Best Master's Programs to Fit Your Needs

Higher education is undoubtedly the ticket to the dream job these days. However, requirements for candidates are constantly changing, becoming more demanding. And if you are looking for a successful career with a solid annual salary, you need at least a Master's degree.

Recent findings show that a person with a Master’s degree earns about $1,300 more monthly than a postgraduate with a BA or BS in a similar field. List of top highest paying Master’s degrees includes petroleum engineering, nursing, strategy economics, finance, applied mathematics, etc. Whatever your area of interest, you can find a program for yourself.

Sounds pretty attractive, right? Actually, it’s not that simple. You should take your time to explore different options, programs’ requirements, scholarship opportunities. Don’t get your feet wet without enough information. And we’re ready to provide you with it. 

How Does Online Master's Education Work

Online education allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the university, regardless of your current location. It has been popular even before the COVID-19 pandemic, which left many universities no other choice. Much more interesting online master's programs are expected to appear in 2020-21 and beyond.

The best universities have their own platforms with everything required for its technical organization. Students are provided with access to online events and course materials. They can also deliver completed assignments online. With clear deadlines and the ability to stay in touch with their tutor, they adhere to the curriculum the same way they would on campus.

Many programs include part-time education on campus from time to time. It is necessary for practical research in equipped laboratories, as well as for student socialization, networking.

In most cases, all you need to do online master's studies is a laptop or computer, as well as headphones and a microphone.

Types of Online Master's Programs 

  • Art and Design. A master’s in art and design is a gateway to the art word. Graduates explore a lot of directions, e.g. history of art, graphic or interior design, filming, etc.
  • Business and Management are the disciplines devoted to organizing, analyzing, and planning various types of business operations necessary in the modern world. Applicants may study business law, intelligence, entertainment management, economics, taxation, human resources, and dozens of other directions. 
  • Computer and Technologies. It is no need to say that data science, cybersecurity, or web-development is a future. The best U.S. and international institutions offer information technologies online master’s programs to nurture expert specialists.
  • Criminal Justice and Legal. The criminal justice industry spans thousands of professionals working at different levels to protect citizens. 
  • Education and Teaching. Skilled educators are in high demand all over the country because of substantial teacher shortages. Educational standards and regulations are constantly changing, so online Master’s programs offer hands-on and comprehensive training according to new rules. 
  • Liberal arts and Humanities. Advanced degree in communications, creative writing, journalism, political sciences, or sociology develops the necessary skills to build a successful career. 
  • Nursing and Healthcare. The U.S. is in need not of teachers or tutors only. The healthcare sector lacks good specialists in gerontology, health services, sports medicine, nursing, etc. 
  • Psychology and Counseling. Most professions in psychology require an advanced degree. Having an online Master’s in psychology, you can serve as a school or an industrial-organizational psychologist. Actually, diagnosing and treating mental issues require a doctorate, which is the next step. 
  • Science and Engineering are the most technologically advanced and rapidly developing areas in modern society. Applicants choose from engineering management, electronics engineering, environmental management, construction management, and other fields.

Online Master's Scholarships to Cover Expenses

  1. American University Online Merit Scholarships are awarded to students who continue their education in priority fields (economics, strategic communication, public administration, etc.). The award amount is up to $10,000. 
  2. Colorado Technical University Advantage Grant wants to help working students develop and grow by achieving extra education in their related field. The reward is $500 that can be used to cover current or past tuition charges.
  3. The LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship   is available for students pursuing a Master’s degree in advertising, public relation, or marketing. Applicants may only be of African American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American origin.
  4. NCTA & AWMF Scholarship . It is a great opportunity to receive $5,000 if you’re a female graduate student studying English language or media-related disciplines.  
  5. Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship is open to all STEM-related Master students. It is important to provide proof of great academic performance. The award is $3,000. 

Top 2021 Online Master's Degrees Colleges 


Tuition Fee

Azusa Pacific University has a lot of online programs to provide students with decent education regardless of their location. You can study art, business, nursing, communications, education, psychology, and other disciplines that have a positive impact on our word. 

The average fee is about $600-700 per unit, and each major has about 30 units. 

The University of Florida provides numerous Master’s programs in engineering, agricultural&life sciences, arts, medicine, health&human performance, business administration, etc.

