10 Fun Facts About Laughter

06 May 2018

10 интересных фактов о смехе

Everyone is searching for happiness all the time. Laughter is a direct manifestation of it. It is fun to giggle and it is a great method to decrease tension. People feel good when they titter. According to numerous studies, laughing is the most helpful medicine. Belly laugh and happiness go hand in hand. No one can be happy and smile when he suffers from sadness and pain.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to start a day with a smile. Many doctors now approve positive effects of laughter on our health. Laughter Yoga is now used in many hospitals for the treatment of serious illnesses and it is also practiced in schools and universities, companies, or old people’s homes. There is even a World Laughter Day which we celebrate on the first Sunday in May every year.

Dr. Madan Kataria – a physician from Mumbai, India started the first Laughter Yoga club in 1995 and founded the Laughter Clubs movement. It is a world initiative to unite people through love and laughter. It is a spiritual organization aimed at generating good health, great happiness, and world peace. The movement has changed millions of lives around the world and helped them reach a state of complete wellness.

The first World Laughter Day outside India was celebrated in Denmark in 2000 when more than 10 000 people gathered together at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen. Nowadays, it is celebrated in many countries, including USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Australia, and India. Thousands of Laughter Clubs are open in more than sixty countries.

Laughter is as old as mankind. Our ancestors were quite aware of the beneficial effect of a hearty laugh. There are several variants of it, including a chuckle, titter, belly laugh, giggle and guffaw. They all are extremely beneficial for us.

1. It is an essential nonverbal communication method

Our daily communication is an integrated process of sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages. Facial expressions are especially significant in conveying different kinds of meaning. Laughter can deliver a message without being supported by a spoken word or phrase. Circus clowns evoke giggling when they appear on the stage. An infant smiles when he sees the mother in front. An ordinary child at the age of 6 laughs about 300 times a day while adults smile on average only 15 times a day. Nevertheless, children up to 3 months do not know how to laugh at all.

2. It is an effective medicine

Laughing affects positively various systems of our body. It can stimulate our body’s ability to manage stress and fight many diseases. The benefits of tittering include prevention and control of high blood pressure, numerous heart diseases, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and allergies. Patients suffering from cancer also respond better and live longer if regular treatment is supplemented with positive thinking and laughter. Tittering can boost the body’s ability to avoid infection by increasing levels of key immune system components and decreasing levels of stress hormones that are associated with the poor immune function.

3. It helps your lungs expand and muscles relax

Belly laugh enables to maintain the constancy of the internal environment of our body. During laughter, the lungs are filled with oxygen that is necessary for all cells. When we breathe deeply, our heart beats more often and strengthens blood circulation. Even a few seconds of giggling is a “recharge” for the body.

4. The sense of humor adds to the attractiveness

Men with a good sense of humor seem smarter to women. It is believed that a sense of humor is more characteristic of men than of women and the main merit in this belongs to the male sex hormone testosterone.

5. It can replace your diet

10-15 minutes of laughter is enough to burn the number of calories that is equivalent to a medium-sized chocolate bar. According to various studies, people who giggle 15 minutes a day can burn 2 kg of fat a year.

6. It increases creativity and ability to solve a variety of tasks

Connecting the left and right hemispheres, laugh activates the limbic system of the brain, connecting the left and right hemispheres. Moreover, it is beneficial for your memory.

7. It can be a powerful way of relaxing

Sincere laughter can help to get rid of unnecessary emotions, especially those that are deep inside. A positive outlook on the world appears when you smile. When chuckling a lot, a person looks at life positively and cannot hold grudges. Such person goes through life easily and inspires the surrounding people with positive mood.

8. A smiling person attracts others

Laughter makes a person more open. It is pleasant and easier to communicate with those who joke, smile or laugh. A good mood is transmitted to other people and they start feeling better. You will be pleased by the fact that people are happy to communicate with you and this will have a positive effect on your well-being.

9. The ability to laugh is useful in your life

A smile on the face and lack of tension during communication both speak about self-confidence and talent to cope with stressful situations. It can especially be helpful during such crucial moments as a job interview. The capability to show happy and positive emotions is also useful for a career, as it will help to establish good relations with colleagues and be appreciated by your boss.

10. Not only people laugh

Until recently, it was believed that laughter is an exceptionally human ability, but latest research proves that it is not so. The rats possess the ability to laugh too. The material published in the journal New Scientist tells about the research of the scientists of the Chicago Northwest University. Their scientific activity is that they subject the laboratory rats to tickling. The studies have shown sensational results. It turned out that the rats make certain sounds during tickling. They produce the same sounds when they play with each other. American scientists seriously believe that these sounds are a variation of laughter.

What helps us laugh more often?

See comedies in theatre, television, or any other medium of entertainment. It is a good way to get a dose of positivity. Avoiding negative programs and news, you can achieve the right balance between viewing positive and entertaining programs.

Spend more time with family and friends to feel happier. Surround yourself with cheerful and optimistic people to become a happy person. Their behavior will affect you and you will subconsciously imitate it.

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Find something that makes you smile. As soon as you learn to choose something funny and uplifting consciously, you will get to know more about smiles and laughter and how to live in harmony with them.

And finally, if you are upset about something or somebody or just fed up with your daily routine, start giggling regularly and you will be surprised by how calm and relaxed you feel. Become a member of the local Laughter Yoga club in your city and participate annually in World Laughter Day. When you smile, you change and when you change, everyone changes around you.

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