Choosing Good Commemorative Speech Topics: Tips and Examples

A commemorative speech is a type of talk typically given at special events to celebrate a person, group, event, situation, place, institution, idea, etc. or to recall (someone or something)/ show respect. It is also known as a ceremonial speech. Find this topic difficult? Our essay writers are experts in the academic field.

In US education context, it is the talk given during graduation ceremony (in colleges) in which students typically express gratitude/respect towards an academic institution and teaching staff, family, colleagues, etc., recall the good time they had in this environment as well as potential challenges, and highlight the importance of received education/skills for their future. Legal essay writing service help you with your essay, personal statement, or any of your document needs.

This diversity of occasions makes it quite frequently demanded and hence, important to master. A particular challenge for anyone facing this task is choosing an appropriate topic. Also EduBirdie has "write me a speech" services. Consulting lists of commemorative speech topics and general categories they fall into can help you save some time and is the equivalent of going through a series of brainstormed solutions.

Commemorative Speech Topics

Features of a Good Oral Presentation

A good commemorative speech has to grab attention of your audience and make them want to listen it to the end, understand it and be positively impressed by it. That is why your talk should be:

Engaging. This can be achieved in multiple ways – you must either try being creative and avoid clichés, introduce a little controversy (within reasonable limits), trigger powerful introspection and important comprehension, or try being funny while still paying tribute, for instance, consider some funny commemorative speech topics.

Inspiring – it is equally important that your talk is not only entertaining but also highlights values you revere and want to share, gratitude you want to express, the sanctity and value of what you are talking about. To inspire is often the main purposes of a commemorative speech.

Positive – obviously, an overly enthusiastic discourse can look unnatural, naïve, or boring, so it is important to compromise wisely on this aspect, but delivering a generally positive message is simply a must (in fact, even when commemorating a recently deceased, one should bring out the bright moments shared with him/her, the legacy, inspiring character traits, etc.). When considering commemorative speech topics for college students, the discourse should be both optimistic and empowering.

Relevant – stay maximally connected to the audience, refer to some collective memories (even recent events the US or your community have gone through) or to some relevant individual memories that would resonate with the audience. Always attempt being specific rather than general, mention real people, groups, teachers, events (this will help engage with the audience).

How to Choose a Good Commemorative Speech Topic

When you considering commemorative speech ideas for class assignments, ensure you follow these recommendations:

  • Research – research online for potential topic lists, for videos of previous commemorative speeches at your university or other top universities throughout the US (there are dozens of similar performances on YouTube, including from celebrities).
  • Brainstorm – doing this yourself, could help you come up with a very individual, original, or personally meaningful topic.
  • Know your audience – as stated, to be relevant and adapt your oral presentation, you need to know who will be present during the ceremony (especially if you plan directly mentioning someone)
  • Ensure topics are meaningful and that you have a message to deliver (the former almost guarantees the latter)
  • Ensure your topic is not identical with that of other speakers – if you can’t check this aspect with your colleagues, opt for a maximally original topic.

Yet another option for identifying a topic or writing the entire performance is to contract a commemorative speech writing service that could assist you throughout the steps or help pick great topic. Just message us ‘write speech for me’ to get an expert assistance.

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100 Best Commemorative Speech Topics

Here is a selection of 100 best topics for commemorative speeches to choose from and make your talk memorable:

Celebrating Individuals

  1. Tribute to a pioneering scientist or inventor.
  2. Honoring a local hero in your community.
  3. Remembering a beloved public figure's contributions.
  4. Celebrating the life and legacy of a historical leader.
  5. Acknowledging a teacher's impact on generations of students.
  6. Commemorating the achievements of a sports icon.
  7. Reflecting on the artistic legacy of a musician or artist.
  8. Honoring the bravery of first responders.
  9. Remembering a family member's influence and lessons.
  10. Celebrating the achievements of a mentor or coach.

Historical Events and Achievements

  1. The signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  2. The moon landing: A giant leap for mankind.
  3. The fall of the Berlin Wall and its impact on global politics.
  4. The civil rights movement: Struggle and triumph.
  5. Women's suffrage: The fight for the right to vote.
  6. The end of World War II and the beginning of peace.
  7. The invention of the internet and its impact on society.
  8. The Renaissance: A rebirth of art and knowledge.
  9. The Industrial Revolution: Changing the world's work.
  10. The establishment of national parks and the conservation movement.

