Turabian Style Title Page: Requirements to the Format with an Example

For many researchers, it can be challenging to understand how to write papers in the Chicago style. Fortunately, there is a student-oriented solution called the Turabian style within the Chicago format. It aims to streamline the process and is specifically tailored for theses, research papers, and dissertations. Find the guidelines for crafting a Turabian style title page and an example of how to format this page appropriately.

General requirements for the Turabian format 

The title page is the initial page in your document, preceding the table of contents and such elements as acknowledgements and abstract. It’s not obligatory; you can center your title in the upper part of the first page.

However, if you include a Turabian cover page, there are some guidelines to follow:

  • The title and subtitle should be placed 1/3 down the cover page.
  • Additional information, like the author’s name, the date, and course information, should be placed 2/3 of the way down the page.
  • The title page content should be double-spaced and center-aligned. Ensure the title page text maintains consistency with the font used throughout the main text.
  • The title page doesn’t have a page number. Still, it’s counted in the total page count. So, the next page should be labeled as page 2 in your document.

The title placement and format

The title placed approximately one-third down the page (exact precision is not crucial), should be in bold font. Optionally, you may use a larger font size for this element. Adopt the practice of headline capitalization as in MLA titles formatting, which involves capitalizing all significant words:

✅ Good: Revolutionary Brushstrokes

❌ BadRevolutionary brushstrokes 

If a subtitle is present, it follows the main title with a colon and appears on the next line. The subtitle must also be in bold font and adhere to headline capitalization, using a font size similar to the main title.

If you have other questions about creating a Turabian style title page or want to know how to cite an interview in Chicago, contact our specialists for assistance and clarification.

The additional information format

Around two-thirds down the page, include any additional details your instructor or faculty asks for. This info should match the main text in font size and style, and should not be bold. It could be your name, student number, course name and number, or your instructor’s name. Your university will provide clear guidelines. Here is an example of Chicago/Turabian title page additional information:

Joe Williams
Student number: 224459702
French Art
Course number: 51296
June 1, 2023

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