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How To Make A Dissertation Abstract

06 Oct 2016Essay Writing Guides

Writing an abstract for a dissertation can be a real challenge for a student. If you have never encountered with the dissertation or a doctoral paper you need to read a sample of such papers in order to get acquainted with the peculiarities of structure, style and look of this work. A template may help you. However, it is not recommended to stick to the chosen template completely, as this way your paper can have a higher percentage of plagiarism, which is not tolerated and can lead to a bad grade or even worse – you may not be able to get a PhD degree at all.

The general structure of the dissertation paper is not complicated: it has three main parts. As any other written task, it must have an intro, main text, and summary. Wondering how to write an abstract for a dissertation you'll find out it follows the same structure as your whole work.

How to Create a Good Abstract

If you need to write a main part of the work, for example, you have to read the rules for writing this particular part and try to follow the requirements. Find a dissertation abstract template and try to understand its structure. You need to make the principle body of your dissertation significant, meaningful and at the same time interesting: express all your unique thoughts and new ideas in the main body, choose strong proofs, use valid data, etc. Research abstract should point on all of these important points. The reader should feel that your college paper is unique and useful for other scientists.

What to include in an abstract?

Before writing a main body of your PhD project you should make a hard work – research for the suitable data; read a lot of books, scientific journals, arrange interviews (if it’s needed) and make some experiments. You should include a theoretical and practical part in the main body of your dissertation. Tell about all academic facts you have found on this topic and include the ideas of other scientists. There should be no plagiarism and you should mention the names of the scientists whose ideas you have used in your dissertation in the different section of the project (list of references).

So, dissertation abstracts should summarize all the content of your whole work. Basically, write one sentence per each part and chapter.

Important Note: Don't forget to describe all the results of your work and interpret them.

What is the best length for abstract?

How long should a dissertation abstract be – it is a popular question. Most typically it varies from 100 to 500 words. But you should receive an answer from your scientific advisor as the rules can differ in different educational institutions, and, the volume should correspond with the chosen theme because you will need enough space to disclose the topic fully. The main point is for your abstract to be as clear and concise as possible.

Where can I find an abstract template?

You can simply look at the dissertation abstracts international database. What can you find in it? Here you can find plenty of samples of different academic papers written by various professionals. You can even find a reflective essay in this database, and, as it is an international database, there you can find samples of projects in different languages. You may read them to understand what the particular qualities of academic papers are.

How to make you work successful

You need to make your own dissertation unique and full of novelty. Your readers should see that your project is really valuable in the scientific world. Your writing should be meaningful, it must present some previously unknown (or not yet fully studied) problem, offer new solutions to it and have a practical or scientific importance that will help you to prove that your contribution into a scientific world is useful and meaningful. Try to use all this information in an abstract to receive the highest evaluation of your teacher, but do not forget about the necessity of the oral defense, as these stages of a Doctoral project are both equally important. Get ready to answer many questions. You must know everything about your work. And try to be very attentive both in your writing (do not forget to review and edit the dissertation) and oral presentation because this work will either bring you the desired degree or not, and, in the future, it will become your scientific business card.

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