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Ever sat blankly staring at your screen, not knowing how to start your speech essay? You’re not alone, and the good news is there are speech essay examples out there that can be your guiding light! Let’s plunge in headfirst and see if we can figure out how to write ...

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Social Issues

Teaching Why Freedom of Speech Is Important: Persuasive Essay

Freedom of speech is the most sanctified and sacred act in America. The 1st Amendment of the American Constitution, it declares all citizens have the right to express themselves freely. A principle that is integral to the structure of democracy, allowing unrestricted artistic and political expression. Its fundamentalism, however, is both its greatest asset and most fatal flaw. Hate speech in America has historically gone unregulated to maintain the sanctity of the 1st amendment. This well-intentioned act has done little...
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Stop Ocean Pollution: Persuasive Speech

Stop ocean pollution!!! On a yearly basis, thousands of tonnes of plastic and other harmful pollutants end up in the ocean. Where do these pollutants first originate? Where do these pollutants...eventually end up? And why is it remotely tolerated? the pollution in the oceans is killing animals and killing the plants and killing the microorganisms that we need to breathe. Different pollutants that harm the wellness of the ocean include runoff from fertilizers, sewage plants, and oil spills, and yet,...
2 Pages 909 Words

Speech Outline: Reporting Domestic Violence

After examining previous research in the field of domestic violence abuse and social scrutiny, there has been interest in the cultural and social consequences, of the views and opinions people have over the topic of abuse within a relationship (Citizen Advice, 2015). What is relatively noticeable from this information, is an apparent trend towards those who have experienced these crimes and those who view these crimes but not necessarily experienced them personally. This information is from a reputable source and...
3 Pages 1407 Words

Speech on Technology

Technology… hmm… Though the question can be easily asked, its answer is not that straightforward. The word Technology can be seen in many different contexts and can be defined or explained accordingly. Still, the simplest form to answer “What is Technology?” is “Putting the knowledge into action to meet the needs.” Let’s explore It is to be taken into account that Science and Technology, though related, have entirely different goals. The goal of Science is to know the world around...
1 Page 671 Words

Speech about Ocean Plastic Pollution

We live in a world that is full of plastic. Plastic shopping bags, water bottles, toothbrushes, and even parts of your clothes are among the everyday items that are made from plastic. But plastic isn’t always the answer to everything, and the current state of our environment is rapidly going downhill. People have been mass-producing plastic items since the 1950s. We produce hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic items every year and production numbers are only increasing unfortunately. Disappointingly,...
2 Pages 790 Words

Speech about LGBT Community

Imagine if you were restricted by vendors because of who you’re married to. Now imagine if someone fired you from your job because of the person you were dating. These are real-life scenarios that people in the LGBT community endure each and every day. To clarify, LGBT is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Although you may not be gay or lesbian yourself, you probably know someone who is. Think about what they go through in life: name-calling,...
2 Pages 991 Words

Speech about Climate Change

A lot of people claim that climate change is a hoax or it is made up, but there is scientific evidence to prove that the emission of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere blocks infrared radiation from leaving the earth’s atmosphere, basically tapping heat in the planet, therefore creating a greenhouse effect which warms up the planet. This warming of the planet is what creates climate change, which can cause a variety of problems on Earth, like amplified coastal erosion, melted...
3 Pages 1219 Words

Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalized: Persuasive Speech

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, euthanasia was first introduced to the world in the early seventeenth century. The word derived from the Greek word euthanatos meaning “ easy death.” (Merriam-Webster) Ever since then, euthanasia has served as a controversial issue that over time has come to mean a way to attain death. Controversial issues have been brought up from different perspectives concerning euthanasia. Some of those perspectives are presented through religious, legal, philosophical, or even humane ones. Even though there...
4 Pages 1686 Words

Rising Minimum Wage: Persuasive Speech

General Purpose:  To persuade Specific Purpose:  To convince my audience that raising the minimum wage is not a good idea. Central Idea:  Increasing the minimum wage is not beneficial to the economy. Introduction I. Lately a popular source of debate has been the topic of minimum wage. Although there are many who will argue raising the minimum wage will be beneficial to those who are suffering from poverty, there are many statistics and facts that prove otherwise. II. Raising the...
2 Pages 730 Words

