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  • Financial Aid And Resources For Orphan Students

    ​ As a rule, the majority of scholarships and financial assistance for students are based on their financial hardships and healthcare issues. However, some situations are unique and require no p...

  • Useful Resources for Black College Students

    ​ Nowadays, there are a lot of options to support the education of black college students. African-american undergraduates can count on student groups, career development options, financial aid ...

  • Resources And Scholarships For Low-Income Students

    ​ Low-income students are among those learners who face specific challenges in terms of finances and access to additional opportunities. It often makes higher education barely possible since stu...

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  • Guide to Managing Self-Harm Among College Students

    ​ The talks about mental health and wellbeing, which evolved not so long ago, have a definite worrisome reason. The modern pace of life with its unpredictability and constant transformation towa...

  • College Safety Guide and Resources

    ​ Going to college is a step most school graduates dream about. Independence, a new environment, and new acquaintances seem so exciting to reach. But the majority of young people usually forget ...

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