Guide: How to Apply to Law School

10 May 2016

Youth is the time for you to choose. Choose your hobby, decide on what is interesting for you, choose friends and educational institution. School or college can show you a new path, where you will learn things, deepen your knowledge and find the job of your dreams! Of course, it is not a one-minute challenge to reveal the activity you will be engaged in, but it is a crucial process of adulting. Many students have already come up with the idea of their future career prospect – they chose the path of helping people to solve problems and protect rights – they decided to become lawyers.

The road of becoming a professional lawyer is bumpy and tricky. But everything starts with a law school application. For those who are going to apply to this type of educational institution, we prepared informative guide about these legal essays. Those simple steps will help you beat anxiety and gain confidence in your admission!

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How to Apply: Steps and Advice

Any project is impossible to implement without proper planning. The same is with application to an educational institution. The plan helps you not to miss anything important. Take your yellow legal pad and outline the things you have to do to in sequence. Simple steps below will help you to build plan.

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  • Consult pre-law advisor. This person can tell you a lot about preparation to law school admission test and application fee, help choose academic institution suitable for you and suggest courses for undergraduates. Feel free to ask any question, answer to which you wanted to know.
  • Take the LSAT. This step is easier than it sounds. You start with registering your account on the website of law school admission council. With an individual page, you can keep track of the news and events in the sphere and get acquainted with demands and requirements of institutions you are going to apply.
    Most of the academic institutions require applicants to take the test by December. You won’t make a mistake if you pass the exam in summer. It’s better to do it early and get your LSAT scores in time than keep worrying to meet the deadline.
  • Search for options. This procedure has to be conducted thoroughly. Visit website of each school, examine details on the educational process and count distance between campus and your home (if it’s necessary for you). But don’t settle on the one option: pick at least three or more schools preferable for you to have some variants to choose from.
  • Visit conferences and forums. Such annual events gather the majority of law schools and colleges. There you can decide on the preferable institution after hearing what they can offer you.
  • Use credential assembly service CAS. This service provides you with the opportunity to simplify application procedure. While applying to school, you will probably be hustling to collect and enclose all credentials, such as letters of recommendation and transcripts. But CAS makes application procedure easier by gathering all your undergraduate projects and sending them to ABA approved institution you are going to apply in. All you have to do is create your LSAT account, present information about yourself, attach files and pay the fee. Only for $185, you can make your application procedure more effective and painless.
  • Apply! You can submit an application online using your LSAC account. The number of schools you are allowed to apply to is unlimited so use every chance!

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Back to School

Law School Application: Refresh "back to school" memories

Useful Tips for Future Law Students

  • Take your time to check all data you provide on your LSAC account. Your name and other personal data have to be stated in the same form as in id and other documents.
  • In order to let representatives of each institution review your profile and recruit you, create an account at candidate referral service.
  • Don’t forget about personal statement. It is an important document that depicts your achievements and describes your individuality. Enclose this paper to your electronic application.

Listening to the advice we provided you with you will guarantee yourself successful submission to the preferable law school!

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