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Social justice allows individuals to express their rights within a society. If a government promotes social justice then this ensures that everyone can access healthcare, education, and employment and also has physical security. (BBC,2019)

According to ‘Sabbagh and Schmitt, “Models of social justice-distribute, divine, procedural, retributive and restorative- have been adopted to examine sport and physical education, based on the foci of investigation.” (Sabbagh & Schmitt, 2016)

Social justice is a philosophical and political concept that suggests that everyone should have equal access to well-being, justice, and opportunity. The terms social and justice can be interpreted as having two different meanings. The term justice can be associated with people’s backgrounds or their past performance in terms of them doing right or wrong. People will receive positive or negative sanctions which will be based on past performance. Social relates to a society or its organizations.

Social justice is not only a goal but also a process. It is important to allow equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet individual needs. (Bell, 2013)

Social justice allows people to have a voice and share their individual opinions on the formation, and evolution of social norms, policies, and practices. In order for social justice to exist, it is essential for each individual to have equal rights and dignity. (Bredemeier, 2019)

How does social justice apply to sports?

Social justice gives people broader opportunities in the sporting world and increases the distribution of opportunities and privileges for those who want to participate in sports. (Long, Fletcher, and Watson, 2017, 3).

We are able to see social justice being promoted through sports teams when they help each other to develop their own justice-embracing characters. Social justice has a powerful impact on individuals who take part in sports teams as it has a powerful impact on creating team cultures that can motivate and enable action for social justice.

Social justice allows people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities to participate in many different sports and be involved with different sports teams and clubs. It also allows people to develop a skill in a sport they enjoy whilst surrounded by others who share the same interests.

Social justice in sports has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. There are more sports that allow people from all genders, backgrounds, and ethnicities to take part in. There was particularly one moment in the history of the sport that changed people’s views and ideas of different ethnicities in sport, this was in the 1968 Olympics which was held in Mexico City, ‘American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised a black-gloved fist on the medal podium’ which called attention to racial discrimination in the united states and demanded justice. (Hartmann,2003a)

What is meant by a value-led approach to studying sports?

I believe that a value-led approach to studying sports is to allow all students to study sports without relating to race, gender, religion, socio-economic class, and gender identity. I believe that all students should stand up for social justice and it should be taught through classes and lectures to demonstrate the importance of social justice within sports. A value-led approach means that students should be taught not just about the specific area they want to study but also about diversity and social justice within the sports industry and how they can make a difference through research and becoming experts in these areas. When studying sports, it is important for a student to have an ‘open mind’ and to allow time to research different values and approaches in sports and what difference they can make in the sporting industry by exploring new ideas instead of sticking to traditional ones. (


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What Would Happen To The World Without Social Justice?

Martin Luther King once said “We may all have come from different ships, but we’re in the same boat now”. In the world we’re living now social justice has always been a big role in our society, you realized it or not. Social justice works for many ways against racism, ageism, sexism, heterosexism, and even religion. While it can be challenging for me to give an exact meaning of social justice in our society, there is a general idea in...
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Marxist Ideology Impact On Social Justice And Economic Downturn

Most vulnerable members of society haven’t got the best quality of life and as a nation we do need to become more interested. This is when Social justice comes in. Social justice is a common interest of many throughout the globe. It intertwines with many different topics, such as food, justice and human rights. More interestingly, not many know or have realised that environmental sustainability is a large issue within social justice. However, the links between sustainability and social justice...
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Equity, Diversity And Supportive Environment As The Principles Of Social Justice

Social justice is the principle of being fairly treated with the distribution between wealth, opportunities and privileges in society. The idea of inclusivity of diversity and being supportive of all different people and their circumstance. There are three different principles of social justice. This is to ensure all people are provided sufficient resources and to empower them to improve or have better health. Equity is the first principle where the concept is of everybody having a fair allocation of resources...
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Catholic Social Justice: Domestic Violence

INTRODUCTION Social justice in the catholic teachings are people of faith who are named upon to help those experiencing hardship in the world. The teachings guides matter of human dignity and universal good in society. Social justice is a distinctive attribute of a catholic education in school. The main focus isn’t only supplying a good education, although is it known for making the student a person of integrity and faith. The social justice values within a Catholic school community will...
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Principles Of Social Justice By David Miller And John Rawls In The UK

Introduction In general, Social justice is defined as the reasonable and just distribution of, resources, power and responsibilities in society to all people, irrespective of ethnicity or race, age, ability status, gender, and religious context (Van den Bos, 2003). When talking about youth social justice is very important. According to research social justice in the young population effects are damaging. Family dysfunction and Poverty serve as risk factors for a number of hindrances in youth, comprising emotional, mental and behavioral...
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The Idea Of Social Injustice In Letter From Birmingham Jail

What is social injustice? Social injustice is a generalized term that includes discrimination, racism, equal rights and more. According to Martin Luther King Jr in his “Letter From Birmingham Jail” he brings up social injustice. The reason for writing the letter to my understanding is why he is in there, and why things like this happen to someone who is trying to change rights. King took a trip down to Birmingham Alabama for a non violent protest. Where people were...
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Social Work And Mental Health: Human Rights, Social Justice, And The Impact Of Public Policy

