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5 Fun Things to Do in College

17 Jul 2018

5 fun things to do in college

These are the best years of your life, so don’t waste them! While you are in college, you should enjoy yourself as much as possible when you are not studying. Here are five ways you can have fun in college.

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College Majors That Aren’t Worth It

26 Jun 2018

College Majors That Aren't Worth It

Going to college, learning new things and meeting new people is a wonderful experience, but you have to put a lot of thought into what you are going to be doing once you graduate. That is why you need to seriously think about what you are majoring in, because your degree might determine what you will be doing for the rest of your life. EduBirdie has put together a list of college majors that we believe just aren’t worth it.

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National Burger Day and The Person Who Ate 30,000 Big Macs!

28 May 2018

National Burger Day will be here on the 28th of May, and Americans everywhere will celebrate this holiday by enjoying this stable of the American diet. The hamburger has been part of American cuisine since the late 19th Century. As most readers know, they are a great food to have while at the ballpark, and hamburgers are the preferred main course at most outdoor cookouts held on holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

National Burger Day EduBirdie.com

Or, if you’d rather forego having a cookout, you can have someone else cook your burger for you. And, if you want it done quickly and cheaply, you can go to your local McDonalds.

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10 Fun Facts About Laughter

06 May 2018

10 интересных фактов о смехе

Everyone is searching for happiness all the time. Laughter is a direct manifestation of it. It is fun to giggle and it is a great method to decrease tension. People feel good when they titter. According to numerous studies, laughing is the most helpful medicine. Belly laugh and happiness go hand in hand. No one can be happy and smile when he suffers from sadness and pain.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to start a day with a smile. Many doctors now approve positive effects of laughter on our health. Laughter Yoga is now used in many hospitals for the treatment of serious illnesses and it is also practiced in schools and universities, companies, or old people’s homes. There is even a World Laughter Day which we celebrate on the first Sunday in May every year.

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30 Fun Facts About Star Wars

04 May 2018

Without any doubts, Star Wars is the biggest, most popular, beloved, and by far extremely profitable sci-fi drama ever. George Lucas’s big idea presented us brilliant vistas and an astonishing sense of wonder by depicting a tangible range of possibilities that forward-thinking, science, and technology might eventually bring about. This epic inspires us and directs our eyes toward a far horizon. It is not just cash-generating entertainment. This film provides a canvas wide enough to show and discuss real issues, things that matter to everyone.

30 Fun Facts About Star Wars by EduBirdie

The well-known pun “May the Fourth be with you” became the reason for declaring May 4 as Star Wars Day that is celebrated as a holiday in many countries now. All film fans across the world come together to show their passion for galaxy on this day. It is considered that the date was originated on 4 May 1979, the day Margaret Thatcher became British prime minister and the advertisement “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations” appeared in one paper.

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10 Fun Facts About May Day

27 Apr 2018

10 fun facts about May Day 2018 EduBirdie.com

May represents the beginning of spring. Spring brings happiness and marks a fresh start. In many countries, the first day of spring is even celebrated as a new year. In Hawaii, for example, May Day is Lei Day.

On the one hand, it marks joy, but on the other, some labor unions and organizations hold mass protests for working 8 hours in a day. Originally it was a political holiday known as the Day of International Solidarity, but after it became a holiday to relax and rejuvenate.

It is also a day which is dedicated to people with multiple personality disorders. As you can see May 1st means a lot to many people and it is an important holiday among all the holidays which serves another reason to be happy and having fun.

In this article, we will view May Day facts and learn about some traditions. This holiday has a different meaning in each continent, and we will try to bring to you what 1st of May means to different people.

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Basic Writing Conventions

11 Apr 2018

The students need lots of writing across their curriculum. With their tough schedules, loads of home assignments, and extracurricular work, it is not a surprise that they are constantly complained about learning the required subjects as they move through the grades.

When it comes to any writing task, they feel even more stressed to find the just-right words to carry their message. Being required to follow basic writing conventions of spelling, punctuation, and grammar is additional trouble.

What are conventions in writing?

They are the defined language rules that enable readers to understand the text. They serve as signposts for readers and provide familiar ground for understanding what the message says. The conventions activate meaning and show how to read the text.

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How to Make your PowerPoint Presentation Interesting

04 Apr 2018

It is undeniable that modern world is oversaturated with information, which makes it harder to communicate with your audience and express yourself via writing. Simply typed text with no visual elements would tire anyone fast. That is why graphic presentations quickly became popular among college professors – such a way of delivering information occurred to be more effective. Listeners want to see the accompanying photos, clear diagrams, competent drawings, view a subject-related video clip, or even listen to a song if the topic of discussion is music. And here you cannot do without the skills of using multimedia presentations.

At present, there are several different services and programs that can help you create presentations. The most popular one is Microsoft PowerPoint. Everyone can work with this program. It is really versatile, convenient, and easy to use. In this article, we will try to reveal some secrets of how to create a PowerPoint presentation winning and eye-catching.

Currently, it’s hard to even imagine a demonstration of something (e. g., a tutorial o) without using a powerpoint presentation services. And this is not accidental because a person is able to absorb about 10-70% of the material he has heard, 20-72% of what he has seen, and 65-85% of what he has seen and heard at the same time. The slideshows have become indispensable in various spheres of our activities, including design, marketing, pedagogy, coaching, economics, science fair projects and engineering. Their use is a key to success to some extent as it opens new paths in the development of thinking, creative abilities, and provides new opportunities for learning and creative growth.

powerpoint presentation services

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Insight into Scientific Method Use in Writing

04 Apr 2018

Writing countless homework tasks, essays, and other types of assignments is the key way of academic evaluation students face in college or university. Today, we will consider scientific method in writing, which is used in any academic paper regardless of subject, topic, and volume.

What is the scientific method?

The definition of scientific method is quite simple. This is a certain technique used for researching, collecting, processing information and then expressing gathered data in a written form for further use by scholars. Despite all the diversity and availability of highly specialized techniques, ways of conducting research are divided into two large groups: theoretical and practical (empirical) ones. Below, we present main techniques that are used today.

scientific methodologies example

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How To Write a Brochure Tips from Experts

04 Apr 2018

Nowadays, people can start a business regardless of their age, education, and even budget. In fact, many successful executives started launched their companies in their students years. After starting any kind of business, eventually, you will come to promotion and marketing issues. That’s when questions like “What is a brochure?” and “What does a brochure look like?” will occupy your mind. Well, this guide is here to clarify these queries.

A brochure is a printed tri-fold sheet made of a glossy paper. It is a type of marketing tool which should capture the attention of potential customers. That’s why graphics are used to increase the readability of the information contained. Mostly, they are manually distributed. Sometimes they are sent through email or stacked in racks. Here is how to write a brochure that actually works. So that`s very important to write your brochure letter correct to all the requirements and be, in some way, the professional email writer who can interest the customer in one click.

Persuasive brochure structure

What to include in a brochure, you may ask. One of the biggest mistakes of brochure writing is including too much information rather than focusing on persuasion. Persuasion is not just about advertising. As a matter of fact, informational brochures come in big canvases where you can support your ideas and persuade the readers. If you have all the space, make good use of it; not by jumbling information but making your case as persuasive as possible.

how to write a brochure tips

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