Checklists for Students: The Ultimate Freshmen Bucket List & Self-care Checklist

Making lists is helpful both for studying and personal purposes. The reason to put your thoughts/plans/tasks on paper is that keeping them in mind, prioritizing them, and tracking their progress might become, at some point, very energy-consuming.

As for being a student, it is energy-consuming in itself. Moreover, according to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health 2021 Annual Report, the most common concerns of students are anxiety, stress, and depression. The main reasons for academic stress are poor time management and pursuing good grades as an indicator of success. 

However, being successful is more complex than just chasing A’s. Academic success goes along with a rich personal life, healthy relationships with oneself and others, and good physical and mental health.

EduBirdie encourages students to try to make their lives a little more relaxed, healthy, and fun! Together with a free checklist maker tool, EduBirdie has created a Freshmen Bucket List and Self-care Checklist for students. 

The self-care checklist consists of simple to-do things to avoid studying anxiety. And Freshmen Bucket List is just something crazy we all have done and had much fun (proved)! 

You can download, print out and put the checklists somewhere in a visible place to go through every day to reduce study anxiety or to check from time to time not to miss the most fun of the college years. 


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