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120 Exploratory Essay Topics & the Ultimate Guide

Exploratory essays are some of the most tricky papers to write. This form of text is like nothing else – it is not quite an argumentative essay, but not an essay that contains opinions either. During education as a student, one may have to write an exploratory essay. It is important to understand structure and form of such a text so that to write it effectively.

Also, it is hugely important that you understand how to choose exploratory essay topics for this type of paper. It may be one of the most difficult processes of creating an exploratory essay as it covers a vast range of subjects – there is not really one single definitive topic. We understand this and may help as possess extensive knowledge of exploratory genre. In paragraphs below, we will explore this subject and share over 100 different essay topics.

exploratory essay topics

The last part is the key point of an exploratory essay. It is meant to simply explore subject – not to give an opinion or draw any form of conclusion. For example, the topic is, “What is the prime age to start a family?” one should simply look at the subject. Explore different age brackets, find suitable data and information for each. You would not specifically state what age you thought was suitable.

How to Choose Suitable Topic

So how do you choose topics for exploratory paper? As we mentioned, a broad range of subject could qualify – you could choose practically anything. Obviously, this doesn't really help. There are several steps one should undertake to ensure suitable exploratory essay ideas were chosen:

1. Consider your college subject and assignment

 First of all, one must obviously look at assignment instructions. There is no point choosing exploratory paper topics such as “What are the benefits of daily exercise” if your teacher has specifically asked for a piece on world politics. Look at the subject you have been given and use this to follow on with the next steps.

Sometimes teaches may simply provide you with an open assignment. Alternatively, they may choose a certain broad category such as health, sports or family. Ensure that you have read assignment carefully!

2. Choose broad category outline

If category has not been provided by teacher, this is the first step you should take. Start with a broader subject. This should be a common thing that has a plethora of relative information. Common issues that are spoken about in our day to day lives. The following are some examples of good exploratory essay topics:

  • Family life
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Health or wellbeing
  • Sports
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Music or arts
  • Entertainment

As you see, these are wide subjects that could provide you with a multitude of potential titles. Select one topic that you are knowledgeable about, as well as comfortable with.

3. Look at common subjects within that broad category

After identifying a broad category, look at common subjects within it. What is usually discussed when people talk about this particular topic? Let’s say you have chosen technology – what subcategories could there be? The following are some examples:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Social media
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Internet

Now there are 7 potential exploratory essay ideas. This gives you a fantastic base to work from and further refine your choices with. Ann essay subject such as “What boundaries should kids be given when using the internet” will be suitable.

4. Narrow down chosen subjects - pick most relevant

After defining a range of sub-categories for your chosen subject, narrow them down. Look at each – choose one you are most comfortable with. You may, for example, be familiar with how internet works, but may not have much knowledge about virtual reality. Play to your strengths!

Also, choose a category that is most relevant. Look at news articles and media to see what is currently being spoken about. For example, social media is currently a hot topic – this is possible subject for discussion as well as information search.

5. Choose suitable title that promotes exploration of subject

Finally, settle on topic and its title. Consider the category you have chosen – such as social media. Think about title that you will be able to research easily or find enough information for exploratory essay. For example, there is much more available data about social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. If you choose to concentrate on an obscure social media platform, you may struggle to flesh out your essay or compose enough valuable information.

If you are really struggling to choose a theme or topic, do not hesitate to gain help from professional writing service such as EduBirdie. Don’t suffer in silence – we know that exploratory essays are quite difficult!  

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120 Amazing Exploratory Essay Topics

Now that you got some useful tips, we will provide a host of good exploratory essay topics for your consideration. Choosing an exploratory essay theme might be difficult. If you use tips listed above, together with topic ideas below, your choice should be easier:

Family Life

  1. Adopting is fantastic method of building family
  2. Divorce can fracture families and have negative effect on children
  3. Single parents should be given more support
  4. Children with one parent are at disadvantage to two-parent families
  5. Two working parents can cause a strain on families
  6. How do relationships work between younger or older siblings?
  7. What are parent’s most important duties?
  8. What is the prime age to start a family?
  9. When should children look to move out from their parent’s home?
  10. Is it important to maintain ties with distant family members?

Exploratory Paper Topics in Technology

  1. Social media causes drastic invasion of our privacy
  2. Smartphones are reducing our ability to communicate through speech
  3. Games consoles are limiting our children’s social skills and development
  4. Television contributes to reduction in mental capacity
  5. Self-driving cars will negatively impact our own driving ability
  6. Do advancements in technology promote laziness?
  7. How will virtual reality shape our future
  8. Is artificial intelligence ethical step too far?
  9. Is technology causing a reduction in employment opportunity?
  10. Can computers and AI teach better than humans?

Health or Wellbeing

  1. Is Medical Marijuana a viable form of treatment?
  2. What do we consider as the ideal body image?
  3. Are celebrities giving youngsters a fake image of human body?
  4. What are benefits of daily exercise?
  5. Can exercise and fitness become addictive?
  6. What are the actual physical and mental benefits of dieting?
  7. Part of dieting is overcoming mental barriers
  8. Pros and cons of smoking cigarettes
  9. How does your personal health change as you age?
  10. How retirement affects your physical and mental well-being?

