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Drinking and Partying for a Living: A Job Offer You Can’t Refuse

28 Feb 2019

Are you one of those people who gladly remember college days? You were part of big things back then. Of course; college involved stressful moments, such as studying, writing papers, and attending boring lectures. But it also involved amazing moments of fun. If you miss those moments, you can go back to them. Back to college-like life, without any of the stressful elements involved. And you’ll get a salary for that!

There’s a position called “Glory Days Conservation Specialist.” No kidding! EduBirdie is looking for the ultimate partying expert to spread brand awareness. Your job responsibilities will include traveling and hosting events that introduce students to the opportunities this service offers. A representative from the agency shared insights: the salary will be between $40K and $60K. Full benefits will be included.

All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered. This includes popular spring break destinations. You’ll be required to host events at nightclubs, bars, and concerts. “Create beverage and food menus” and “host outrageous college events” are only a small part of all the fun things the job involves. The company will supply you with a professional camera and an iPhone, so you can be ready for Instagram.

EduBirdie is determined to find the right candidate no matter how long that takes, so we didn’t put a deadline for applications. You still have time!

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Who’s the ideal candidate? The one who hits the right balance between professionalism and awesomeness. The company is looking for an outgoing person, who is ready to work non-traditional hours and party like their life depends on it. Instagram following of over 5K is an advantage if you’re applying.

Let’s face it: this is a dream job, and it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get it.

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