Tuition cost varies by program, and you can use the calculator to find the estimated cost. It starts at $400 per credit hour. 

Harvard Extension School is the best place to develop practical skills and critical insights in 1 of over 20 fields. You can attend classes online and on-campus, connect with the local Harvard community.

About $2900 for the graduate course. 

Concordia University's Master’s degree is the perfect base to grow professionally and academically. The institution offers a customizable curriculum with the opportunity to choose your start dates.

Starts at $500 per unit.

The University of Southern California is one of the best private universities with programs in business and accounting, communication, computer science, dentistry, science, law, psychology, etc. 

About $2000 per unit. 

Johns Hopkins University doesn’t require you to be on campus to benefit from a decent education. You can find dozens of online programs for credit. School of Art&Sciences, Business School, School of Education, Nursing, Medicine, and others are at your service.

On average, it is from $53000 for the whole course. 

Stony Brook University . Applicants can choose from 20+ degree or certificate programs in engineering, liberal studies, human resources management, nursing leadership, and so on.

The tuition starts at $471 per credit for NYS residents and $963 for non-residents. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a wide range of academic fields to earn your Master’s degree online. Each meets high standards, so you can be proud of your education.

Starts at $500 per credit

Stanford has implemented the Honors Cooperative Program to let online students take the same courses and residential students. You can enroll in the programs and complete them entirely online or choose graduate programs that combine different format courses.

$1352 per unit regardless of the course. 

Georgetown University has a wide range of online programs, so you shouldn't interrupt your career to continue education. Excel within your industry in Real Estate, Management, Marketing&Communications, Technology&Security, and other fields. 

$1,441 per credit hour. 

Arkansas State University offers students to pursue a degree on their schedule. Become a Master of Art or of Science with flexible and accessible programs. 

$610 per credit hour. 

Florida International University . If you’re going to continue the education, this university offers a variety of graduate degrees to choose from. You can study African Diaspora, Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Educational Leadership, and other fields to pursue a Master’s degree.

The full-time estimated cost of attendance is $3432, based on 15 credits. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Online Masters Degrees

Choosing a university for your master's degree, you should do good research and find enough information.

It is important to understand that each institution has its own models of degree and non-thesis programs, so make sure you know which program you are applying for. The application requirements may even differ from one faculty to another at the university, so you should be very careful.

Don't worry if you don't have enough research experience. What is important is to show your interest in the field in which you are applying. Make sure it doesn't just sound beautiful to you, but you really want to delve deeper into this area and become an expert. Think carefully about your motivation because this is what the admissions committee will definitely evaluate.

Master's Degree Program Application Process

The Master’s Degree is the “next level”, so you should explain why you need it and you deserve it. 

It is essential for candidates to demonstrate their previous experience, knowledge, and skills. You should also provide a complete understanding of how an advanced degree will help you achieve your goals. And why have you chosen this particular program for your education? 

So, what do you need to apply?

  • The personal statement is a kind of motivation letter that reveals your personal skills and experience. Use this paper to show why you are the best candidate for a particular program.
  • References. Typically, candidates should provide at least two “referees”. These could be your university tutors or employers who have worked with you and can vouch for you.
  • Academic qualifications. It is mandatory to provide a degree certificate and transcripts. Even if you haven't finished your education yet, you can send a current transcript. 
  • Language test. If English is not your native language, you should provide IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Cambridge English certificate. Read requirements attentively because they may vary from university to university. 
  • Interviews. Postgraduate interviews are common not for all schools, but you should be prepared. It is a meeting to discuss your expectations, goals, motivation, previous experience, etc. 

Preparation for admission begins long before the deadline. While still working on getting your bachelor's degree, you can look for different options, compare and analyze them.


How long does it take me to earn a degree online?

It takes from 1 up to 3 years to complete, depending on particular program requirements, capstone projects, and students’ preferences.

Is it cheaper to study online?

Yes, in many cases it really costs less. However, some universities have the same price for all students. Contact your institution for details. 

How can I find the best online program to pursue a Master’s degree?

Firstly, consider your personal interests and goals. Try to find as much information about different programs as possible, including curriculum, success stories, graduate rates, professors’ background, etc. If you’re going to study online, you have a wide choice, so it is important to narrow it a bit. 

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