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Sometimes, learning how to write an essay can often like navigating uncharted waters, and it’s here that classification essay examples become the North Star for aspiring writers. These examples aren’t about grouping things into categories. They are your playbook, revealing how to organize thoughts, connect ideas, and communicate them while ...

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Classification Essay on Drivers

“STOP… stay in your lane”. When one is driving, this is a saying that comes out quite frequently, while driving near three kinds of drivers. Some of these drivers are worse than others, but all drivers are not perfect. The three main types of drivers are city drivers, old drivers, and new drivers. These three types are some of the reasons why drivers today are scary to be around. This brings individuals back to the point that all drivers are...
2 Pages 820 Words

Types of Friends: Classification Essay

To be friends is nice, Building up a good bondage with your friends can help you in many ways. Especially when you are in a sad mood, friends are the ones who can mood you up. To be good friends there should be intimacy between the friends. Now as a trending fashion friends are called out as buddies. Buddies make the bond much more closely. A good companionship should always consist of a good rapport with faithfulness and affection towards...
2 Pages 702 Words

Classification Essay on Friends

Can life be meaningful without friends? In considering whether a life without friends would make sense, we must first consider what friendship is and what it means to people. Friendship in its most basic definition is known as the social and emotional bond established by people who show love and understanding to each other. Because we are social beings as a human species, we may need a person or persons to make friends, help each other, understand our feelings and...
3 Pages 1544 Words

Analysis and Classification of the Film 'Hardcore Henry'

In this essay, I find the genre of the film ‘Hardcore Henry’. While there may be more than one interpretation of this film, I present you with my viewpoint and provide information based on my perspective, all while being aware that there are people who will disagree with me. I use evidence from the film, as well as my personal biases based off of other films I have seen, to prove that the genres of this film are both action...
3 Pages 1316 Words

Classification of Skin Diseases Using Image Processing and SVM: Analysis of Melanoma

Abstract— Skin diseases such as Melanoma and Carcinoma are often quite hard to detect at an early stage and it is even harder to classify them separately. Recently, it is well known that the most dangerous form of skin cancer among the other types of skin cancer is melanoma because it is much more likely to spread to other parts of the body if not diagnosed and treated early. In order to classify these skin diseases, “Support Vector Machine (SVM)”...
4 Pages 1751 Words

Skin Lesion Classification towards Melanoma Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural Network and Image Enhancement Methods

Abstract — Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin lesion which is a severe disease globally. Early detection of melanoma using medical images significantly increases the survival rate. However, the accurate recognition of melanoma is extremely challenging task. Since the joint use of image enhancement techniques and deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) has demonstrated proven success, the joint techniques could have discriminatory power on skin lesion diagnosis as well. To this hypothesis, we propose the aggregation algorithm for skin lesion...
5 Pages 2429 Words

The Nature of Law and Its Classification

The English word law has its starting point in the Old Norwegian word truly signifying “set down” which may allude both to something saw as a characteristic wonder, for example, the sun rising and setting each day, or to a lead set by people for controlling their shared conjunction. Henceforth, two sorts of laws might be recognized, to be specific, engaging and prescriptive ones. The previous depict how something carries on, the last endorse how one ought to carry on,...
4 Pages 1652 Words

Classification and Regression Trees

Decision trees are a popular form of algorithm used in machine learning predictive modelling. Classification and Regression Trees (CART) refers to decision tree algorithms that are used for classification and regression learning. The definition of a decision tree based on categorical targets (classification) as seen in the diagram below; the same concept holds if our targets are real numbers (regression). Decision Tree Decision tree algorithms are nothing but if-else statements that are used to forecast an outcome based on results....
3 Pages 1255 Words

Advances in Alarm Data Analysis with a Practical Application to Online Alarm Flood Classification

In the space of business alarm systems within the method industries had several open analysis topics. The common goal within the mitigation of the impact of alarm floods because of that the operator is lesser than the alarm rate will effectively manage. There are differing kinds of approaches that exist in follow, like rationalizing the device, rising the alarm style or providing on-line operator support. Alarm rationalization was acknowledged for removing terminated alarms that may ensure that the sole alarms...
2 Pages 911 Words

Comparative Analysis of DSM and ICD Classifications of Mental Disorders

Mood disorder is an umbrella term used by both DSM and ICD classification. A mood disorder is any type of psychiatric illness that affects your mood. These disorders could be depressive disorders, manic or major, bipolar disorders, seasonal affective disorder, along with new modern terms such as Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. All these disorders can be categorised by the symptomatic mood changes someone who suffers with them may experience. Most of these disorders will make the patient feel low in...
4 Pages 1594 Words

Lung Cancer Detection and Classification Using SVM

Abstract— Image processing techniques are widely used in several medical problems for image enhancement in the detection phase to support early medical treatment. In this research, we aim to improve quality and accuracy of early detection of lung cancer through a combination of image processing techniques and machine learning. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) dataset has been used for training and testing purpose where DICOM is the primary format used for image storage. Classification is done using SVM (Support Vector...
4 Pages 1996 Words

