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As you are writing an essay on abortion, remember that it’s a sensitive moral issue that is a hot topic of debate. Regardless if you are writing an argumentative or persuasive essay, the purpose is to state your opinion clearly. As you explore this rather disturbing for most learners subject, you can focus either on one side or study both of them, namely being Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. Make sure to explore both camps of the issue and include statistical information, compare legislation the way it is all over the world. Consider checking out our free abortion essay example at EduBirdie. When you have a good example to follow, it becomes much easier to deal even with the most complex and controversial college tasks.

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Virtue Ethics and Abortion Essay

In this essay I will compare the stances of Judith Thomson and Don Marquis on the topic of abortion. Thomson argues that abortion is acceptable in some cases, she believes that everyone has a right to life, but that does not include the right to use someone else’s body without permission. Marquis is similar in the way that he does not swing completely one way on the rightfulness or wrongfulness of abortion. His main point is not that abortion is...
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Women Have Rights To Choose What They Do With Their Bodies

Abortion has been a topic of many debates for decades now. It is something that is seen as a sensitive subject, but many people have made it an immense deal. Abortions have been around since before the 18th century. An abortion is, “The termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus” (Merriam-Webster, 2020). This can occur after a miscarriage but in most cases, it is done to terminate...
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Women Must Have Autonomy Over Their Bodies

Abortion may be a questionable practice but could also be considered reasonable in cases where the mother is threatened or incest is clear. Women obtaining their rights has been an extended and continuous slow burn over the course of the globe, specifically within us. From now not being considered as property in marriages to having the correct to vote to obtain the correct to form decisions for his or her reproductive health, women have had to fight for much in...
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Abortion The Most Contested Issues In The World

In medicine, an abortion is a loss of pregnancy due to premature exit of the products of conception (fetus, fetal membranes & placenta) from the uterus due to any case. An abortion may occur spontaneously (miscarriage) or maybe medically induced. The miscarriage of three or more consecutive pregnancies is termed a habitual abortion or recurrent pregnancy loss. Abortion, as far as social and moral obligations are concerned, remains to be one of the most contested issues in the world. Here,...
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Every Woman Should Have Ability To Have A Safe Abortion

Abortion always has been and probably always will be a heated and heavily debated topic. Arguments coming from religious views and beliefs to rights and safety concerns, there have been tremendous amounts of debating surrounding abortion. Abortion has been evident since ancient times and many different methods were attempted. Some being; herbal remedies, using sharp implements, and abdominal pressure. Records of abortion have been dated back to over 4,000 years ago. Abortions back in ancient times were generally looked down...
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Moral Dilemma Of Whether Or Not To Terminate A Pregnancy

“We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, killings, wars, or hatred…If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?”- Mother Teresa “The termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to being capable of normal growth”. Abortion is one of the most controversial and polarising topics today. It is a painful and sensitive topic for women and men who...
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Abortion Is A Key Piece Of Women’s Liberty And Economic Security

Shouldn’t everyone have the right to do what they want with their own bodies? Then why are women’s rights limited? Abortions are a controversial topic and many people are for it or against them. The debate of abortion has long continued after Roe v. Wade proclaimed the procedure of a “fundamental right” on Jan. 22, 1973. When Roe v. Wade made it a fundamental right in 1973 it was not the start of Abortion in America rather, it enabled individuals...
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Abortion: Women Have Been Fighting For Their Rights For Years

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics. Some people support the mother’s free will to choose to have an abortion, others do not. Abortion means ending a pregnancy. In the past years, most people looked at abortion as killing a child or some sort of child abuse. But today’s society looks at abortion as presenting the mother with more opportunities to have a better future and preventing a child to ruin a mother’s life. Abortion has been a controversial...
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Abortion A Social Problem That Affects Women All Around The World

Abortion has been a controversial and enormous social problem, that affects women all around the world. This is a woman’s choice and is a part of a woman’s human rights. I think that it is a woman’s body, and a woman’s choice, therefore she should be able to decide on whether or not she gets an abortion. This is why abortion should be legal, and be available for all women. Legalizing abortion would help the health of women mentally and...
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Abortion: Good Or Bad Depends On The Situations

Introduction Abortion has become one of the hottest debates in the world. With the rising alarm in overpopulation and hiking economic standards, the need to give birth has raised questions among institutions and individuals. The discussion has mainly been stuck in between two perspectives of the debaters, the economic as well as the moral view. Those who have been debating from a moral perspective have kept their stand that no matter the circumstances, abortion always goes against the moral view...
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Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion: The Christian Beliefs

Our daily lives consist of a never-ending battle within ourselves, a talk with the voice in our heads that tells us “do it” or “don’t do it”. It is rational to think that the voice in our heads tells us all the same thing – do right or do wrong. In reality, what dictates that voice is our own subconscious, that, is shaped by our worldviews. The ability for someone to make the right decision depends on the level of...
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Abortion: It Is Nobody’s Choice What A Woman Does With Her Body

There is a major problem in this country and the world. A great big heap of people believes that abortions should be illegal. But that’s just not how things should be. Katha Pollitt, an American author, poet, essayist, and critic, once said. These are words of wisdom plenty of people could do to hear. Abortion needs to be legal because if not, women will be forced to find unsafe ways of going about it. It is nobody’s choice and nobody’s...
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Late-term Abortion And Its Consequences

