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Essay on My Educational Philosophy

The center quote I chose to represent my teaching philosophy is “Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve” (Roger Lewin). This shows my belief that learning is not centered around testing and statistics, but rather the heart and mind of each student. If I were to word my educational philosophy into a poetic statement like the many quotes I found, it would be that “I want to reach each child for who they truly...
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Well-Known Philosophical Theories of Education and Their Relevance in Modern Teaching

From Plato to Piaget, many philosophers have debated the importance of philosophy in education. Dewey states that educational philosophy is the most important branch of philosophy of all (Noddings, 1995: 23). This essay will discuss some of the philosophers who have greatly influenced educational policy today as well as whether their theory is still relevant in education. In addition, it will relate this theory to a learner-centered approach to teaching the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) in South Africa....
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What Is My View on Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my years of attending public school, I have encountered so many different teaching philosophies and the perspectives of different levels of teachers, administration and staffing. You notice the older you get and the higher you go up into education you stop seeing teachers really caring about your educational well-being. By the time you get to high school you are just another number apart of a quota they are trying to make for a graduation rate. You may see a...
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Disclosure of Educational Philosophies

Education. It is one of the most powerful tools in the world that has provided constant proof that it can be used to achieve greatness. By looking at it from different perspectives can highlight the weaknesses in what we already know and then improve upon it. This leading us to the different methodologies and philosophies surrounding it. In examining educational philosophy, it is found to be a system of individual beliefs about education and the teaching roles involved within it....
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My Philosophy of Education as a Future Elementary Teacher

Children are the future of this country. Children need a good learning environment to become successful young adults. A child begins their educational journey in elementary school. As a future elementary teacher, I want to be able to meet the needs of the children that I am entrusted with in my classroom. To be successful I need to make sure that my class is equipped with everything that my students will need to grow and that the classroom is accessible...
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What Is My Teaching Philosophy

I believe an excellent teacher, first, has an effective faith in the future. Like the forester planting an oak seedling knowing he or she will in no way see the tree in all its glory, I comprehend I can also by no means see the fruits of my labors as teacher. My calling is to plant and nurture seeds that will develop and form tomorrow. The desirable teacher knows and understands students, how they increase and learn. I recognize that...
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Educational Philosophies and Their Application to My Teaching Future

Philosophy of education provides a framework for thinking about educational issues and also can guide our actions as a teacher. The four philosophies are perennialism, progressivism, essentialism, and social reconstructionism. The knowledge gained about the philosophy of education helped me to develop a certain framework that I can use in my classroom. It helped me answer questions like ‘What do I teach my students?’ and ‘How do they study?’. I feel personally connected to each of the four philosophies, each...
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My Teaching Philosophy and Its Basic

As a teacher, my philosophy statement is that I believe that education is important for all. Children have many differences and each child has special characteristics that they can apply toward their individual education. As a teacher I will help guide my students so that they learn to express themselves, and learn acceptance of differences amongst others and themself. My role within the classroom will be to help each child learn their potential and abilities while developing their own personal...
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My Teaching Philosophy as a Future ESOL Educator

Generally speaking, learning is a social process. When considering the specific process of learning a second or additional language, the social dimension of learning becomes more apparent. Because of our dependence on each other for new knowledge, my teaching philosophy rests on creating a community of learners. Creating an optimal space for a community of learners means considering several actions and dispositions that influence the classroom. For one, students need to see the value and importance of all languages and...
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Personal Philosophy of Parent Education

It is my responsibility, as a professional working in the field of early childhood education, to build a positive, respectful relationship with the families of the children I serve. It is my goal to create a healthy partnership with each family member so that they feel listened to, valued, and respected. I want every parent to feel that I am approachable and available to speak with them any time they have concerns or issues they would like to discuss. Families...
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Philosophy of Teaching Statement

