100 Controversial Topics For Essays For College Students

The popularity of controversial essays these days cannot be overestimated since the majority of college professors want to see students explore, debate, and research as they discuss politics, healthcare, education, and many other subjects where various controversies can be encountered. The purpose of such essays is to test your research and analysis skills, which is why it is vital to discover good controversial essay topics. They must inspire you in the first place and keep things accessible regarding your attitude and position. Professional writers from our essay writing service will help you with academic paper of any difficulty.

How to Choose Controversial Topics For Essays?

As you receive essay help online and start with any academic writing, remember that your controversial topic choice must address the following elements:

  • Narrow Your Subject Down As You Choose Controversial Topics For Essay.
  • Research Similar Publications To Gain More Knowledge.
  • Include Relevant Facts and Statistics To Make Things Credible.
  • Research Opposite Sides & Include References.

By doing so, you should think about your wording to help it reflect your thesis statement and add more sense to it. In simple terms, saying that smoking is bad is not enough because you should explain why and come up with some controversy like smokers living up to 90 years of age! Do some research and make it sound controversial and inspiring with authentic and high-quality help provided by Edubirdie college essay service.

An Ultimate List of Controversial Essay Topics

Regardless if you need good argumentative essay topics or would like to find something unique for college debates, have a look at various ideas to keep your creative juices flow. Take your time to look at our good controversial essay topics below:

  1. Should religious jokes be banned in the media?
  2. The privacy of the modern confession ceremony.
  3. Should the priests be obliged to report the crimes?
  4. Religious education at school is a bad idea.
  5. Are religious colleges better than the standard ones?
  6. Should the nurses be paid more for the emotional stress they endure?
  7. Should healthcare specialists have a right to use force when protecting themselves?
  8. The use of euthanasia must be banned.
  9. Should marijuana for personal use be forbidden?
  10. The distorted media portrayal of sleeping pills and related dangers.
  11. Cyberbullying exists because it is hard to control.
  12. Children should not be allowed to use smartphones.
  13. The difference between children’s modern games and the games of the past.
  14. The reasons why Minecraft must be forbidden.
  15. The school uniform leads to inequality.
  16. Child disability and education.
  17. The negative perception of children with ADHD.
  18. Why Autism is not an illness.
  19. Children and PTSD.
  20. Youth and the drug addiction issue.
  21. The political aspect of global warming.
  22. The voting process is always useless for a single person.
  23. The difference between legal systems in the USA and Canada.
  24. Children should be involved in politics.
  25. Should college students have a say in what they learn?
  26. The difference between Ivy League and the usual colleges?
  27. The church and politics do not mix.
  28. Should various countries implement foreign specialists for help?
  29. The controversy of CEOs’ larger-than-life income.
  30. The Presidential elections bias.
  31. The horror movies are harmless.
  32. The negative effect of fake happiness on social media.
  33. Instagram influencers must get a real job.
  34. Rich VS Poor perception online.
  35. Bloggers must be considered journalists.
  36. Modern television is always biased.
  37. The presence of shocking content during the TV news reports.
  38. Ads in children's television.
  39. Should children be allowed to talk back to their teachers?
  40. Political education in school.
  41. Should genetically modified food be forbidden?
  42. The use of animals for food testing is not ethical.
  43. The fashion principles that affect body image in a negative way.
  44. The beauty saloons and the nervous breakdowns.
  45. The moral aspect of the modern SPA culture.
  46. Should alcohol be forbidden during college parties?
  47. The problem of DUI in the United States.
  48. The RAP music is all about breaking the rules.
  49. We cannot change the future by voting.
  50. Why do some people oppose the BLM movement?
  51. Should school students be free to choose what to learn?
  52. Should we have a right to choose our style of education?
  53. The current examination system in college is not efficient.
  54. The mass approach of SAT and ACT testing.
  55. The commercialization of modern studies.
  56. The bias in military colleges in the United States.
  57. Should teachers be allowed to report their concerns regarding the mental state of the students?
  58. The MBA courses are mostly useless for practical purposes.
  59. The parents are getting less involved in the lives of college students today.
  60. The dating at college.
  61. The age difference and the marriage.
  62. The cross-cultural marriage issue.
  63. The issue of racial intolerance.
  64. Why are Muslim people often perceived as violent personalities?
  65. The link between our parents and our moral principles.
  66. The problem of anorexia.
  67. The college athletes and academic success.
  68. The harmful effect of diets discovered online.
  69. The dangers of requesting food and drinks from unknown retailers.
  70. The dark side of modern Internet (online) commerce.
  71. The presence of political bias in sports competitions.
  72. The use of steroids in sports.
  73. The moral aspect of violent sports.
  74. Hocket is too dangerous as a sport.
  75. The sports schools for children must be free.
  76. The advertisement of tobacco and the negative influence on young people.
  77. Smoking in public must be forbidden.
  78. Alcohol is harmless when it is not too much.
  79. Should advertisement of medication of any kind be made illegal?
  80. The use of social media and lack of physical activity among modern college students.
  81. Globalization and related dangers.
  82. The negative perception of Americans.
  83. The Pros and Cons of military education.
  84. The political bias of global warming.
  85. The negative sides of modern social movements.
  86. The Monarchy system must be abolished.
  87. Politicians should not be above the law.
  88. The artists should have a fixed income.
  89. Taking pictures of people in public must be made illegal.
  90. The controversial work conditions of people with disabilities.
  91. Violent video games exist because they sell more.
  92. Technology is limiting our creativity.
  93. Computers lead to our isolation.
  94. Mobile apps: pros and cons.
  95. Does technological advancement have an end?
  96. Online friends VS offline friends.
  97. Should parents always tell the truth to their children?
  98. Is explaining death to children morally acceptable?
  99. The biased portrayal of Americans in the media.
  100. Is it possible to achieve justice per se?

Remember that these are only the basic ideas to keep you inspired and provide you with some starting points!

No Stress and Fear!

If you are not comfortable with certain controversial topics for essays, choose an alternative topic that you know well. Always research it well and have a talk with your college professor to give you another option. After all, the purpose of good controversial research is to show that you can explore and clearly outline opposing opinions while keeping your position clear.

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