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60 Exemplification Essay Topics With Bonus Tips

The further you go in your academic life, the more different types of tasks you encounter. Perhaps you’ve already perfected skills of writing narrative, argumentative, and descriptive essays. Here, however, another task comes along, and now you have to write an exemplification essay and look into exemplification essay topics. Sounds pretty tough, doesn’t it?

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Actually, it’s not. In fact, you’ve probably seen dozens of articles online that are written and even structured exactly the same way an essay should be. Even if you don’t know it yet, you’ve already seen a lot of exemplification examples, and writing one yourself shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to pick a topics for the exemplification essay?

To make this easier for you, we prepared a list of 60 exemplification essay topic ideas. Just take one of them and carry on with research and writing.

  1. Youth Workers: Agents Of Social Control Or Agents Of Social Change?
  2. Who, If Either, Showed Greater Resilience: Oedipus Or Hamlet?
  3. Who Is the Best Leader Man or Woman: Essay
  4. Who Has More Power, Congress or the President, and Why the Office of the US President Is Now Under Threat
  5. Saving Our Planet: Are Vegetarianism And Veganism The Ways To Fix The World’s Environmental Issue?
  6. Netflix as the Main Original Content Creator
  7. Whether Woodrow Wilson Helped or Hindered Civil Rights of African American?
  8. Whether Education an Investment or Consumption
  9. What Influences Do Nature And Nurture Have On Being An Extrovert Or Introvert?
  10. Watching Movies Or Reading Books
  11. Veganism: An Online Pandemic Or The Way To Save The Earth?
  12. Utopia or Dystopia: What is the Difference
  13. Unhealthy Weight Loss Or Gain From Eating Disorders
  14. To Speak Or Not To Speak Spanish
  15. The Zero-Tolerance Policy: Is It Effective Or Just Cruel?
  16. The Use of Marijuana: Should Be Legalized or Not?
  17. Gig Economy: Implications on Human Resource Management
  18. The Universe’s End Or The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe
  19. The Soul On The Matter To Be Or Not To Be
  20. The Role Of Language In Creating Or Challenging Borders
  21. The Negativity Of Indifference Or Apathy
  22. The Modern Silk Road Belt: Can It Be Bilateral or Not
  23. The Meaning Or Religion In Korea
  24. The Key To Personal Identity: Mind, Body Or Soul?
  25. The Field, Object Or Artifact Of Bioengineering Or Biodesign
  26. The Feather Pillow: Is It Gothic Or Magical Realism?
  27. The Effects Of Racial, Sexual Or Religious Discrimination On A Major Impact On Society
  28. The Effects of Fracking in America: Bad or Good Influence?
  29. The Death Penalty in the 21st century: Archaism or Necessity
  30. The Capital Punishment: Should it Be Abolished or Kept?
  31. The Affordable Care Act Or Obamacare: Pros And Cons
  32. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Mobile Phone at Work or School: An Essay
  33. Suicide: A Cry For Moral, Legal Or Medical Help?
  34. Street Art Or Vandalism: Street Art Can Be Seen As A Positive Impact
  35. Steve Jobs: Man Or A Myth?
  36. Sports Coaching – Team Sports: Coaching Male Or Female Athletes Requirements
  37. Space Exploration: Worth It Or Not?
  38. Social Work And Occupational Therapy: The Role Of Health Or Social Care Professional
  39. Social Media Should Not Be Used To Employ Or Discharge A Worker
  40. Should We Or Should We Not Allow Assisted Suicide?
  41. Should We Agree with Net Neutrality or Not?
  42. Should the IRA Be Considered Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?
  43. Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned or not?
  44. Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Animal Testing?
  45. Should An Employee Be Prejudiced Based On Her Or His Tattoos?
  46. Scientology: Cult Or Legitimate Religion
  47. Romeo And Juliet: Love Or Infatuation?
  48. Reputation As Passport That Leads To Success Or Failure
  49. Removal or Maintaining a Speed Limit at Motorways: Argumentative Essay
  50. Regulating Guns: Is It the Right Solution to Reduce Gun Violence Shootings or Not
  51. Psychology Teacher Or Ecologist?
  52. Professional Wrestling: Gender Biased Or Just An Illusion
  53. Privacy or Safety: Issues of Government Surveillance
  54. Preparing for the Future or Focusing on the Present Essay
  55. Poverty, Illiteracy and Unemployment, or Why Does Education Matter? Essay
  56. Philanthropy: For Or Against?
  57. Part-time Job For Youth: Joy Or Necessity?
  58. Online or Offline: A Shift of Attitude Towards Dating
  59. Net Neutrality: Needed or Not
  60. Moral Dilemma Of Whether Or Not To Terminate A Pregnancy