Pollution and the Ocean Persuasive Speech

I have chosen the Hawaiian Monk Seal for this subject. The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the first seals on other seals from the north-western Hawaiian islands on the warm beaches. This Seal is one of the two left of this species, along with the Monk Seal of the Mediterranean; both are endangered marine mammals, while the Caribbean monk seals were already extinct from the world, which was the third species of this family. That's why I pick this...
1 Page 681 Words

Physician Assisted Suicide Speech

Modern medicine is a double-edged sword. With new innovations and treatments, Americans are now living longer than ever. Predictably, this voyage into uncharted territory brings its own host of new dilemmas. Over the years, there has been a notable shift in the leading causes of death in the United States. From the beginning of time until fairly recently, the vast majority of people were dying from infectious diseases. They would contract these diseases rapidly and with ease, and die from...
3 Pages 1493 Words

Student Council Speech Essay

Speech 1: A Message of Unity Dear fellow students, As we embark on another school year, I wanted to take a moment to speak about the importance of unity within our student body. We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but we share a common goal: to learn, grow, and succeed. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that we work together and support one another. Unity does not mean that we all have to agree on everything...
3 Pages 1485 Words

Student Council Secretary Speech Essay

Hello fellow students, My name is Nick Jameson, and I am running for the position of student council secretary. I am excited about the opportunity to serve our school community and be a part of the team that helps make our school a better place. As your secretary, I promise to bring organization, enthusiasm, and creativity to the table. As the secretary of the student council, I will be responsible for taking accurate minutes and keeping a record of all...
1 Page 506 Words

Pre School Graduation Speech Essay

Speech 1 Good afternoon, parents, teachers, and fellow graduates. It is with great joy that we gather here today to celebrate the graduation of our little ones from pre-school. As parents, we have watched our children grow and learn over the past few years, and it is truly remarkable to see how far they have come. Our children have learned so much during their time in pre-school. They have developed social skills, learned how to read and write, and discovered...
1 Page 601 Words

Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speech ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’: Critical Essay

‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’ by Martin Luther King Jr. is a remarkable moving speech that emphasized the fight for racial equality and the unfortunate reality of society. On April 3, 1968, he delivered what would be his final speech, ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’, in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Mason Temple (Church of God in Christ Headquarters). Most of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches were centered on peaceful ways to change the unfair treatment and segregation of African Americans....
2 Pages 1010 Words

Why You Should Go Vegan: Persuasive Speech

Why you should go vegan Do you know how many animals are being killed this year for food in the United States so far? 5,542,850,346 and counting. (accessed on Feb 7, number changes by second) This connects to our water supplies. 1,800 gallons (6,800 liters) of water is used to produce one pound of beef. This matches 7 years of our drinking water for the average person, but instead, this water is being wasted for beef. Becoming a vegan is...
2 Pages 1098 Words

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Persuasive Speech

Sexual harassment happening in the workplace has been a perpetual problem for many decades. However, in October of 2017, The Me-Too Movement finally drew public attention to this timeless issue. Various celebrities started speaking out about the sexual abuse they experienced while working in Hollywood. Providing evidence of how common sexual harassment in the workplace may truly be. Throughout, I will be analyzing the effect sexual harassment has in the workplace and the negative consequences that follow. As well as...
3 Pages 1303 Words

Speech about Foster Care System

Significant Issues Faced by Youth Aging out of Foster Care In 2018 there were over 438,000 children in the United States foster care system and more children are being added every day (“Foster). These children have often seen or felt horrible forms of abuse or neglect. They are usually left in the system for months at a time and some children will spend their entire childhood in foster care. However, once a foster youth turns 18 or 19, depending on...
3 Pages 1309 Words

What Were Three Root Causes of the Great Depression: Informative Speech

In the 1920s, new manufacturing methods and industries made the American economy grow because it was able to produce more commodities and equipment. Many citizens have increased profits, especially in the stock market. However, this period lasted only 8 years and in the ninth year, the economy began to decline, and this led to panic among the citizens. Therefore, the great depression was widespread and for this reason, great prosperity was followed by the great depression. This paper sheds light...
1 Page 639 Words

Stress and Its Effects: Informative Speech

In this module, I was able to measure my knowledge of just how much stress I'm under and how that's impacting my mind and body. I was however astonished to find out about the effects of long-term stress on both my brain and my body. APA Quiz Results When I took the WebMD quiz, I managed to score 92 percent, missing just one question. Hardly any of the responses were especially surprising to me since I had many stressful experiences...
3 Pages 1231 Words