I think relationships between a teacher and her students is built upon the mutual respect that shapes in-between them. One thing that comes to my mind when I think about teaching is the relationship that I’d like to form with my students. Enjoying conversations with them and talking about topics that are important to them, in this way I could understand how they feel about the materials that we are studying in class. I’d like my classroom to be less...
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My Philosophies as a Future Educator

When I think of the purpose of education, I think of it as the teaching principles to help guide one through society. It helps us to grow emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially. Giving us the basic skills and knowledge to meet our full potential. Without skills and knowledge then we wouldn’t have an understanding or connection of how things work. My beliefs as an educator are to create a community within the classroom. Within my community setting my beliefs and...
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My Personal Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is a very important part of not only our resumes, but also gives us a why towards the question, ‘why do we do what we do?’. Learning is a large field of study and there are many aspects to cover when talking about education. I believe our curriculum is important, but there needs to be an established community around the curriculum. In order to create the best learning environment for all my students, I plan on using...
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Teaching Philosophy of the English Language Teacher

Teaching philosophy is an important statement for a teacher to create a clear portrait of their personality as a teacher. Every teacher has to write philosophy on how, what, and why they want to teach. This essay will introduce a teaching philosophy as English language teacher. Teaching Philosophy I believe that all students have different needs and expectations from education/school. Students in my class should leave school wanting to learn more. All children are unique and need a stimulating environment...
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My Major Philosophies as a Future Teacher

Being a teacher is not an easy job, so you have to work sincerely and have passion to make student a good learner. I am as a future teacher I will try my best to give my students a comfortable environment with no stress or pressure, so in this report I am going to concentrate in 4 major philosophies: my role as teacher, teaching method, dealing with students and classroom environment. First, my role as a teacher is to make...
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Statement on Teaching Philosophy in Civil Engineering Courses

“I believe in constant improvement, driven by evidence and feedback”. My perspective on teaching has strongly been influenced by my experiences as a project manager of a major construction engineering company. In this position, I was a decision-maker and a consumer of the products supplied by the system that prepares graduate engineers for the profession. I experienced how well products performed and their intended functions. The significance of an education and the problems currently facing engineering education became evident to...
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How Teacher Is Benefited by Learning Educational Philosophy? Essay

Philosophy is the basic nature of knowledge, real life and is the study of existence, especially as a teaching discipline. Philosophy is the study of people and the world by thinking and asking questions. Philosophy is an art and science. Its important general approach to such issues when considered is the formal approach and philosophy is different from other ways of solving by and the ‘philosophy’ of a particular person in ordinary discourse may refer to their beliefs about things....
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Reflections on Teaching Philosophy

We are living in a globalized world where technologies develop rapidly. In such a context, education is no longer a mere passing down of knowledge to students. Instead of teaching hard skills, teachers should instill soft skills in the students. Social and emotional competencies and 21st century competencies are the two dominant soft skills that are necessary for every global citizen. I believe the element of love is important in cultivating personalities with the competencies. With love, students will eventually...
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Theme of a True Teacher in 'Freedom Writers'

‘People will now no longer be aware you on what you have imparted to them then again on how you touched their lives alongside the way’. This is the exquisite way to describe Miss Gruwell who used to be being featured with the useful resource of the movie ‘Freedom Writers’. Her life as a trainer and a partner to his husband can also favor to be a first-rate example of a great mentor. It was once being portrayed in the...
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Reflections on the Movie ‘Freedom Writers’ and Current Issues of Education

There are various interesting aspects within the teaching world that are reflected in ‘Freedom Writers’. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie not only for the story and the depiction of a multi-cultural, racially, emotionally and behaviorally challenged students, but also for the positive outcome. I guess that everybody enjoys such an ending to a story. But the scenario depicted in the movie is one we are all familiar with or have been in touch with, in our days at school....
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Essay about Piano Learning and Motivation

Without a doubt, all arts manifest most precious qualities in humanity. It enriches our lives and elevates individuals to explore spiritual and aesthetic aspects of the world and ourselves. Music as one form of arts is extremely connected to our everyday life yet learning music faces many obstacles and difficulties. Therefore, my interpretation of being a musical educator essentially is to make the learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible for students. Through my teaching experience, I have seen...
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Thank You Letter to My Educator

