Learn How to Cite a Press Release in APA Style + Samples

When you are majoring in Journalism, Business Management, Law, or Political Science, among other disciplines, learning how to cite a press release in APA is essential. It will increase the credibility of your work and will help you to provide information that will back up your facts. Compared to the MLA format, learning how to cite a press release APA is not overly challenging. The trick is to provide all the details and make sure that your in-text citation corresponds with the References page.

Fortunately, things will instantly get easier once you take a closer look at the templates and examples that will explain both References page rules and the conventions for an in-text citation. Let us start with the brief rules for APA 7th edition format:

  1. You must provide organization name. 
  2. Provide the date of publication (if available). 
  3. The title of the press release must be in italics. 
  4. Press Release words must be placed in square brackets. 
  5. Add the URL if the press release can be obtained online. 

APA Template

Organization Name. (Year Month Day). Title of the press release [Press release]. URL 

APA Reference Page

Boy Scouts of America. (2022, June 14). Summer safety rules when planning a camping trip [Press release]. http://www.bsa.org/press/releases/

In-text citation 

(Boy Scouts of America, 2022)  

When you have a press release that has been published by an author, follow this template with the example:
APA Template

Author's Last Name, First Name Initial(s). (Year, Month day). Title of the press release in italics [Press release]. Publisher. URL 

APA Reference Page

Kelly, A. (2018, July 3). The problems of the community colleges in Northern Ireland [Press release]. Belfast Community College. URL 

In-text citation

(Kelly, 2018)

When you must provide an organization or several authors, follow the usual rules that have been published by the citing conventions offered by the APA 7th edition manual. 

How to Cite a Press Release in APA For Your In-Text Citations

When you must provide an APA citation for press release in the content of your assignment, follow these two templates: 

  • Narrative

The American Boy Scouts Association (2013) believes that... (para. 4) 

  • Parenthetical Reference.

It is believed that... (The American Boy Scouts Association, 2013, para. 4) 

Although it is not obligatory for the APA 7th edition if not available, depending on the type of our media, you may still provide sections or the page(s) of the press release.


Do you have to cite a press release? 

According to the APA 7th edition manual, it is necessary to cite a press release. It must be done exactly as you would do with any other source. When it's an in-text citation, use the author and the year, separated by a comma. Now, if you are dealing with more than one press release where they are both presented in 2022, you must use 2018a and 2018b. The References page must include the press release as well, do exactly as it would have to be with any print or online source. 

How do you cite a White House press release in APA? 

When you need to cite a White House press release, you must provide the name of the author, which will be "The White House", then add the title of the press briefing in italics. Then add the number of the briefing if such information is available. Continue with the publication date of the press briefing. Finally, add the URL by looking up your web browser. Depending on the APA style that you have, the link will either come "as is" (APA 7th) or required "Retrieved from" with the URL link if you are using APA 6th edition. 

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