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How To Write a Winning College Scholarship Essay

12 Apr 2018

We have two news for you. The first one is that college fees are extremely high, and they continue escalating. The second one is that we know how and can help you get free college funding.


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How to Write a College Admissions Essay

04 Apr 2018

You survived your SATs. You got letters of recommendation from your favorite teachers. You filled out your application forms and even prepared for interviews at your top choice schools. You’re counting down the days till you graduate high school. Only one big section remains: your college admissions essay. College admissions are more competitive now than ever, and the difference between receiving a big, fat acceptance package and a slim rejection letter in the mail comes down to a personal essay, what it says about your personal character in relation to the college’s zeitgeist and brand. The stakes are high, but you needn’t panic. You can entrust admission essay writing service with this important task, also you can check out our general advice and tips below and learn how to write a college application essay for the ages.

What is a college admissions essay?

Writing a personal essay is an integral part of the college application process. Other aspects of the this process are highly formulaic and based on algorithms. They signify what you can do in terms of performing on tests and earning grades in classes. Your writing, however, is the opportunity to inform admissions officers about who you are, and showcase your ability to self-reflect. Each college has its own unique theme and you need to consider how to format a college application essay based on the school’s particular requirements. Some lean in a biographical direction, others focus on social and intellectual connections between the prospective student and the university. Others still invite the prospective student to be creative with their response.

how to write a college application essay

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Definition and Basic Rules of Academic Writing

04 Apr 2018

It is quite difficult to come up with a strict definition for academic writing term, since this particular type of writing is used in many different forms. The common things for all these forms are the style, language, structure (rather a strict one), accurate formatting, and the purpose. Academic writing style is aimed at demonstrating the evidence of learning. This term is very diverse. That is why there are few aspects you have to find out prior to start completing another coursework or research paper.

Study Well Means Write Well

Do you know what an academic paper writing is? Any piece of writing (research paper writing, essay writing, lab reports, assignments, and dissertations) done to fulfill a requirement of a college or university can be called academic. Therefore, a broad academic writing definition could include any assignment given in an academic setting.

academic writing

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Plagiarism Issue: Preventing Matters

01 Apr 2018

It is hard to define exactly how much writing is expected form an average student during one schooling year. Anyway, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) tries to define certain statistics each year. Results of this survey, conducted by Lafayette College, are fascinating. 38% of students write more than 10 papers that are between 5 and 19 pages, and 18% have written a paper more than 20 pages in length. This data does not take into account learners writing dissertations or theses – most voluminous kinds of assignments.

how to prevent plagiarism

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How to Check if an Essay Is Plagiarized

01 Apr 2018

Due to the surprisingly high amount of academic assignments students get at their colleges or university, no wonder they run out of inspiration quite fast. Unfortunately, there are no many ways of writing differently on the same topic. Meaning, when a class get a task of compose a paper on the exact same topic, plagiarism issue arises. We bet you have already seen a case when a plagiarized essay was turned it to a professor, and how serious the consequences were for that poor student. So, how to check if an essay is plagiarized before submitting it? Let’s find that out!

check essay for plagiarism

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The Best Plagiarism Checker for Students

29 Mar 2018

Submitting a challenging task or struggling with an approaching deadline can drive people to do some crazy things. One of them is presenting a copied paper.

A Reliable Plagiarism Checker for Students

College students sometimes submit rather challenging essays. These might involve spending too much time conducting a research and creating a perfect assignment. As you refer to several references when creating your essay, you need to rewrite every word to present original content. This sounds easier said than done. This is why some of them might do some unconsidered things that usually cost them a lot.

Originality is a huge issue when it comes to submitting academic tasks. If a professors find out that your essay is copied, there is no way they would accept it. In worst case scenario, you might be penalized.

Not all the online checkers are reliable enough for checking students’ academic assignments. This is why contact our website for the best plagiarism checker for students.

student plagiarism checker

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How Much Academic Plagiarism Is Allowed?

29 Mar 2018

If you ask your lecturer how much plagiarism is allowed in the research paper, he will not hesitate to say zero. Saying that ideas and thoughts are yours when they belong to someone else is not allowed and acceptable in the academic environment.

When conducting research, it is important to back up what you have found and support your own ideas. But you have to be careful with how you do it, otherwise, it is referred to as cheating. To make it simpler you can ask professionals to “write my research paper” because writing on your own can be difficult and plagiarism percentage significantly affects your academic grades.

plagiarism percentage

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Is It Possible to Plagiarize Yourself Without Knowing?

23 Mar 2018

Students write hundreds and maybe thousands of essays, reaction papers, reports, and other assignments during the whole study at college or university. No wonder that they start struggling with producing brand new ideas for each paper they have to turn in. Is it possible to plagiarize yourself? Yes, moreover, it is quite probable. We have similar beliefs, ideas, vocabulary and there is a possibility you use the same ones in all of our papers. You may have already plagiarized yourself many times. We are using the same speech patterns in everyday life as well as the same ideas and believes while writing essays. If we will look at the bigger picture, that is the reason writers and journals have their idiosyncrasy. How negative is it for academic world?

plagiarizing yourself

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Why Do Students Plagiarize?

23 Mar 2018

Considering the fact that most of the students are not aware of their own capabilities, this fact alone forces them to opt for academic dishonesty. Plagiarism occurs when you select certain content from another related source and present your paper as it is mentioned in the source. While writing a research paper, if a learner considers copying published information without mentioning the source, it is included in stolen content. Depending on the difference in understanding the concept of plagiarism, it can be unintentional as well. Because most of the times help is required from a source and in this case it is required to understand why is it important to cite sources, otherwise you might become a victim of stolen content. This is where the main problem occurs when a student is unable to cite a reference.

why students plagiarize

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Why Is Plagiarism Illegal?

18 Mar 2018

Plagiarism always leads to serious negative consequences. Ph.D. holders may lose their degree and students may be suspended if the paper is not unique. What is the reason for such a serious attitude? Why does every course start with a lecture about the uniqueness of research? Is it possible that there are as many fresh ideas as students in colleges all over the globe?

Is plagiarism a crime?

We all understand from the beginning of any course at college why is plagiarism illegal and why every essay, paper, presentation, book report and reaction paper must be unique. Only, do we?

Note: Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or idea and passing them off as one’s own. It is illegal not to mention an author when using his/her work, being it a text (including just an idea expressed in that text), visual element (from graphs and tables to photos and videos), or an audio recording.

The definition supposes students doing it consciously. They are reading research on an academic website, copy and paste parts of a text that contain important ideas without citing the source. What if you come to a certain conclusion by spending days or weeks in a library, note it in your paper but later it appears that the idea had been already stated by another researcher? In this case, your paper is no other than plagiarized. How about hours or days spent by research? Is copying illegal in such a case?

is plagiarism illegal

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