Personal Growth and Challenges

  1. Overcoming adversity to achieve a personal goal.
  2. The journey of self-discovery and identity.
  3. Embracing change and the lessons learned.
  4. The power of resilience in the face of challenges.
  5. Celebrating personal milestones and achievements.
  6. The importance of failure in personal growth.
  7. Finding strength in vulnerability.
  8. The journey from student to graduate.
  9. Embracing diversity and learning from others.
  10. The impact of travel on personal development.

Societal Contributions and Innovations

  1. The digital revolution and its influence on communication.
  2. The role of social media in shaping public discourse.
  3. Advances in medical science and their impact on society.
  4. The green movement and the shift towards sustainability.
  5. The evolution of education and learning methods.
  6. Innovations in transportation and their effect on global connectivity.
  7. The impact of volunteerism on community development.
  8. The role of art in societal change and awareness.
  9. Breakthroughs in space exploration and their significance.
  10. The influence of literature in reflecting and shaping society.

Values and Ideals

  1. The importance of integrity in personal and professional life.
  2. Courage: Stories of bravery in everyday life.
  3. The power of kindness and its ripple effect.
  4. Gratitude: Recognizing and appreciating life's blessings.
  5. The significance of freedom and democracy.
  6. The role of justice in building a fair society.
  7. The impact of empathy in understanding others.
  8. The pursuit of excellence and the drive to succeed.
  9. The importance of creativity and innovation.
  10. The value of teamwork and collaboration.

Cultural and Global Perspectives

  1. The richness of cultural diversity and its benefits.
  2. Global citizenship: Understanding our place in the world.
  3. The significance of traditional practices in modern times.
  4. The impact of globalization on local cultures.
  5. Celebrating international peace and cooperation.
  6. The role of languages in connecting people.
  7. The influence of global cuisine in bringing cultures together.
  8. The importance of preserving indigenous cultures and languages.
  9. The impact of international aid and development work.
  10. The role of music in transcending cultural barriers.

Environmental Awareness

  1. The urgency of addressing climate change.
  2. The role of renewable energy in shaping the future.
  3. Conservation efforts and their impact on wildlife.
  4. The importance of clean water and sanitation.
  5. Sustainable living practices and their benefits.
  6. The impact of pollution on health and the environment.
  7. The significance of Earth Day and environmental activism.
  8. Innovations in recycling and waste management.
  9. The role of urban green spaces in enhancing quality of life.
  10. The importance of protecting oceans and marine life.

Health and Well-being

  1. The importance of mental health awareness.
  2. Advances in healthcare and their impact on society.
  3. The benefits of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The role of nutrition in maintaining health.
  5. The impact of mindfulness and meditation on well-being.
  6. The significance of public health initiatives.
  7. The challenges and triumphs in the fight against diseases.
  8. The importance of work-life balance.
  9. The role of technology in enhancing health and wellness.
  10. Celebrating the heroes of healthcare.

Education and Learning

  1. The impact of technology on education.
  2. The importance of lifelong learning.
  3. The role of educators in shaping futures.
  4. Innovations in educational methodology.
  5. The significance of literacy in empowering individuals.
  6. The impact of scholarships on access to education.
  7. The role of libraries in community learning.
  8. The benefits of experiential learning.
  9. The importance of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  10. Celebrating academic achievements and milestones.

Community and Service

  1. The impact of community service on personal growth.
  2. The role of non-profit organizations in addressing social issues.
  3. The importance of civic engagement and participation.
  4. The impact of local businesses on community development.
  5. The role of youth in community leadership.
  6. The significance of cultural festivals in community bonding.
  7. The benefits of community gardens and local farming.
  8. The role of sports in community building.
  9. The importance of inclusivity and accessibility in community spaces.
  10. Celebrating community heroes and their contributions.

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This short guide offers only a few commemorative speech ideas – in reality, they are only limited by your imagination. Think about the message (brainstorm if needed), consider the basic recommendations provided above, and you’ll be on the right track.

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