Inside the College Mind: Cars and Dating

17 Sep 2019

Top 3 Cars for Getting Laid:

1.       Chevrolet Silverado: “The roomy back makes is the perfect date spot for stargazing and so much more.”

2.       Ford Mustang Convertible: “Nothing quite as masculine as a Mustang, and the convertible is perfect for taking her out.”

3.       Any Super-Old Car: “Girls are really into vintage, and that old-school charm wins them over every time.”

Best Car to Pick Up Girls:

1.       Anything German: “Known for being fast and classy, this is always an impressive way to make your move.”

2.       A Big Pick-Up Truck: “Kind of badass and kind of country, show the girls your masculine and wild side.”

3.       A Limo: “Best way to impress, even if it’s just for the night.”

Best Cars for Making Out:

1.       Chevrolet Silverado: “Makes it easy to get down and dirty in the back.”

2.       BMW X5: “The car goes fast and has plenty of space for leaning the seats back or folding them down completely.”

3.       A coupe: “The challenge makes it that much more fun.”