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  • Support and Scholarships for Muslim Students

    ​ With the recent trends of internationalization and globalization, the number of students who cross national borders for education has increased. The US has traditionally attracted a large numb...

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  • Financial Aid for Online Colleges

    ​ Achieving a degree becomes harder every year since the cost of studying changes due to rising tuition fees. Even though such solutions as distant learning provide more opportunities to save on...

  • CLEP Preparation Guide With Tips and Explanations

    ​ In simple terms, the CLEP exam stands for College-Level Examination Program that has been around for over four decades now. Our guide will help you learn more about this exam to see why you sh...

  • Student Guide to Online Learning

    ​ The modern studying process has entered a brand new level, which requires a variety of skills to succeed and get into the swing. A massive shift to e-learning that happened 2 years ago made 50...

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