Dissertation Title Page: Key Elements & Formatting Requirements

The first opportunity to make an impression with a research work is creating an outstanding dissertation title page. It’s a crucial element that sets the tone for the entire document. In this article, we'll explore the key components and best practices for creating an impactful and professionally formatted page that aligns with academic standards and leaves a lasting impression.

What components does a title page include?

This section of a dissertation or thesis, also known as the cover page, plays a pivotal role in your work, as it encapsulates vital document details. When you write a dissertation, you should typically include the following components in your cover page:

  • Title of your academic work;
  • Your full name;
  • Document type (e.g., research paper, dissertation);
  • Institution and department information;
  • Degree program (e.g., Master of Business Administration);
  • Submission date.

Additionally, it may feature your field of study, student number, supervisor's name, and the university's logo, providing a comprehensive overview of your project.

Formatting requirements

The rules applied to formatting the title page can vary based on provided instructions and the research level, whether for a student project or a professional report. When you think about how to write a dissertation for me, you should understand that its specific formatting is often contingent on departmental or professorial guidelines. While these instructions may differ between departments, a foundational format with common elements exists. The dissertation title page can be styled according to different primary academic writing styles.

APA format

In this style, a cover page in dissertation/thesis is generally required as it provides essential information about your document. To create an APA dissertation title page, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Page setup: Use standard 8.5" x 11" paper with 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Title placement: Center-align and bolded heading in title case capitalization (capitalize the first letter of major words). Keep it concise and descriptive.
  • Student name: Type your name in standard title case capitalization below the heading.
  • Educational institution: List your educational institution's name using capitalization.
  • Degree information: Include details about your degree and your department or program affiliation.
  • Submission date: At the bottom, provide the month and year of submission formatted as “Month Year” (e.g., September 2023).

MLA format

While MLA style does not mandate a cover page, certain circumstances, such as departmental requirements or group projects, may necessitate its inclusion in your dissertation. If you opt for this element, there are guidelines to follow:

  • Center the document's title using capitalization;
  • Maintain double-spacing and uniform font throughout your paper.

Still, it's important to note that most MLA documents prefer a header rather than a separate dissertation title page. This header is typically situated on the same page as the introductory paragraphs. This component should be:

  • Left-aligned;
  • Comprise your name, instructor's name, course details, and submission date.

Chicago format

In this style, including this element is typically optional unless project guidelines specify otherwise. When composing the cover page, comply with the following recommendations:

  • Maintain double-spacing;
  • Center-align the content;
  • Use the same font as the research body;
  • Capitalize the heading and place it slightly above the page's midpoint. 

Following the heading, include such information as:

  • Name;
  • Course code;
  • Date of the thesis submission.

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Crafting a dissertation title page in MLA, APA, or Chicago style is essential in presenting your research professionally. Each style has its unique guidelines, and adhering to them is crucial for academic integrity. Remember, if you ever feel uncertain or overwhelmed by this task or need a dissertation title page example to understand its peculiarities better, you can always contact a professional writing service like EduBirdie. They will gladly provide expert assistance in creating a polished and compliant cover page for your work. Your academic journey deserves the best, and our experts are here to support you every step of the way.


Where should you place the title in your thesis? 

This element should be positioned at the beginning of a research work, preceding any other content or lists you might decide to incorporate.

Is a title page required for a dissertation? 

A dissertation in APA style must include this section, which contains vital information such as the title, author's name, degree pursued, university, submission date, and often the supervisor's name. It serves as the document's introductory page, followed by elements like the abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, and the main body, helping identify and introduce the work. As for papers in Chicago or MLA formats, including a title page is not mandatory.

What size font should be used on a dissertation title page?

The font size on a cover page is usually larger (e.g., 12-point or 14-point) to enhance visibility. However, it’s better to consult the university's guidelines for exact formatting details, as they may differ.

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