How to Cite a Podcast in MLA Style Guide with Examples

Learning how to cite a podcast MLA is extremely important for modern learners since the use of various interviews and online hosts is beneficial as the primary source and serves as a great source of helpful information. Let's start with the basic rules and the things you have to list.

  • Start with the host of the show or an episode by specifying the author, based on the information that you have. 
  • Include the title of the episode and name of the podcast. 
  • Add the season of the episode by using the numbers, depending on the podcast. 
  • Specify the publisher. 
  • Add the date and the URL.

Now, when you have to implement a quote from the podcast, it must be done with the help of the relevant timestamp. See the example on how to cite a podcast in MLA for the in-text citation:

(Johnson and Valenzuela 12:22) 

MLA Template

Host Last Name, First Name, host. "Title of The Episode." Podcast Name, season, episode, Publisher, Day Month Year, URL. 

MLA Works Cited Citation

Strandberg, J.V., and Andrew Holmes, hosts. "Native American Indians Culture." Cultural Explorers Online, episode 22, Natives, 13 June 2014,

How to cite an entire podcast series

When you are planning to cite the entire podcast series for your assignment in MLA style, it's a bit easier to do. When you specify the date, you must leave the space after the dash. It means that the podcasts are still running! Here is the podcast citation MLA run down: 

MLA Template

Host Last Name, First Name, Host. Podcast Name. Publisher, year range, URL. 

MLA Works Cited Page

Pickles, Thomas, host. SETIcast, Seti Research Group, 2011- ,

In-text Citation Example


Citing a podcast from an app

In certain cases, college students will turn to iTunes or streaming services like Spotify as they are listening to their favorite podcasts and want to cite them. It also means that we are accessing things via an app where details like publisher, season, or a number of the episode may not be available per se. It’s the same when you learn how to cite a podcast APA style with an app. The rule for MLA podcast citation is: if something is not listed, you simply have to skip the part and follow the template and an example below: 

MLA Format Template for App Podcast Citing

Host's Last Name, First Name, host. "Title of Podcast Episode." Podcast Name, App Name app, season number, episode number, Publisher, Day Month Year. 

MLA Format Works Cited Page

Kemper, Bruno, host. "Global Citizens." Fashion Weekly, iTunes app, 12 Jan, 2022. 

In-text Citation in MLA

(Kemper 17:34) 

Labeling the author

Many students often ask about the use of author's name when citing a podcast in MLA style format or as they discover how to cite a TED talk with the guest speakers. In the majority of cases, the author is the host or a person behind the podcast, yet you may also encounter guest speakers or narrators, which will be a totally different person. It may also include a producer that you have to mention. Citing a podcast MLA, consider identifying the role of the person you are citing. Depending on the situation (see citation examples above) It can be: 

Holmes, Nick, host. 

McIntosh Gregor, narrator. 

Connor, John, guest. 

Stipe, Michael, producer. 

You simply add the label after the person’s name, which will help the college professor or your target audience to identify things clearly as they see the relevant roles. 


How to cite a podcast MLA in-text? 

You must use the last name of the author (if available) or podcast’s name along with the time stamp. For example: (Jones 12:13)

Who is listed as the author of a podcast in MLA? 

When you are creating a Works Cited page in MLA format, the manual recommends using the "host" label as you mention the host or the author of the podcast. Depending on the situation, you can use other labels (if relevant) like "narrator", "guest" or a "producer". See by the situation as to who has made the main contribution for the episode. 

How do I cite a source with no author?

If your source has no author, use the source title of the podcast. As for your in-text citation, use a shortened title.

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