100 Most Popular Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation papers offer value judgments related to various subjects. When writing an evaluative paper, one should find an argument, apply critical thinking and then provide evidence to justify it.

In this article, we explain what an evaluation essay is and suggest paper structure. In addition, you can find 100 evaluation essay topics for your attention. Sometimes the process of choosing evaluative essay topics becomes a real challenge. You can find inspiration in several categories: sport, movies & TV, food & restaurants, technology, education or internet.

Evaluation Essay Topics

Basic Evaluation Essay Structure

Here is a basic outline structure most commonly used for evaluative writing at any US university. Try to address each point, ideally in the order mentioned.

  • Introduction. Provide a paragraph with a brief introduction to your topic or subject under evaluation. Explain why it is important or what impact it has on you or society. End paragraph with a thesis and mention the criteria you will use to evaluate your subject.
  • Body. Include from two to five body paragraphs. Devote each of them to a particular criterion to analyze your topic. Do not mix them up. Include evidence from outside sources to support your arguments.
  • Conclusion. In the last paragraph, summarize main ideas from the body of your essay concerning your topic. Restate your thesis and do not introduce new ideas.

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Example of Evaluation Essay

For example, you need to evaluate the play of Tom Hanks in “Saving Private Ryan.” The beginning of your essay on this topic will look as follows:

“The movie “Saving Private Ryan” by Steven Spielberg is an example of epic drama. The key features of this type of movie are lyrics and dialogues (monologues) specific to this genre. There are similar movies as follows: “We Were Soldiers”, “Letters from Iwo Jima” or “Apollo 13”. These films address the same concerns of “Saving Private Ryan”. Both “Saving Private Ryan” and “Apollo 13” starring Tom Hanks and emphasize the necessity to save human life whatever. The differences are that the action of the first film takes place in the war times while the action of “Apollo 13” revert us to times of the Cold War.”

If you need to evaluate “Robson Ranch Grill” hamburger cafe in Arizona and compare to “McDonald’s,” we recommend picking three to five criteria. Check one of our evaluation essay example to demonstrate you how a restaurant review topic may look like:

“The atmosphere in both Robson Ranch Grill and McDonald’s is great: the venues are clean, and the space in general looks cozy. However, I didn’t like music that played in Robson Ranch Grill as it was too loud and I don’t like rock-n-roll. When I was visiting these places, their clientele seemed the same. These restaurants are designed for customers with average income. The meals were more savoury in Robson Ranch Grill. I believe, this is because it is more of a family restaurant. At McDonald’s, you all the time know what you will be offered. It’s good because it is predictable. I don’t know whether cooks from competitor can maintain same quality over long periods. The price of a hamburger at McDonald’s was more affordable. However, the portions were bigger in Robson Ranch Grill.”

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How to Choose a Good Topic for Evaluation Essay

In this section, we developed several tips on how to look for topics for evaluation essays and help you turn this task into an easy procedure. The internet is main source for evaluation essay topics. You can find ideas and then develop your own unique evaluation paper topic.

Search the Internet for Topic

A topic should be interesting to you and your readers. It will bring inspiration while working on it and will help to generate ideas. Few people like writing. Try to make your task easier by choosing a topic of interest.

Attention to Analysis

Identify whether your topic is excessively broad or narrow. Your potential readers may not understand some points in an essay if they are not prepared or educated in a field. It’s better to stick to a more simple and common theme that will be involving or know to a wide range of audience.

Choose Reliable sources

Find reliable information sources like scientific publications, articles and books. Pay attention to sources you’re choosing. It’s better to use peer-reviewed articles and scientific publications as they provide relevant information. Also, you should choose up-to-date sources as they offer the most recent information on your topic. All sources mustn’t be “older” than 10 years.

It’s a good idea to ask your teacher for advice when you’re choosing topics for evaluation essays. Most probably, your teacher will offer several hints and help develop ideas for your future essay. So, don’t hesitate to consult him or her if you stuck when choosing a topic.

Best Evaluation Essay Topics Ideas

Essay Sports Topics

  • Real Madrid and their performance.
  • Last year’s Rugby World Cup as an event.
  • Chose a top football player from your favorite team.
  • What are the pros and cons of watching an American football game in a sports bar compared to watching it at home?
  • How university soccer teams impact young men’s personalities.
  • San Francisco Bay Area as a sporting place.
  • Rank Andre Agassi’s play. Is it overestimated or underestimated?
  • How basketball fans’ actions enhance the players’ experience during the games.
  • Essay on Rank American playoff system.
  • How Kevin Durant’s performance affects the money his basketball team makes.
  • Analyze the influence of the National Junior College Athletic Association’s actions on a college team’s performance in a chosen state.
  • Essay on Boston Celtics’ coaching last year.
  • Asses if coaching approaches at high schools hurt players.
  • Is tennis available for high school students in your community?

