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Learn How to Cite a Powerpoint in APA Style with Examples

Learning how to cite a PowerPoint in APA can sound quite challenging, especially if it's the first time you have to quote some slides or a presentation attended in person. This guide helps you see the basic rules of APA citation styles and learn by templates and examples. Since many presentations that can be discovered on Prezi, PowerPoint, or similar platforms contain primary sources, it can help add relevant information to your paper. 

To quote a presentation in APA 7th edition, you must provide the following information for a complete citation: 

  • Last Name and Initials of the Author(s). 
  • Date of publication in parentheses. 
  • Title of presentation in italics.
  • Container's explanation of the type of the slides. 
  • Publisher. 
  • URL (if the presentation is available online). 

Let’s start with the general APA PowerPoint citation template format and the rules for a presentation: 

APA Powerpoint Template

Author, A. B. (Year of publication). Title of presentation [PowerPoint slides]. Publisher. URL 

APA Example

Miles, R.I. (2016). The importance of trance music for motivation: An overview of technical characteristics [PowerPoint slides]. Prezi@RSU.


(Miles, 2016, slide 4) 

Citing a PowerPoint Your Readers Can Access 

The best scenario is using a PowerPoint presentation your readers can access. So the page will require log in to one of the university's LMS systems. In this case you should include the main URL where a person can log in instead of using the actual URL for the presentation. 

When dealing with password-protected platforms or sites containing the PowerPoint file you wish to cite, the rules are:

APA Citation Template

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year, Month Date). Title in italics [PowerPoint slides]. Course, University's Name. URL

Works Cited Page Citation

Gibbons, B (2022, September 17). Introduction to Marine Pollution [PowerPoint slides]. Faculty of Marine Biology, University of Miami.

In-text Citation

(Gibbons, 2022, slide 7) 

If you have the luck to use the PowerPoint APA citation slides available for public access (Prezi or Slideshare) use the website name instead of the university and the course/department. 

APA Citation Template

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year, Month Date). Title in italics [PowerPoint slides]. Website Name. URL. 

Works Cited Page Citation

Meril, M. (2013, August 26). Childhood Autism: Definition and Analysis. [PowerPoint Slides]. SlideShare.

In-text Citation

(Meril, 2013) 

Note: when you have to use other types of slides or lecture notes, it's sufficient to replace the [PowerPoint slides] container with something like [Google Slides] or any other relevant description. 

Training program PowerPoint citation 

When you wish to add a quotation for a training program presented as a PowerPoint ppt, citing a PowerPoint APA style must be done this way: 

APA Template

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year) Title in italics [PowerPoint slides]. Name of the training program. URL (if available).

Works Cited Page Citation

Horncastle, M. (2021). Boy Scouts Seattle Troop volunteer training program and anti-bullying initiatives. [PowerPoint slides] BSA Seattle Troop Training Program. http//

In-text Citation

(Horncastle, 2021, slide 19) 

Of course, if your PowerPoint presentation is made available at Slideshare or Prezi website and relates to the training sessions, follow this citation example: 

APA Template

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year). Title of presentation in italics [PowerPoint slides]. Slideshare. URL

Works Cited Page Citation

Green, J. (2015). Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training [PowerPoint slides]. Slideshare.

In-text Citation

(Green, 2015, slide 5) 

Lecture PowerPoint citation 

Citing a lecture in APA 7th edition is also easy as you follow the template and examples of in-text citation PowerPoint APA and the one for the References page. 

APA Template

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year). Title in italics [PowerPoint slides]. Slideshare. URL 

Works Cited Page 

Agarwal, N. (2011). Domestic Violence and Abuse Patterns [PowerPoint slides]. SlideShare.

In-text Citation

(Agarwal, 2011, slide 5)

Alternatively, it’s possible to use a slightly different citation pattern if you are dealing with a specific lecture program or a classroom lecture you have attended during your college or university studies. Here is an alternative way how to cite a PowerPoint in APA for this scenario: 

Richards, N. (2022) Structure of transwave synthesis and frequency modulation methods [PowerPoint slides]. Oxford Education.

For your APA in-text citation: 

(Richards, 2022, slide 7)

If the talk is about a classroom lecture, follow this example: 

Jackson, T. (2009). The challenges of technology for children with learning challenges [PowerPoint slides]. Arizona State University. Classroom lecture.

For your APA in-text citation: 

(Jackson, 2009, slide 34) 

Conference PowerPoint citation 

As practice shows, many students cite PowerPoint presentations taken from conferences. There are two approaches to how to cite a PowerPoint presentation in APA, depending on the situation. See the examples below: 

APA Template

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year). Title in italics [PowerPoint slides]. Conference, Location. Slideshare. URL

Works Cited Page

Skomra, A. (2015). Leadership Conference: Call to Community: Slimming Youth to Strengthen Lives. [PowerPoint slides]. Roberts Wesleyan College Conference, Rochester, New York. Slideshare.

In-text Citation 

(Skomra, 2015, slide 2)

Some other examples for this case would be as follows: 

Salisbury, A. (2023). AI Intelligence and Dangers of shifting teacher's roles [PowerPoint slides]. Canada Education's Board of Trustees, Alberta 2023.


(Salisbury, 2023, slide 63)

Citing a PowerPoint your readers can't access 

There are cases when you cannot access the PowerPoint presentation you wish to cite. In such a case, it's necessary to follow the rules of personal communication. You can still follow the standard citation rules when writing a paper with a PowerPoint citation from your university's website. The reason for that is that your college professor can access the presentation. 

Now, when you want to cite a PowerPoint in APA and submit it to some academic journal, choose personal communication instead since people won't be able to access it. Remember that personal communications work only for in-text citing and do not go in the References list. 

In a class lecture, Andersen stated that most students face emotional isolation challenges during their virtual studies (personal communication, September 13, 2022). 

Citing information quoted in a PowerPoint 

As you might know, sometimes a PowerPoint presentation or a lecturer refers to a quote you may wish to use or contain interesting statistical data to help your paper stand out. The best solution here would be to find original source. APA 7th edition rules recommend avoiding double citing and always looking for first-hand data. Citing PowerPoint slides APA, you will learn that most presentations will include a relevant reference to help you if you have luck. Likewise, you can ask for sources if you can contact the author or your school's library. 


How do you cite the professor's PowerPoint in APA? 

Start with the author, publication, year, presentation title, [PowerPoint slides] part, publisher, and URL (if available). The complete citation example for a professor called Collin Black would look this way: 

Black, C. (2021). English Literature of the Medieval period. [PowerPoint slides]. SlideShare. 

How do I cite a source with no page numbers in APA style? 

Do your best to indicate the location of the quoted part in your in-text citation in APA. Determining how to cite PowerPoint slides APA style, you may use the section's subheadings, paragraph, section number, or anything to specify the location. 

(King, 2022, Linking section, para. 4). 

Do PowerPoint presentations need in-text citations in APA? 

Yes, in-text citations are always necessary to keep your paper original and avoid plagiarism! 

How do you cite a PowerPoint slide in APA 7th edition with no author? 

You should use the organization's name instead or the presentation's title in a shortened form. If nothing can be determined, use the word "Title" instead of the author and then provide the rest of the information as required by the citation type.

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