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The majority of modern students will have a basic idea about the tragic story of love that has been portrayed by William Shakespeare in his immortal play. Still, when college learners are asked to deliver a Romeo and Juliet essay, they often feel confused and do not know how to ... start or what subjects they could explore. One may start with the relation of death and fate, letting it become the red threat of essay writing, or focus on the character traits of the Lord Capulet. The most important is to implement the quotes from the book and provide a thesis statement that will clarify your take on things. It’s essential to determine what kind of essay you are going to write (unless it’s already specified in your grading rubric instructions). If it’s an argumentative essay, use citations and rely upon your main assumption. If you plan to compare the Montague Clain to the Capulet family, explain what determinants you have used and what you have learned. It will help you to remain focused and structure your writing!

How to Structure Your Romeo and Juliet Essay?

As you will see from the Romeo and Juliet essay examples, structure and order play an important role. There should be three crucial parts to every essay type unless specified otherwise:

- Introduction with a thesis statement that either makes an assumption or states that hostility has been caused by this or that factor.

- Three or more body paragraphs with citations and analysis. This is where you must support your thoughts by starting with the topic sentences.

- Conclusion with the moral lesson or the call to the action part. It should sum things up in a brief way and remind your readers about what has been achieved by your essay.

The most important is to avoid retelling the play even when you are aiming for a review. Focus on your opinion and support it with the quotes or by using examples from recent times. Some Romeo and Juliet research papers may seek literary devices and analyze the use of symbolism, yet the structure will remain within the aforementioned parts. On a more personal note, you can talk about the college or school plays, the importance of the story for all people, or explore the tone that Shakespeare has set.

The Main Points of Romeo and Juliet Essay

The primary question that always arises when the Romeo and Juliet analysis essay is written is related to the blame and the tragedy that has been caused by the hostile clans that could not come to peace and reconciliation. At one point, we can see the romantic line as it develops, yet the play also touches upon the subjects of violence, power of authority, parenthood, personal conflicts, and family values. The challenging part is to determine how each character of the play defines love since it’s different in everyone’s perception. The other points worth exploring in Romeo and Juliet essays include the conflict of love versus hate, irrationality, despair, and the control that goes beyond sanity. As one progresses through the play, the statement that the love is “death-fated” makes it possible to explore the hand of fate and the invisible power that goes against the will of the young characters of the play. As an alternative, you may talk about the modern cases of Romeo and Juliet by making a comparison. If you do not know how to proceed with your writing, consider choosing a topic first or start with a character’s role.

Why Use Romeo and Juliet Essay Examples?

The most difficult is to make your essay on Romeo and Juliet unique because this play has been discussed and analyzed basically everywhere. Since it’s not easy to provide something original, the safest method would be to choose bits and pieces from various examples. We have provided you with a free collection of Romeo and Juliet assignments that contain quotes and the critical parts that will help you shape your opinion. These are complete papers that help to keep your brain active and inspired. If you are running out of time and need to get the basic facts sorted, our Romeo and Juliet essays will help you to achieve success. Take your time to explore examples of the structure and how citations have been implemented to avoid plagiarism. Following our essay offerings will also keep you safe in terms of correct writing tone and academic style rules.

The Importance of The Blame Factor

Summing things up, as you work on your Romeo and Juliet paper, consider adding more analysis to the blame factor. While your essay about Romeo and Juliet doesn’t have to lay the blame on the parents of the young couple alone, think deeper and assume what could have happened if the times have been different. Don’t forget to explore the roles of Juliet’s maid and the peculiarities of Mercutio. If you want to take a more challenging path to your who is to blame Romeo and Juliet’s essay, think about Friar Laurence as the main character worth your attention. When you analyze things this way, your persuasive essay will stand out and offer something unique that will please the pickiest English professor. Take your time, see our free Romeo and Juliet samples, and follow the templates to get things done!

Romeo And Juliet: Strengths And Weaknesses

Romeo is the young boy looking for love, Juliet is the clever girl, and Capulet is the protective father. William Shakespeare made these characters like this so the audience could relate to their characteristics and personalities. William Shakespeare made complex characters throughout The Tragedy of...
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