Learn how to write an exemplification essay

how to write an exemplification essay

One of the popular essay types among college and university students, an exemplification essay is quite common for academic writing tasks when explaining or clarifying information. By reaching the end of this article, you will learn what is an exemplification essay, see the main features and length, provide a basic outline, and steps to write an exemplification essay with a practical example. You shall also see the dos and don'ts regarding how to compose an exemplification assignment. 

Exemplification essay: features and definition

As the name suggests, a piece of exemplification writing stands for a good explanation with sufficient examples and an accessible tone. The role of examples in this type of academic writing means that a student must support a particular thought or address a general idea with clarification. It is one of the reasons why most students feel confused about what is an exemplification essay and do not know what steps must be taken when starting an essay and coming up with the main thesis. One must remember that the examples provided can be brief and lengthy, depending on your target audience and chosen subject. 

Speaking of an exemplification essay length, there is no strict rule here as you must have an introduction, three to five body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion. The trick here is not to provide as many examples as possible but to make your point across to your readers! It always helps to check several exemplification essay examples online to determine how much something can be used. Unlike a typical explanatory essay, you must start with examples that support your main idea, the significance of arguments, or a notion with the help of special transition words and brief explanations. Consequently, it helps connect the dots and make it all readable.  

Adherence to a certain topic is the most challenging part of exemplification essay writing. For example, you may start with a certain notion like: 

Although using electric vehicles contributes to eliminating pollution, producing battery elements can be more harmful to the environment in the long run. 

Thus, it instantly provides you with examples and even statistical data to support this statement with examples, turning it into an exemplification writing. As you learn what is exemplification, starting with a good subject research should be the primary writing point to consider! 

Exemplification essay basic outline example 

It’s quite difficult to learn what is an exemplification essay in practice without taking a quick look at several samples. While these will always differ, the purpose is to see how examples and evidence can support something. Before you start exploring, look at existing exemplification essay topics to find those that fit your school subject or help you narrow things down to something you know well. Accordingly, it will make it easier to understand how things work. 

Let’s start with the basic essay outline to make it more accessible: 

I. Introduction. 

  1. Provide a brief introduction to your chosen subject. 
  2. Add a thesis statement based on the main examples you plan to use.

II. Body Paragraphs. 

  1. Provide your main example with a compelling
  2. Add real-life examples whenever possible and applicable. 
  3. Explain why your information is credible as you explore exemplification examples that you have. 

Continue so with your other examples in order of importance. Three to five body paragraphs are recommended, depending on examples and a chosen subject. 

III. Conclusion. 

  1. Provide a brief summary of your examples and connect them together as you summarize
  2. Restate your thesis statement in different words. 
  3. Provide a thought-provoking element or a call-to-action bit. 

The steps required to write an exemplification essay 

Now that we have examined an exemplification essay outline, it’s time to see what steps must be taken before you start to write and learn what is necessary to reach the final part. 

Here are the steps that must be taken: 

Step 1: Choose an inspiring subject that you know well. 

Let’s choose the subject of homeschooling as an example and follow the same exemplification essay definition writing example from now on.  

Step 2: Explore your chosen subject and narrow things down. 

By exploring, learn about all the pros and cons of homeschooling based on statistical data and choose the most important key facts. 

Step 3: Create an outline where you compose a strong thesis argument. 

A thesis statement for such a topic might be like this: “Homeschooling helps to inspire individuality and allows learning at one’s chosen pace, yet it also poses a lack of social communication and peer interaction”. 

Step 4: Compose an introduction with a brief description. 

Start by exploring statistical data and state how many students are homeschooled, when it started, and how the pandemic has increased remote learning use. 

Step 5: Work on your body paragraphs and incorporate statistical data if available. 

This is where you can use statistical data more by explaining the numbers and talking about the causes and effects. Good examples of exemplification always use statistics to make the evidence work since one has to provide a trustworthy justification (confirmation) of the facts. 

Step 6: Alternate between short and lengthy examples. 

The key is to provide accessibility, which is why using all types of examples is recommended. 

Step 7: Add your opinion to the conclusion as you sum things up. 

When you already have experience in discursive essay writing or have done reflective work in the past, this type of past writing should be helpful. While you may not take a certain stake in things unless exemplification in writing requires that, keep your writing balanced and provide your opinion based on the provided examples. 

Step 8: Provide counter-arguments and different opinions as you see fit. 

If you want to provide an unbiased exemplification essay, the key is to explore why homeschooling is approached differently by educators, parents, healthcare specialists, and children. 

Step 9: Add a brief summary of examples in the conclusion. 

As a way to make things work better while you learn what is an example essay, provide a summary of your examples by connecting them to your thesis statement again. 

Step 10: Proofread and edit your exemplification essay before submitting it! 

One of the most important aspects to consider is the clarity of your writing because it helps your readers understand your main points. For this purpose, read it aloud and see if it makes sense because this is how you can make relevant editing. 

The dos and don’ts of writing an exemplification essay 

When you start working on your exemplification college assignment, it is important to avoid the most common mistakes and follow the guidelines in your grading rubric. Here are some points to consider as you learn how to write an exemplification essay correctly and make it stand out from the rest:  


  • Choose your topic wisely unless it is already provided. When so, decide on a generalization first. 
  • Determine your purpose or what you wish to exemplify (explain). 
  • Focus on your target audience when thinking about accessibility. 
  • Provide a list of examples before you start. 
  • Arrange your examples logically and use transition words. 


  • Never submit your work without proper proofreading and editing. 
  • Avoid writing without statistical data if you have it. Essentially, it helps to understand what is exemplification essay in practice when it is done correctly as you base your writing on a piece of clear evidence.
  • Do not provide only one side of the story when dealing with a controversial topic. 
  • Do not start an exemplification essay without a certain organizational structure focus. Thus, it can be chronological (based on a time sequence), ascending (from most to least important examples or arguments), and descending (gradually coming close to the most important point). 

If all of this sounds like rocket science or you are certain that some mistakes are already involved, you may consider an essay buy online solution and avoid all the writing stress. Moreover, there are free revisions, direct contact with a writing assistant, and various experts who know their subject, which is a solid reason to try it out! 

Getting urgent writing assistance with an exemplification essay 

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