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Persuasive Essay: How To Write It With Ease

22 Sep 2016

The Concept of Persuasive Essay

It is an academic paper, that is used to persuade readers to believe certain concept or idea. Often this type of article is based on your opinion on the individual issue. It can outline your arguments against tree cuts or other problem that concerns you the most. Composing persuasive essay is an art that should be learned by everyone.

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How to Start a Persuasive Essay

Select a strong and debatable topic reinforced by your thesis statements. Look for a current issue that would be engaging for your target audience. Choose one side and try to ‘play’ it through your essay. But, present statements clearly and concise to make everyone understand.

Here are some examples of good persuasive essay topics:

A border fence will solve the dilemma of immigration

Why anime has educational value

Should college athletes be paid for playing?

Eating organic is good for your health.

The current tax system overburdens the middle-class.

Paragraphs Composing

Every paragraph should begin with a complex sentence related to your topic. Paraphrase your thesis and build your arguments in favor of or against the issue. Try to be consistent: compose your essay in the ‘statement-argument’ form. It means, every statement is to be justified by arguments.

Provide Backups

To achieve success writing a persuasive essay remember to back up every claim or point. Not every your statement may have a common sense and be clear to readers. So, to show the audience your confidence and awareness of the problem, bring evidence that can maintain and back up your arguments.

Use Short Sentences

To make it clear, claim only one point in each sentence. If needed, observe problem from different sights, but don’t distract readers from the main issue. Keep logical structure of your thoughts.

Find Your Persuasion Technique

To attract readers’ attention the choice of engaging topic is not enough. Persuasion takes much time to learn, but operating useful tricks and methods can help to develop persuasion skills.

  • Repeat. Make everyone hear your topic. Don’t afraid of telling the same information – you can emphasize the most important points many times to successfully convey information.
  • Use social validation. Quote influential leaders that have similar to your opinions. That way you will sound more convincing. People will take your viewpoint into consideration if they hear it was stated by someone who has or had power.
  • Try Problem-Agitation-Solution formula. Explain the problem if you consider one and offer a solution which can ease the situation. Also, attract readers to participate in the search for the solution.

Ask Questions

The best way to capture the audience is to ask questions. They may be rhetorical and obvious, but they can set the pace of your essay. Make people think and consider the stated issue. Challenge people to evaluate their opinions and hit their worldview even with your persuasive essay outline.

Predict Arguments Against

You can be 100% confident in chosen issue, but there will always be opinions against you. In that case, examine written essay and try to find provocative and controversial thoughts to get rid of them. Or, prepare possible answers to win the debate. Look up the useful sources for everything you don’t know and make bullet-lists of justifying arguments. Also, you can seek for writing help online for professional assistance to complete your task in the best way.

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