!

  1. offers you to discover the most suitable business opportunity from a database they provide, which will match your business cravings. It is a well-engineered site with the multiple features and useful articles. You will obtain a valuable experience while visiting it. You can launch a business here as well, as the website serves as a platform for companies which are working with franchising. The team which is working on this site provides you with opportunities which you can use to start your entrepreneur career.

Follow them on their Twitter. 

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