Even though mental health has constituted a fundamental part of the definition of human wellbeing, this has only recently become a public health priority, both worldwide and at the local level (Stacey & Herron, 2002). Particularly in Australia, where the high burden of morbidity due to mental health issues ranks third (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018), the government is now paying special attention to the traditional approaches in delivery services, detecting flaws and promoting the development of new...
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Self Reflection On Social Justice Perspective

Social justice perspective has the aim to promote equity and equality while also impeding the nominalisation of marginalisation based on diversity. I identified that social justice issues at the individual level and in their primary form are usually accustomed through the “bandwagon”effect common in young adulthood social/group acceptance. This personal reflection on the social justice perspective in education system will be conveyed in three distinct segments. The first part is a critical reflection on the importance of a social justice...
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Social Justice And Social Work Practice

Social workers can be put into a predicament within their professing if they do not know there responsibility for the client’s privacy and confidentiality. This paper will demonstrate how important privacy and confidentiality to the client’s we are serving. The exemplar I chose to use is “When does confidentiality end? Is this situation the Clinical Social Worker providing counseling for 2 years? The police are asking for information on the whereabouts of her client that she has not seen or...
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Translational Legal Research for Social Justice

Introduction: Social Justice promotes opportunity growth and social well-being. It refers to promoting justice, equality and diversity in terms of the distribution of wealth opportunities and privileges within the society. The concept of Social Justice is to achieve fair and just relations between the individual and society. Every person in society has a claim, freely on the basis of equality of opportunity and benefit. Social Justice is the manifestation of human rights in day to day lives of people at...
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Social Justice in Nursing: Opinion Essay

Social justice is the action of trying to eliminate, if not reduce the disadvantages experienced by certain groups in populations by distributing resources fairly throughout the population. When talking about resources, it is meant as more than just services that are available, such as public transit. They are defined as “an aspect of having a positive effect on health, such as security of food, sufficient housing, reliable employment, good working conditions, adequate income, education, inclusion in society, and the social...
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Influence of Social Justice at School

Having a positive impact on students is what almost all teachers are committed to . They usually declare that: “I want my students get into responsible citizens. I need my students to help society in an active, involved way.” Or maybe, “I want my pupils to change the world.” But just how many teachers know how to make that happen? Can we explicitly instruct learners to change the world? Perhaps not, but we are able to teach the students about...
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Social Justice In Education: Analytical Essay

Social justice education focuses on social equality and the opportunity to practice one’s full mortality. Value origination and social equality have been consistently and hypothetically associated with the field of instructions, which is regularly perceived as the best human equalizer. In education, the thought methods of teaching social justice have become appropriate in instruction, particularly in an urban society that has a background marked by being mistreated through education. To exercise, social justice instructing and learning exercises are to genuinely...
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Factors That Contribute to Social Justice

Social justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities and privileges within society. The concept of social justice began in the early 19th century which happened to be during the industrial & Civil revolutions in Europe. The concept of social justice arose with the aim to create a society that contended that every member of society should be guaranteed the same rights, opportunities, and access to goods and resources, this idea was known as the egalitarian theory. This would help...
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The Relation of Equity and Social Justice

Social justice has been part of the discussion within Scottish Parliament since it was established in 1999 with one of the first policy programmes focusing on social justice (‘Social Justice: A Scotland Where Everyone Matters -Scottish Executive, 1999). Social justice is concerned with socially marginalised groups and how society responds to this. Inclusion is education’s response to social justice and social justice can only be achieved through inclusive schools and teachers (Dyson, 1999). A key feature of social justice is...
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How Social Justice Isn't Served In Fahrenheit 451

In Fahrenheit 451, the concept of justice is used as an oxymoron. Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 concept justice is more than an oxymoron it defines a form of a sensible idea, transforming Montag from an “Fireman” to a man who’s able to reveal illegally literacy context to civilization and finding himself. The figure of speech, Justice becomes an oxymoron in Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 of Montag in defining his own identity by influencing people’s lives between passive entertainment, and critical thoughts is...
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Human Rights And Social Justice Issues In The Offshore Detention Of Asylum Seekers

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948) outlines 30 human rights that apply to all human beings regardless of race, sex, nationality, or any other characteristic. These human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery, torture, degrading treatment, arbitrary arrest, detention or exile, and most relevantly, the right to seek asylum from persecution in another country (United Nations, 1948). Offshore detention is an initiative by the Australian government to transfer all asylum seekers who...
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Social Justice and Decolonization in South African Education

The purpose of this paper is to sum up ideas that contribute to unjust education in South Africa. And ways or ideas that can be taken to bring just education in South African schools. Just education, is making sure that every learner in school have an opportunity to explore their ideas, to find themselves and to develop their own skills and abilities based on their values and their communities’ values (Joseph, 2016). Justice also, needs to be promoted in South...
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Morality in Social Justice: Analysis of Wikileaks and Snowden

The rapid increase in new digital technologies accompanied by the progression of media and communications have brought about moral, social and political issues, especially in the ethics behind government surveillance. These critical issues have sparked a wide spread debates in morality in social justice, social freedom and privacy, and digital censorship in the power of surveillance. With the current state of academic literature limited to Wikileaks, an international non-profit organisation which publishes networks of corruption that assist in US lead...
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