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"It’s just very very relaxing and stress-free generally."

To better familiarize our users with our team and make us closer, we decided to open a new blog section where we will interview our employees. We want to show you that EduBirdie is not just a website. We are a family, a single organism, and a whole team full of bright and enthralling personalities.
Disclaimer: For privacy reasons, EduBirdie is not allowed to disclose the identity of our users as well as our authors. It doesn’t make Eve Louise BA Ed.'s story any less engaging though!

On personal life

What is the thing you’re most proud of?
Obtaining a degree while caring for my baby.

What’s your favorite quote?
“We all love animals. Why do we call some ‘pets’ and others ‘dinner?”, K.D. Lang.

What makes you laugh?
Funny animal memes and videos.

On professional experience

What do you like about your job and being a writer the most?
The ability to work from anywhere at any time with my dogs and a cup of tea by my side!

What do you seek in your clients?
Clear instructions and information.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and then we’ll proceed to my questions.
Okay. I have two grown up children. I started my career as a teacher and then I moved on to adult education. Alongside that I became interested in writing through becoming vegan and wanting to write my own vegan-themed children's book. So, I wrote and published five of those, and that’s where my interest in writing comes from. I applied with EduBirdie and now gave up the tutoring. Now, I’m only writing.

Wow. That’s a lot. Let’s get back a little bit. How did you end up in writing? What brought you there?
I really enjoyed writing books. Yet, I needed to promote them in order to sell them. I found sitting down, writing just to be very relaxing. Especially after years of being in a classroom. A lot of the special needs teenagers I taught had an attention deficit disorder. They can be quite difficult behaviour-wise. So, after a stressful classroom situation, it was switching to just sitting down in the comfort of my own home, relaxing with a cup of tea and my dogs. It quite was so nice that I wanted to stick to it. That's why starting to write essays for money was a great job opportunity for me.

What led you to the book writing. How did it happen? Have you ever tried writing anything else for yourself before or it all started with children's stories?
No. It was about four years ago now, and that was the first big thing I wrote.

How did it happen? The idea. Vegan-themed children's stories are not something we hear of that often.
I have been vegetarian since I was four years old so I’ve always been into animal rights. Then I saw videos related to the animal industry and egg industry on social media and began to think about being vegan. I also thought back to the stories I had read as a child about the farming industry. I remember, you know, the images in them: a cow in the field being milked by hand and everything, where everyone is nice and happy. But the reality of it is completely different from what they portray in the children’s books. So, I wanted to do something about it as a part of my activism.

So what did you do?
I was a primary school teacher originally. So I worked with very young children. It helped me think at the correct level. I wrote the first one, received quite a bit of interest, and then I kept going bit by bit with the other four.

If you said vegan-themed children stories, I guess most people would not understand what that means. What is the story about? What makes them vegan?
In line with vegan ethics. It helps children understand the aspects of how farming is today. There are so many things people don’t realize involved with factory farming. So I sort of took an animal and thought about the fact children might not know but still kept those facts quite child-friendly and ended up with a happy ending. There’s nothing graphic in them. I don't mention gruesome factors, but I do draw attention to things in a very child-friendly way.

Let’s switch to academic writing. What made you look for this kind of job?
I was looking for any writing really. As I was a teacher, academic writing made sense. And there is quite a variety of subjects to choose from. Also my favourite would be creative writing.

Do you ever take some subjects as a challenge? Not something too far from your education like Computer Science, but something you haven’t faced before.
The best essay I've written, the most interesting one. I did have to research a lot for it. It was History, but it was American History not British, and I knew nothing about it. I didn’t even know where it was. It was Cakewalk. So yes, I did take American history because I know I’ll quite like looking it up.

Tell us about your hobbies. You got animals, right?
I have two dogs and two rabbits, all from rescue shelters. I believe it’s best to adopt rather than shop when there’s so many animals that need home. I enjoy walking dogs every day. I enjoy yoga. I feel it’s important especially as a writer because you sit down so often in the same position. So, I feel only writing now, I need to do even more yoga. It releases tension.

Do you do any volunteering jobs?
No, I don’t. I mean, I see the books as a part of my animal activism and I have attended certain activist events. But they’re not volunteering jobs.

The last one. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
I think I’d like to have all creative writing work or maybe Religion and History work. I can write about a lot of things, but I don’t enjoy everything that much.

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