I realize most students do not concentrate to their language necessities, and that is a genuine disgrace since when you make a stride back, unmistakably this class is one that can genuinely set you up for an implausible remainder. I would state that most students at Lassiter, myself notwithstanding, unquestionably do not concentrate to it as we should. I, like other people, pushed my work aside and accepted different classes progressively significant. Since I am nearly in college, I perceive...
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Essentialism as My Educational Philosophy

I wasted 4 years of my life learning hard core math just to not use it in the real world. Growing up I was raised in a house hold of 3 children and being the oldest impacted me a lot. Always to know right from wrong was basic instructions given from my mother. I attended homestead senior high school where I learned 5 different math courses including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, financial algebra and so on. To later on...
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Career Pathway of Secondary Teacher

From as far back as I can remember I have always had an affinity with children, even as a youngster I would somehow wind-up being some form of child minder. Towards the latter part of my school years, I had created a great relationship with my science teacher who was both inspiring in his delivery and subject, I said to myself back then that it would be ‘pretty-cool’ to become a science teacher one day. Whilst working in the outdoor...
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Teacher's Strategy in Teaching English to Students with Intellectual Disability: Work with Mental Retardation Students

Concept of Teaching and Learning Teaching and Learning are two things that cannot be separated because both of them support each other. Teaching activities cannot do without involving learning activities. Here are the definitions; a. Teaching Teaching is a process of sharing the knowledge and experience from one person to let another person know and learn. Brown states that “Teaching is showing or helping to learn how to do something, giving instruction, guiding the study of something, providing with knowledge,...
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Principle of the Philosophy of Pragmatism Method of Teaching: Analytical Essay

Defining education According to (Victor Ordonez November 2000)Education is a social responsibility for the transmission of knowledge, skills, and culture with a formally organized structure. The development of human talents and personal characters for better citizenship. (b)Philosophy Philosophy is a well-coordinated and systemized attempt at evaluating life and the universe as a whole, concerning first principles that underlie all things as their causes and are implicit in all experience (Swimi Krishnananda) (c) Education Philosophy Is a branch of philosophy that...
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New Recruitment Process for Teachers in Public Primary Schools and Its Implication to Quality Teachers in Tanzania

Background to the problem General introduction Human resource is one of the most significant developments in the field of organizations which has been given increasing importance. People are vital to organizations as they offer perspectives, values and attributes to organizational life; and when managed effectively, these human traits can be of considerable benefits to the organization (Ekwoaba et al, 2015). This is so because the development of people, their competencies, and the process development of the total organization are the...
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Benefits of Using Active Learning Techniques in Education

From the grocery store to the workplace; negotiations and interactions with our peers happen every day. However, considering that not everyone has the same communication style or life situation, we must learn the appropriate social skills required to navigate these daily interactions and work collaboratively with our peers. Developing these social skills can be very difficult if all learning is done just from books, lectures, and absorbing only what is told to us by teachers; as theory always stays the...
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Effectiveness of Teaching American History Through Film: Critical Analysis of Films about John Adams

Introduction Some of the many benefits that historical films offer is that they allow for better memorization through visual associations and are able to grasp attention spans longer than pieces of text. Unfortunately, historical films are often partially fictional and sometimes are missing key historical figures and events in reenactments, but they can still be effective in teaching history when viewers do their own research in order to contrast the accuracies and inaccuracies depicted and analyze the choices directors, writers,...
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Problem of Cheating of School Administration and Teachers in Standardized Testing

Mary Jones is the Principal of Elderberry Elementary school in Dacula, Georgia. She has been the Principal for almost 20 years. In the past five years the testing scores have gone down, and the district has been on her about what she can do to make sure the testing scores get better. When she first noticed the scores had started to drop, she instructed teachers to go over the curriculum with the students again before the testing started. When that...
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