How to Write a Classification Essay: Complete Guide and Popular Topics

Before delving deep into this theme, it is important to examine these words separately from each other and get a definitive picture of what an essay is, then we would be able to get the importance behind a good classification essay. A paper can be defined as a short piece of written material on any topic or subject; however, in today’s context, the length is no more than the major determinant. Based on what is needed, you can create a short essays or not. Different subjects require another word counts for papers.

What is a Classification Essay? A Brief Overview

Classification is described as the art of arranging together a number of objects that share similar characteristics or source. A classification paper, therefore, deals with the arrangement of several topics or themes in an paper setting, all of them sharing common properties.

This type of writing isn’t popular by demand; most people prefer to go for essay types that they are accustomed to. Students are generally more accustomed to writing reflective, narrative, imaginative and argumentative papers than a classification-related work. But this type of writing is not as confusing as it might seem.

The basic duty of any classification essay is to help organize thoughts and other things into categories where any suggestions or events that are headed in the same direction are placed in one category. This type of writing is also good for giving educative and informative samples of suitable topics that can be used for this paper type.

Why is it essential to create an excellent classification paper? The foremost reason would be to pass the right message across to people who would read and analyse it. The next reason would be for your own personal benefit. If this essay is a top determinant in the grade you will get for a subject, you would want to put it in your best efforts. Also, you would want to avoid getting pointed out for poor calibre work.

Now we would move into explaining the classification essay outline.

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Designing the Perfect Outline For Your Classification Essay

The classification essay outline has the advantage of staying almost similar even as the idea behind essay changes. Having a good outline is critical to the success of any paper – it serves as an informative guide to you and helps you plan your 500 words essay and paragraphs. 

A brilliant outline is usually made up of three solid sections: introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. It’s imperative you understand what each section entails; this will help you avoid unnecessary editing at the end of a long writing process.


This where you open the floor for the average reader to grasp a basic concept of what your classification essay is about. Here you provide certain pointers that skim through the whole piece without revealing more than needed. The introductory part is designed to get the reader’s attention, get them interested in wanting to do an analysis through the rest of the text willingly. If you are a college student or in your finishing years putting together results of a long-time research project, chances are that your teachers or course co-ordinators will be your audience.

What can be included in an classification writing introduction? For a start, a definition or two would be ideal to set the atmosphere for the rest of the write-up. Some prefer to include their definitions in the first paragraph of the body. But you have to remember that this choice depends more on the type of writing and your preference. There is no specific template for penning the perfect essay.

Main Text 

This is where you get your writing juices flowing. One thing most people do not realize is that it’s quite easy to diverge from the central theme; hence it’s important to focus on the relevant information. 

It consists of paragraphs, each structured to give a critical discourse of a fact or your opinion on a subject. In a classification paper, the aim of the text would be, without doubt, to lay out various categories related to the theme of discussion, and probably explain why some objects are a better fit for one division or the other. Your text should be able to explain fully all points that may have been raised. 

If you compare systems that classify things, for example, you might want to highlight differences between previous and modern systems and add some words on the influence both systems had on whatever they were used to classify.


A classification essay conclusion must be as concise as the introduction. Apart from wrapping up the whole text, the purpose of a conclusion is to identify any new lessons that may have been learnt in classifying things. A concluding paragraph is no place for a fresh set of ideas and arguments; the paper is supposed to end there - and end there.

How to Write a Classification Essay: Detailed Plan

Having considered parts in this type of write-up, we will now talk on how to write a classification essay. Let’s look at it from three sides.

Choosing a topic for a classification writing

When you are choosing a theme, there are a few things you can do. One of them is to find out what you personally like. It’s easier for people to organize concepts centered around what interests them than writing on themes they have no interest or connection to.

Another thing you can do is choose from themes that are known to have quality coverage, i.e., you can always find secondary data related to whatever you need to classify. This becomes a big help if you are a high school student asked to do such academic writing.

Subjects to write on

It is essential to choose a subject matter that can be of social relevance, something that is relatable for everyone. It will also help if the subject you choose to write on contains new information that contributes to improving professional knowledge. This is especially good when you are writing about methods that classify words related to complex and volatile study fields like Medicine, Law, Engineering, and so on.

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Building up the main body of the text: things to remember

  • Try not to jump around an idea. This applies to all papers you will ever create. Always go straight to the main idea you are trying to elaborate on. Be sure you do your maximum best to describe different points, and always explain your stand when any part of the write-up requires your input.
  • Clearly, indicate where your paragraphs begin and end your classification paper. Do not put your words in an endless stream. It would confuse people, even those who have gone far in school study.
  • Check your grammar and punctuation. This should be as clear as day.
  • Keep to the number of words. If instructions specify a certain amount of characters (letters, numbers et al.) be cautious to observe the count. Precision is always rewarded.
  • Do not use words that question your confidence regarding classifications, namely ‘maybe, probably,’ ‘I guess,’ etc. They are a big turn-off.

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Classification Essay Topics

There are a number of topics one can choose from. We would examine some of the best from three categories.

Classification Essay Topics about Music

  1. All About Genres: Types and Origins
  2. Exploring Types of Rock Music
  3. The Music Eras: Categories and Durations
  4. A Cross-Section on Different Types of Rap Music
  5. A Comparison Between Subdivisions of Slow-Paced Music
  6. An Assessment of Different Subdivisions of Fast-Paced Music
  7. Understanding Harmony: Classifying Parts
  8. Classifications of Music Based on Dynamics and Tone
  9. Different Styles of Music: From Classics to Jazz
  10. Identifying Generations of Music Composers

Topics of Classification Paper about Movies

  1. An Expose on Movie Genres in the 21st Century.
  2. An Overview of Work Behind Scenes – Different Stages of Film Production.
  3. Understanding the Evolution of Screen Cameras Over the Years.
  4. An Introduction to the Concept of Copyright: Types and Uses.
  5. Anime vs. Animated Movies: Understanding Types of Graphics Used for Screen Effects.
  6. Roles of Different Members of the Production Crew in Final Touches of a Film.
  7. In the Book and on the Screen: Why Some Book Storylines are Altered for the Big Screen.
  8. Classification of Roles in a Film – and why the Lead Actor isn’t Always Acting the Hard Part.
  9. Getting Ideas: Different Ways of Producing on a Movie Set.
  10. Categories of Film Tricks Used in Movies.

Classification Essay Topics on Sports

  1. Types of Ball Games in Different Countries.
  2. Subdivisions of the Olympic Games.
  3. Understanding Volleyball: Types of Serves.
  4. The Origin of Different Swimming Styles.
  5. Working by Lines – Categories of Referees.
  6. A Day In the Duration of Various Types of Track Events.
  7. Between Shotput and Javelin: An Example of Unequal Strengths.
  8. Rules of the Tennis Court: Serving Styles and Origins.
  9. Between Karate and Boxing: Other Related but Unknown Sporting Practices.
  10. Types of Services That Function During a Sports Event.

Summarize What is Written in Your Classification Paper

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