Speech on Gender Inequality and Discrimination

Sweat. Blood. Tears. Decades of strain, pain, and discrimination revolutionized the lives of our grandmothers, our mothers. Anger over the unjust constraints of our society ran thick in the blood of our loved ones. For too long, women in Australia have fought for their rights to live. To vote. To be heard. Lives once led in the darkness; screams of anguish fell on the deaf ears of a hellish government. Our society today prides itself on development. Over the last...
2 Pages 1010 Words

Speech for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana

One of the most controversial, social, and legal issues in the United States today is the legalization of marijuana. Just like with every issue, there are pros and cons that come along with it. I believe that the benefits of legalizing marijuana outweigh the negatives that are associated with it. This paper will focus on some of those benefits, which include, the economic, social, and medical standpoints. Taking into consideration the negatives that correspond to each topic. Marijuana is estimated...
2 Pages 1092 Words

Speech Against Gun Violence

It is December, cold as ever, and the guns are as loud as ever. A few days ago, several shootings took place one by one in Chicago, Baltimore, and Minnesota. Across these states, at least 28 people were shot. Some of them are dead, some are wounded. However, those gunmen are still at large... The United States has the largest number of privately-owned guns in the world, and the number is continuously increasing. In 2000, there were 259 million guns...
2 Pages 999 Words

Speech Against Domestic Violence

Today, at this very moment, we are living in a world plagued with domestic violence. We are living in a world in which people are scared of being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused by someone they love; their partner, or any other member of their family. Our concern for gender violence has been ignited from the 1970s till now. yet even in this 21st century, we are experiencing gender discrimination, domestic violence within our society. We need to end this...
1 Page 623 Words

Speech about Discrimination

Age discrimination is when someone is treated unfairly or less favorably due to their age compared to someone in a similar situation of a different age. The discrimination could be because the person is considered too young or too old. An example of what age discrimination can look like in the community is when, in the workplace, someone younger is hired for a position rather than an older person even though the older person may be the most experienced person...
2 Pages 745 Words

Rhetoric Analysis of Barack Obama Gun Violence Speech

Have you ever wondered what the president has to do when they are in the process of preparing to give a speech? Well back in 2015 former President Obama was delivering a eulogy for Reverend Clementa C. Pinckney, who was a former member of the South Carolina Senate and he was a pastor of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church, but he was most notable because he was one of the nine people that were killed in the Charleston shooting in...
2 Pages 869 Words

Policy of Affirmative Action: Informative Speech

America Torn Apart By Affirmative Action “​Who​ is accepted into the finest professional programs and colleges? What candidate should be employed or promoted? After all, affirmative action is about fairness: What is fair in America?” Terry H. Anderson questions said issues in his book “The Pursuit of Fairness,” where he speaks on the core issues of everyday citizens: equality, choice, and fairness. He argues that affirmative action holds the keys to prosperity in the U.S., this being higher education, housing,...
2 Pages 802 Words

Persuasive Speech Outline on Domestic Violence

Good afternoon all, As a citizen of America, I am here to let you know that we are all under attack. World War 3 is rapidly evolving in front of our very eyes and we are oblivious about it. This silent but deadly killer is mutilating over three hundred thousand harmless citizens every 12 months – however, 80% are scared to admit the hardship they face. 85% of its victims are women and children, and the remaining 15% are men....
3 Pages 1140 Words

Police Brutality: Persuasive Speech

July 17th, 2014, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old man, died in Staten Island after being put in a chokehold by a police officer after resisting arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes. He was later refused medical assistance after losing consciousness. I was recently watching the documentary Bowling for Columbine, and I couldn’t help but notice the amount of brutality caused by police towards people of color and other religious and homophobic stereotypes. But it wasn’t just the brutality that the police enforced,...
2 Pages 1112 Words

Speech about Racism

The issue of race in the 21st century is a touchy subject, but one that needs to be talked about. Racism is a cultural creation that continues to wreak havoc on multiple countries, one of which includes the United States, which has a long history of racism. The issue of race has not gone away but has rather taken another form. Racism looks different today than it did 100 years ago, but it is still an issue that needs to...
4 Pages 1680 Words
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