Top 5 Countries with Affordable Tuition for International Students

24 Jul 2018

The cost of tuition at public universities in the United States and the United Kingdom has skyrocketed over the past forty years. In the 70s and 80s, an American or British student could work a part-time job while going to university and be able to graduate debt free. Now tution in the US and the UK is as high as $10,000 per year! Students in these countries often have to go tens of thousands of dollars into debt in order to afford it.

Top 5 Countries With Affordable Tuition For International Students

If you want to go to college without driving yourself into life-crippling debt, then I recommend going to one of these five countries to further your education.


Affordable France

Of all the countries on this list, France has the most affordable tuition, with costs varying from 150 to 900 euros per semester! You will definitely be able to graduate from a university here without going deep into debt. Plus, you only need around 500 euros a month to be able to “survive” in France.

The only downside to studying in France is that there is very limited financial assistance available for foreign students. But, with costs so low, who needs financial aid?


Affordable Colombia

Colombia gained a bad reputation from the crimes and violence Pablo Escobar visited upon the country in the 80s, but a lot has changed since those days.

53 of this nation’s universities are ranked among the region’s top 400 according to QS Top Universities, and Universidad de Colombia ranks 254th in the world. Plus, tuition is as low as $970 per semester!

The only negative drawback is that in order to receive a student visa to study in Colombia, you have to take a test proving that you know Spanish. However, with its beautiful scenery and cities, taking and passing that test might be worth it!


Affordable Austria

What could be better than living in friendly, beer drinking Austria for a few years while you get your degree? The best thing about Austria is that if you live in a country that is in the European Union you can study for free, but even if you’re from outside the EU, tuition is still very affordable at 1,450 euros per year. Another great benefit to studying in Austria is that the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria provides 940 euros a month for students choosing to live in residence halls.


Affordable Switzerland

Who wouldn’t love to study in Switzerland, with its ski slopes, hiking trails, and amazing cities? It would be a great place to spend the best years of your life! What’s even better is that tuition is more than affordable. You will pay between 750 and 1,150 euros annually if you are an international student. And, if you are a British citizen, you do not require a visa to study, but you will require a permit if you intend to work while you’re there.

Perhaps the biggest perk to studying in Switzerland is the fact that many graduate degree programs are offered in English, and every year more and more undergrad programs are offered in English as well!


Affordable Poland

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The last country on our list is Poland. This beautiful and culturally rich nation on the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe is definitely the place to go if you are looking to save money on tuition. Many universities offer programs in English which cost between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars per year, but if you want to study for free, you will be able to if you can speak Polish and take and pass the same entrance exams as your Polish peers. It might be worth learning Polish considering all this amazing country has to offer!

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Remember, not all university systems are rackets meant to drain students of their cash like in America and the United Kingdom. There are still quality places you can go to study for an affordable price.

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