How To Cite A Podcast APA Style (With Examples)

What Is Podcast Citation & Why Podcast Citing Matters?  

Before you learn how to cite a podcast in APA and see our helpful examples, let us take a moment to understand why Podcast citations are important. A wonderful example of why podcasts are so popular among college students relates to TedX. Regardless of whether you are majoring in Engineering, Nursing or Journalism, you can provide first-hand information where experts provide interviews and share helpful information. Since we are dealing with a piece of copyrighted information even if it’s broadcast live or taken from the national archive, it is essential to provide a reference to avoid various copyright infringement and plagiarism risks. Now take a look at the APA podcast citation rules, see the examples, and stay safe! 

How To Cite Podcasts In APA Style Format 

Here are the main rules that must be followed when you cite a podcast in APA 7th edition: 

  • Obtain information about the host of the podcast. This information must be listed. If you cannot find it, use the name of the show's producer instead in parenthesis (Host) or (Producer). 
  • If the podcast is still aired, provide it with (Year - present). 
  • If it is no longer aired, use: (2010-2018). 
  • The type of podcast must be present in square brackets as [Audio podcast]. 
  • If you have an URL, provide it as well or list the studio instead. 

 Dealing with an episode of a larger podcast, we need this information: 

  • List the name(s) of the hosts with the word "hosts" in parentheses. 
  • The episode number must be provided after your podcast's title in parentheses. If there are no numbers per se, omit the episode's number. 
  • Write the word "In" after the podcast's type and provide the title of the podcast. It looks like this: In Mechanics for kids.

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APA Podcast Citation Examples 

Let us review how to reference a podcast both when it is used in-text and then when it is used in Bibliography for your APA style format:  

  • In-text APA Podcast Citation: 

When you are dealing with the basic podcast, it should follow this template: 

If it is parenthetical citing: (Briges, 2018-present) 

Narrative citation: Bridges (2018-present) 

  • Podcast Bibliography Citation:  

Here is how to reference a Podcast APA for your Bibliography citation:

Author's Last Name, Initial(s) (Hosts). (Year when the show has first aired - present). Title of the podcast [Audio podcast]. Name of the Radio or Studio. URL.
Bridges, J. (Host). (2018-present). Victorian-era culture with Julian Bridges [Audio
        podcast]. BBC Wales Audio Archive. 
  • When you are citing a Podcast episode for your in-text citation: 

Parenthetical citing: (Harold, 2020; King, 2020)

Narrative citing in APA in-text for Podcast: Harold (2020) and King (2020) 

To quote a podcast episode in your Bibliography:

Last Name, Initial., & Last Name, Initial. (Hosts). (Year, Month Day). Title [Audio podcast episode]. In Radio Program. Studio. URL. 
Harold, R., & King, M (Hosts). (2020, June 12). Jazz Music History 1960s [Audio
          podcast episode]. In Jazz History of The United States. NOFX Studios. 

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