Essay Topics on TV and Movies

  • How did male and female roles change in modern romantic films?
  • Means to show romance in modern movies.
  • Changes that occurred in recent romantic movies if compared to classic romantic movies.
  • How do fiction films impact viewers?
  • Evaluate a movie about war and discuss if it helps address current concerns related to war and peace.
  • Essay on Impact of television educational programs on students’ performance.
  • Do historical films help learn history and remember significant past events?
  • Reasons why TV physics programs are popular in the U.S.
  • Ways in which drama effectively demonstrates a situation in a chosen movie.
  • How well the film “Far from the Madding Crowd” shows historical events.
  • Evaluation essay on sequel: to which extent the second movie replays the original film?
  • Analyze a film created in a foreign country and discuss how this film describes national characteristics.
  • Daniel Radcliffe’s play in “Harry Potter” and discuss which means this actor employs to adapt to this role.
  • Essay on Tom Hanks’ play in “Saving Private Ryan.”

Essay Topics Related to Food and Restaurants

  • Robson Ranch Grill in California compared to McDonald’s.
  • Gallagher’s Steak House performance with regard to customer satisfaction.
  • Red Lobster family restaurant food compared to food at KFC.
  • Asses price components of a cafe offering Italian food and pizza delivery.
  • Evaluate and compare whether ready-made food offered in supermarkets is a good alternative to fast food.
  • Price of fast for food in the nearby cafes.
  • Speculate on several potential wedding venues from food perspective: which one is the best for this?
  • Organization in different bars using your own experience.
  • Compare several coffee shops like Starbucks and Birch Coffee in New York. What makes them so popular?
  • Evaluate an Indian cafe located in your city. What is the difference between Indian and American food?
  • What makes a great American meal great.
  • Favorite food. Are there restaurants offering great and inexpensive options in your community?
  • Are donuts healthy? Specify the details and provide relevant arguments to support it.
  • Chinese restaurants using at least three criteria.

Essay Topics on Technology

  • Apple iPhone 7 smartphone. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Compare iOS and Android: which one is better and for whom?
  • Which gadget is perfect for children studying at high schools (for example, compare a laptop and a tablet).
  • Asses two different photo editing apps and identify which one is the best.
  • Approaches to data transmission from your smartphone to a laptop.
  • Speculate on an impact on social media’s on social relationships.
  • Gaming experience using different gadgets. Which gadget is preferable for gaming?
  • Measure the effectiveness of using technology in teaching.
  • What is the role of digital books in modern students’ lives? Are they better than paper books? Why?
  • Essay on the ways people from different generations treat technology.
  • Analyze whether gaming helps improve academic elementary students’ performance (attentiveness, creativity, responsiveness).
  • Recent laws regulating the use of cell phones during automobile rides.
  • Speculate on changes in socializing stimulated by the development of digital technologies.
  • Analyze how development of digital technologies changes music production.

Essay Topics on Education

  • Critical assessment of facilities available for children with disabilities in elementary schools.
  • How mental health issues impact students’ performance?
  • Speculate on teachers’ responsibilities to meet elementary students’ needs.
  • Power of verbal praise as a motivational factor in education service provided to high school students.
  • Critically reflect on education services provided to American children having difficulties in learning.
  • Evaluate current advantages and disadvantages of American secondary education.
  • Teaching methods used by U.S. teachers to teach students who have social behavior difficulties.
  • Essay on American education system’s evolution.
  • Critically evaluate the role of imagination development in elementary education.
  • Speculate on strategies to tackle problematic behavior in high school students.
  • Differences between European and American curricula. Which one is better?
  • Evaluate whether living conditions make an impact on American students’ learning ability.
  • Formal assessment strategies and compare them to the informal assessment strategies in American schools.
  • Speculate on the implementation of inclusion strategies in U.S. schools.
  • Asses ESOL’s provisions for refugees’ children in the U.S.A. Crucial topic.

Essay Topics on the Internet

  • Impact of the internet on U.S. citizens in small towns.
  • Impact of the internet on other media.
  • Marketing strategies to promote business in social media.
  • What are the key factors that led to the popularity of Google? Which factors are more significant than others?
  • Assess current information security strategies. Which one is the best for protecting your gadget?
  • Essay on key characteristics of WhatsApp.
  • Cloud system that is employed in Netflix.
  • Facebook for purposes of promotion of an online clothes shop.
  • Topic on reasons for using Twitter.
  • Effectiveness of online advertising.
  • Approaches to using the internet in colleges.
  • Critically reflect on opportunities provided by internet to people.
  • Evaluate how internet changed communication patterns in modern society.
  • Internet promotion strategies for a coffee shop.
  • How cloud computing is a good choice for data storing.

Essay Topics on Culture

  • Strategies of cultivating a good culture in children.
  • Consequences of culture wars.
  • Critically evaluate consequences of the crisis of multiculturalism.
  • Differences and similarities between modern and ancient arts.
  • Aspects of westernization and social conflict they evidence.
  • Give reasons and analyze consequences of cultural shock.
  • Essay on homesickness.
  • Topic on cultural diversity of U.S. citizens.
  • Approaches addressing difficulties associated with different cultures.
  • Essay on origins of rap.
  • What is the impact of Taoism on Indian culture?
  • How new internet communication culture influences U.S. citizens.
  • Assess how the movie “The Great Gatsby” reflects U.S. culture of those times.
  • Analyze influence of stand-up genre on modern culture.

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