Lung Nodules Detection Based Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for Deep Learning Classification

Abstract: Lung cancer is one of the most serious cancers in the world, with the smallest survival rate after the diagnosis. In CT scans, lung nodules appear as dense masses of various shapes and sizes. They may be isolated from or attached to other structures such as blood vessels or the pleura. In this paper a detection of Candidate Nodules (solitary or juxtapleural in a 2D CT slice is achieved using two schemes of segmentation and enhancement algorithms. Convolutional Neural...
9 Pages 3966 Words

Lung Nodule Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network

Why was this study ⁇ As cancer, one of the leading cause of death worldwide, with lung cancer being the second most significant diagnosed cancer in both men and women in US [ref] and the dismal five year survival rate of 16% is in part due to lack of symptoms during early stages and lack of effective screening test until recently [ref]. Hence detection at the earliest may decrease the mortality rate. Tumor staging based on coarse and discrete stratification...
6 Pages 2802 Words

The Classification Of Microorganisms

The Gram staining technique is one of the most significant staining methods used in microbiology. This method was named after Hans Christian Gram, a bacteriologist, who formulated it in 1882. It was published in 1884. Gram staining is used to identify bacteria and allows us to assort cells based on their different cell wall constituents. Gram staining distinguish between Gram positive and Gram negative by coloring the cell wall red or purple. Gram positive bacteria tends to stain purple because...
1 Page 678 Words

Detection And Classification Of Leaf Diseases In Maize Plant

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in most of the developing countries of the world. Studies indicate that around 60 percent of the world’s population is dependent on it for survival. Increased agricultural production can also significantly boost the economic development of a country. However, achieving desired levels of productivity is a challenge as it is influenced by various factors like climate, pests, diseases amongst many others. Disease is one of the significant factors that can adversely affect the...
2 Pages 683 Words

Plant Disease Detection And Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Abstract Plants are thought of to be crucial just like the stock of vitality offer to people. Plant sicknesses will affect the leaf whenever among planting and suspect that winds up in tremendous misfortune on the get together of harvest and affordable cost of market. In this way, plant ailment location assumes a significant job in rural field. In any case, it needs immense men, extra time interim and top to bottom information concerning plant ailments. Thus, machine learning is...
3 Pages 1287 Words

Plant Leaf Disease Detection And Classification Using Multiclass SVM Classifier

Abstract Plants play a significant role in human life. Plants area unit helpful for manufacturing oxygen(O2) by taking the carbon dioxide(CO2) that is free by humans by the method of chemical change. The chemical {process| chemical change| chemical action} process is principally applied by leaves. The diseases that cause plants area unit on leaves because of the microorganism, fungi, etc. The identification of the sickness in time and see for the answer is that the task to any human by...
2 Pages 929 Words

The Twitter Spasm Classification Using R Language

Executive Summary The cutting edge technology in the modern setting has led to a rise on several social media platforms which are geared into making the daily life of human being more than comfortable. In this case, Twitter is one of the major social media platforms which are used by billions of users in the entire world. On the other hand, the rise of the social media platform has triggered the onset of malicious individuals who spend most of the...
5 Pages 2360 Words

DNA/Gene Classification Using RNN Sequential Analysis

Abstract Each active life has complex molecules in their cells called DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) which are responsible for all biological features. These DNA molecules are further reduced into grander structures called chromosomes, which together compose the being’s genome. Genes are size altering DNA sequences which comprise code that are frequently used to produce proteins. There has been a struggle to reliably try to identify the gene sequences since the entire anthropological genome has been sequenced. Gene classification and prediction are...
4 Pages 1766 Words

The Classification Of Plant Seedling

Abstract Plant seedling classification is crucial for biodiversity conservation. Based on analysis of CNN, we propose a system to classify plant seedlings with minimum classification error. By machine learning algorithm, convolutional neural network have been applied to different datasets. We used training set and test set of images of plant seedlings at various stages of grown. The dataset comprises 12 plant species. The goal is to create a classifier capable of determining a plant's species from a photo. The experimental...
5 Pages 2496 Words

Classification And Detection Of Plant Disease Using Artificial Neural Network

ABSTRACT The plant disease diagnosis is restricted by person’s visual capabilities as it is microscopic in nature. Due to optical nature of plant monitoring task, computer visualization methods are adopted in plant disease recognition. The aim is to detect the symptoms of the disease occurred in leaves in an accurate way. Once the captured image is pre-processed, the various properties of the plant leaf such as intensity, colour and size are extracted and sent to classifier with Artificial Neural Network...
4 Pages 1704 Words

Dermatologist-Level Classification Of Skin Cancer With Deep Neural Networks

Introduction The research paper 'Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks” proposes that mobile devices combined with artificial intelligence have the potential of providing “low-cost universal access to vital diagnostic care.” This means that there is a rise in technology to enable medical diagnosis in an effective and inexpensive way. To support their claim, the authors utilized a single convolutional neural network (CNN) to predict skin cancer diagnosis by classifying skin lesion images into different skin diseases. The...
4 Pages 1764 Words
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