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The Importance Of Tricks And Disguises In Twelfth Night

‘Twelfth Night’ or ‘What You Will’ is a Shakespearean play that includes many comedic conventions like disguise, trickery and love interests. It is these conventions that make modern audiences enjoy and laugh at ‘Twelfth Night’, contrary to Sir Richard Eyre’s comment, ‘It’s true that a...
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Psychoanalysis Of The Play Hedda Gabler

Henrik Ibsen’s revolves Hedda, who is the main character and her life tells the play. Ibsen wrote his play in the wake of modernism and presented several themes and different theoretical perspectives according to how a person reads or views the play. One of the...
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Character Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler

Being raised in the upper class is an amazing privilege that some people only dream of. Some individuals work hard to achieve this goal, and some are luckily born into it. Hedda Gabler is one of these people. Hedda is the daughter of General Gabler....
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Gender Roles In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Gender from Then to Today The societal role of women within british literature is a recurring theme seen across the centuries. Whether it be Guinevere in a lustrous affair with Sir Lancelot, to the Wife of Bath battling gender norms, to Viola fighting for work...
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Hedda Gabler's Unhappy Life And Marriage

Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler” depicts a neurotic woman who is unhappy with her life and marriage. Because she was a daddy’s girl and never attained anything in her lifetime, she will go to great lengths to make the life of those that achieved their desires...
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Classic Aspects Of Dramatic Comedy In Twelfth Night

By effectively manipulating comedy and the satirical use of jokes and humour, Shakespeare successfully managed to comment on certain aspects of Elizabethan society in his play ‘Twelfth night’. Through his use of puns, irony, double entendres and satire, Shakespeare manages to entertain his Elizabethan audience...
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