That’s our exemplification essay topics list. Feel free to change subjects. Don’t necessarily follow these precise examples - they are just references you might use while coming up with your own subject.

What is an exemplification essay and how to write it?

The definition of an exemplification essay is simple: it’s an essay where you explain a controversial subject by exploring two opposing perspectives on same issues. When examining the question, you need to demonstrate a broad outlook on subjects while maintaining a rational and objective approach.

Most of the published material you see online or offline on media and newspapers include certain elements on an exemplification essay. This is easy to explain actually because exploring a controversial topic is pretty much one of the main journalist tasks. Thus, let’s determine the necessary elements that will easily guide you on how to write an exemplification essay.

1. Author cares about topics

In order to explore subjects from both sides in an interesting tone and with in-depth research, you need to be curious about subjects matter. Things with controversial issues is that it’s always easy to spot an indifferent author. If you just present superficial conventional thoughts you read on Wikipedia, you won’t get far. Don’t let the word ‘essay’ fool you: it’s not an emotionless scientific work but an objective but yet fascinating representation of a well-known controversy. 

2. No strings attached, no hard feelings involved

The main thing that differs an exemplification essay from any other kind is that it’s exploring subjects, not solving problems or judging. Your task is literally to explain, not to pick sides and call names. However, it doesn’t mean you should stay detached from the subject completely. Being objective doesn’t mean being dull, it just means presenting both options and possible outcomes. You can come across good exemplification essay example of such style in New Yorker’s long-reads.

3. Don’t go too personal

Although a good essay does carry an author’s personality, it doesn’t exactly explore topics in regards to personal experiences. Your task is not to present your opinion purely but to define and back your thoughts up by facts, experiments, and literature. This also matters when you pick subjects - stay away from overly personalized questions like: ‘What is my best school year?’ or ‘Why my university experience wasn’t the best?’

4. Sometimes students pick one-sided topics and write biased material

For example, question ‘Is cancer bad?’ is clearly one-sided. Even if you strive to find some positive stuff about such serious problems, you will just be misunderstood - and honestly, rightly so. If topics is clearly designed to support one position, change it right away.

5. Don’t be too original

A unique perspective is always valuable as long as it’s backed up and generally sane. Coming back to the previous example, let’s just say that finding positive aspects about cancers although is certainly possible, is really not enough to overweight all the negative ones.

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The structure of the exemplification essay

It’s the same as this of any other essay. In your first paragraph, explain issues. In your main part, explore two contradicting thoughts in the following order: idea, arguments, and examples. After you are done with the main part, wrap it up with a conclusion.

Now, some students, instead of just abandoning topics, just go all ways out of their creative minds to figure something out. Short advice is: just don’t do it. Picking serious subjects, you should understand that making stuff up is not professional and can even walk the line between deception and offensive.

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As you’ve seen, it really all depends on subjects. In fact, the successfully picked funny topics determine at the very least 50% of your success. Hence, it’s really worth putting some deep consideration and pick topics you are really invested in.

A good exemplification essay will examine problems from both sides, meaning presenting arguments that say that Instagram is good, and then the ones that say otherwise. These are not, however, emotional arguments or touchy-feely stories about how Instagram has impacted your own life. These are rational thoughts based on particular social phenomena and experimentally-proven data.

It’s not an easy task that requires deep knowledge not just of subjects itself but also of current social trends and tendencies. If you are not sure you can pull it off by yourself, consider getting professional writing help. Our writing service is always happy to come up with subjects, an outline, write the entire essay, and proofread it. Just leave us a note - we are happy to discuss an assignment and provide a free consult.

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