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Exploratory Essay for Sports

  1. Sports are an important aspect of a child’s physical and mental development
  2. The role sports have played throughout history
  3. Why are certain sports more popular in certain regions and countries?
  4. What psychological factors are involved in professional sports
  5. Which is more important in sport – training or natural talent?
  6. How can sport improve our physical fitness and well-being?
  7. How do we analyze sporting greatness?
  8. How do team sports and individual sports differ?
  9. The modern sports superstar – how sporting stars have become celebrities
  10. Taking the jump from amateur to professional sports


  1. Cryptocurrencies are the future – exploring the Blockchain
  2. Will the Bitcoin bubble eventually burst?
  3. How has online gambling industry evolved?
  4. How can modern entrepreneur flourish and prosper?
  5. Is accounting a vital aspect of business management?
  6. Should large corporations be exempt from business tax?
  7. The evolution of Facebook
  8. The consequences of moving from traditional business to e-commerce
  9. How has eBay diversified online retail?
  10. Should you invest in stocks and shares, Forex or Cryptocurrencies?

Topics for Exploratory Essays in Music or Arts

  1. How can classical music positively influence your brain?
  2. Can listening to music alter our mood?
  3. Does our taste in music reflect upon our personalities?
  4. Are our emotions deeply linked to music?
  5. How can music act as universal language?
  6. How can playing musical instrument benefit your child?
  7. Should music be used as a form of therapy?
  8. How can music be used as a form of socialization?
  9. How has popular music evolved since the 1950’s?
  10. Can music influence your unborn child whilst still in the womb?

Major World Problems

  1. What is the current most important world problem we face?
  2. Is global warming serious world issue?
  3. Can one government solve a world problem or does it require global cooperation?
  4. How have organizations such as the UN and NATO helped address world issues?
  5. Why it is morally irresponsible to ignore global problems
  6. Melting polar ice caps could result in increased tides and flooding
  7. How plastic pollution is damaging our environment
  8. Deforestation is reducing our oxygen and wildlife habitats
  9. Is one person truly able to make a difference?
  10. Pollution is reaching a tipping point

Modern Social Life

  1. Comparison between social life before and after the internet
  2. How the internet has impacted our daily lives
  3. Social media and rise of celebrities
  4. Online dating and how it has changed the way we form relationships
  5. Comparison between modern and past parties
  6. How making friends changes as we go through life
  7. Instagram has created false impression of our lives
  8. Are pubs becoming less relevant?
  9. Are we becoming anti-social society?
  10. How has Tinder affected our ability to communicate and relationships?

Schooling and Education

  1. Should students have to pay for higher education?
  2. Should governments try and make school more affordable?
  3. Should schools be transformed into all digital workplaces?
  4. How can you effectively study for examination?
  5. How does coffee affect your concentration and studies?
  6. Should schools be made more appealing?
  7. Should the usage of technology be limited within schools?
  8. Do more women attend college than men and what does this mean?
  9. Should students learn more practical skills and knowledge?
  10. Should same-sex only schools still exist?

Exploratory Essay Ideas for Entertainment

  1. What is the ideal length of any film?
  2. Should graphic sex and violence be allowed in film or on TV?
  3. Does violence in film desensitize children?
  4. How does film reflect modern society?
  5. How Netflix has changed the way we watch TV Is cinema becoming less relevant due to internet?
  6. Is cinema becoming less relevant due to internet?
  7. The health hazards associated with watching pornography
  8. Theatre vs Film – which is more entertaining?
  9. Are actors overpaid?
  10. Are award ceremonies, such as The Oscars, scam?

Religion and Culture

  1. Why does each religion have different god?
  2. What do different cultures believe about afterlife?
  3. Different cultures eating habits
  4. Different religious practices around the world. How do they vary?
  5. Does Islamic religion promote violence?
  6. The main differences between Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism
  7. Which countries is practice of Euthanasia accepted?
  8. Does religion provide positive benefits to our lives?
  9. Is religion used as a form of escapism?
  10. Is religion as significant as it was 50 years ago?

Miscellaneous Topics for Exploratory Essay

  1. How has terrorism evolved since the 9/11 attacks?
  2. Is keeping a household pet beneficial for your health?
  3. Is mental illness still a stigma in society?
  4. The pros and cons of using and eating genetically modified food
  5. Which is the real world's superpower – China or USA
  6. How will Brexit affect the European Union and the UK?
  7. Has UBER prompted a decline in traditional taxis?
  8. Is gene splicing ethical?
  9. What challenges to parents face raising their children in war-torn countries?
  10. How was interracial marriage evolved?

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Have Great Topic but Have No Time?

Exploratory essays are meant to provide information, not to advise or persuade. To choose a good topic for an exploratory essay, you must understand how they work first. As the name would suggest, when creating such a paper, you must explore certain topic, question or point of view.

Exploratory essay ideas are hard to come by, but there is a fantastic range of topics you may choose from. It is important to select a strong topic for your paper. Without a subject that is packed full of potential and information, you may struggle to write a detailed piece of text. If you are still struggling to create a standout title, then you may always consider gaining help. Just give us a try!

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