How to Write a Conclusion Guide with Structure and Examples

Knowing how to write a conclusion is one of essential skills that most college students should master in order to deliver successful essays. Just like thesis statement and intro, correct ending paragraph, be it term paper or reflection essay, shows confidence and depth of analysis provided by writer. This guide reviews conclusion structure rules, based on templates and examples that can help you come up with great ideas and continue writing. Remember that you can get instant assistance with any type of assignment, including thematic essay assistance in subject of preference. 

What is a Conclusion Paragraph and Why is it Important? 

Last paragraph of an essay is much more than wrapping up arguments, statements, and ideas in a short piece of text, presenting clear and condensed summary. In reality, most professors in the United States expect to see thesis statement processed with additional analysis. What makes conclusion paragraph important is aiming to prove that paper's goals have been accomplished or help audience come closer to author's vision. One should write a deeper reflection of thesis statement and show whether aims have been accomplished and what has been learned. It is especially important for research papers where author should reflect depth and strategic thinking skills. 

More importantly, last sentence that sums up written content should contain either a call to action (CTA) or inspire an audience for further reading, leaving sufficient room for thinking. Knowledge how to conclude an essay includes use of assumptions and display of emotional element, if applicable. Need a dissertation? Get the best dissertation writing service and you won't have any problems with it.

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How to Write a Conclusion

Strategies for Writing an Effective Conclusion

Most students find it difficult to finish tasks due to word count limits or abundance of ideas presented in an assignment. Knowing how to start a conclusion becomes easier if one approaches it as mini version of a larger task. Of course, no new ideas can ever be introduced, therefore, sum up complex contents with several bullet points without using them in text. 

  1. Start with a brief summary of key ideas by stating whether they are accomplished (especially when doing extensive research).
  2. Call for action and make suggestions for additional reading.
  3. Demonstrate confidence as you narrate, letting reader see that one knows what he or she is talking of.
  4. Restating thesis, remember to use one main sentence, followed by supporting information.
  5. If applicable, insert open question to make audience think.  

What to Avoid While Writing a Conclusion

Here are some handy tips one should know while thinking about how to end an essay. These are advice from top Edubirdie writers:

  • Avoid jumping to new suggestions that have not been discussed or mentioned in body paragraphs. For example, if writing about plastic bottles hazard for health, do not come up with something new as to how this problem may be resolved. 
  • Do not use “In conclusion” or “Summing it up” parts since it is already clear that you reached the end of the document. 
  • Ensure that if you promised to bring 5 arguments in intro, sum them all in different wording, making them revealed for a target audience. 
  • When making CTA, do not be overly emotional, but maintain a balance between confidence and sounding overly excited.  
  • Remember that when you write a conclusion it should not be the same as summary. For example, if one seeks how to write a conclusion, summary becomes analysis of main points with personal outcome. Show what you have learned, not what you found as it is already obvious. 
  • When writing analysis concluding paragraph, do your best to sound professional and suggest for additional research or express opinion regarding possible improvements that could be made. 

Useful Phrases When Starting The Final Part

Good final essay part includes strong conclusion words and phrases that “improve” essay as a college professor reads it. For example: 

An implemented research makes it possible to conclude that… 

Studying opinions from both camps of given issue shows… 

Researching all five points demonstrates that offered solution will work only if… 

Choosing to analyze works of C.S. Lewis has contributed to understanding… 

I would like to emphasize once again on lack of proper medical equipment, as survey proved… 

Of course, these are only conclusion template examples that demonstrate how you should write an ending. There may be different strategies that keep reader interested, just have a clear connection to provided thesis and arguments presented. Let us proceed with actual samples that you may use as a guide for own tasks. 

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Conclusion Examples From Our Experts

Write a Conclusion for Article Analysis:

Analyzing article by Jake Sanders, I came to conclusion that his views are biased because of years spent in Navy service, which shaped his personality. Ethical standards cannot exist within locked medium or environment and should adhere to common moral principles. In my opinion, one must think outside one’s comfort zone and focus on how situation and specific behavior challenges are seen by casual observers. There is only hope that such attitude will help naval officers adjust to post-service daily life. 

Write a Conclusion for Law Research Paper: 

Researching provided arguments, it is possible to assume that not all participants of court case Bunbury VS. People of Chicago had same motives for being present. Financial interests involved caused additional pressure and made jury consider several breaks during process. I believe that is a clear example of incorrect analysis of legal process that present how people in power still maintain to control legislative structures. Unfortunately, there are no revisions of past hearings yet. Will there be notes made by officials involved still remains an open matter because of corporate ethics and inability of current system to remain transparent.  

Write A Conclusion Personal Reflection: 

Visiting St. Matthew’s Church has helped me see not only architectural design, but also showed me how structural patterns of construction reflect culture of various decades. I learned that no matter how our present perceptions change, cultural monuments help us remember of past customs and traditions, keeping us united across generations. I have not only become inspired to visit more historical sights in the future, but research forgotten objects in my neighborhood. As a future major in Architecture and Design, I am sure that there are enough significant places to study and contribute to local culture and preservation of national heritage of the United States. 

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