Every day, innocent infants lose their lives from the choice of an abortion. Abortions have been a big debatable topic since Roe v. Wade case on January 22, 1973. There has been a lot of disagreement between pro-life supporters and pro-choice supporters. People use abortion as an option because of the fear that people might judge them by their mistakes. There are many different forms of abortion, the cruelest form of abortion is late-term abortion which takes place during the...
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Abortion Opinion Essay: Thoughts

The topic of abortion issues is one with great controversy. There are many ethical, moral, medical and religious question. Many people take side as pro-choice or pro-life. There is strong feeling for both school of thought. We look at the public opinion of both positive and negative aspect of abortion issues. Abortion is one of about six major issues that the public considers when voting (Witwer). It is a complex issue that has been passionately debated for centuries. Many people...
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The Bible And Abortion

Introduction Using Divine Command Theory Metaetchics I will attempt to explain my moral reasoning on Abortion. It is a topic that is heavily felt and discussed at a minimum in most cases due to difference of opinions. As a Christian in today’s world being raised in what they call the Bible belt, I will compare my views and moral thoughts on this matter as I glance into the different verses, thoughts and views while using examples of different theory’s through...
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Abortion Issue In Religion

Discussions around abortions in religion give a bold however deep variety of opinions, they all contribute the surrounding issues of life and death, the rights and wrongs and nature of society that cause it to be a major religious concern. sufferers of abortion are found to be in a very emotional environment and sometimes face spiritual issues. The victims frequently turn to faith for comfort and to seek compensation to deal with their feelings of guilt. Now that abortion impacts...
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Abortion And Jewish Adherence

Introduction As Technology develops, People must make more advanced life choices, which can be difficult. Many people consult one of the world religions to influence their decisions, often looking to religious figureheads and sacred texts to guide them. However sometimes this can be a difficult process as most religious sacred texts were written thousands of years ago, when most of the life choices we make today were not relevant. This means people will need to look at their religions core...
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Christianity’s Influence On Adherents Views Of Abortion

Abortion is arguably one of the most controversial topics in modern society. Although it may seem straightforward – life or death – it is much more complex than people think. An individual’s faith can heavily influence the lens from which they view abortion. The Christian’s decision for Pro-Life and opposition to abortion is influenced by the overall Christian belief based on the teachings of the Bible; however, different denominations and churches can influence an adherent’s response to abortion. This is...
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Value Of Life: Abortion, Suicide, Death Penalty, Life Ending

Introduction Life in terms of biology definition refers to time between a person’s births till his or her death. It is the one and only thing that breathes essence of various activities which separates us from inanimate objects. As opined by Heywood and Mullock (2016), there is no definite answer to value of life. Each individual reflects and leads his or her life based on values and ethics which they endear most. Period of living is unique and different from...
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Abortion and Women’s Reproductive Rights in Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity

Abortion has always been one of the most controversial and talked about issues, surrounding moral, legal, and religious concerns (Groome, 2017). Until the late ninetieth century, abortion was legal in the United States before “quickening,” which was the point of pregnancy when a woman could feel the first movements of the fetus, generally around the fourth month (Anonymous, 2018). Then, a United States Supreme Court case called Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal in all fifty states in 1973, thus...
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Abortions And Religious Perspectives

Abortion rights have been the talk for decades, jeopardizing women’s rights and freedoms for religious beliefs. Many choose to believe that a woman must carry out a pregnancy term, but enforcing religion-based opinions should not remain an option. A woman’s body is hers, and the decision of wanting an abortion is her choice, and religiously based laws refuse her of those rights. Some governors, like Governor Kay Ivey who signed into law the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation,...
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Child Adoption vs. Abortion

This overall question gives many people hope of what can be, while others consider it a nightmare. Both are a choice that affects the child and the mother. Child adoption is better than abortion because it is safer, less stressful, and sometimes easier on the mindset of the parent, or parents, of the soon to be child, while also saving the future of the youth to come. While on the other hand abortion is a “shortcut” many mothers take as...
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The Abortion In Catholicism And Sikhism

In 2019 it was discovered by the Australian New Zealand Journal Of Public Health that approximately one in six Australian women in their thirties have an abortion. Abortion is known as the medical process of ending a pregnancy. Since abortion is a highly regarded ethical issue, religious followers take into account the teachings of their religion. Catholicism is one of the religions that do not accept abortion, although others have exceptions, for instance, Sikhism. Although religions have different perspectives –...
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Religious Views on Abortion Essay

In today’s contemporary world, we are faced with difficulties and decisions that determine our moral viewpoints on ethical issues. An ethical issue is a situation that requires a person or organization to choose between alternatives that are ethical right or ethically wrong. The answer to ethical problems we have in our society can be evaluated by world religions. Religions help address and face our perspectives on ethical decisions. Abortion Is a well-known issue that is continuously addressed in the public...
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Catholicism And Episcopalians Position On Abortion

Introduction How do the Catholics and Episcopalian views clash on the topic of abortion? These two religions are similar and may be hard to distinguish from each other. One of the major differences between Episcopalians and Catholics is the fact that they both have different views on abortion. If you attend their masses and other practices, you may tell the two apart by paying attention. However, the Episcopal Church is pro-choice and pro-abortion. It’s necessarily bad for murdering babies, but...
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The Issue Of Abortion In Islamic Religion

The principal point of this paper is to show conversations on premature birth in Islamic morals with regards to major moral ideas; the lawful status of the embryo, regard forever and the privilege not to be conceived.Subsequently, the latest Turkish law on the killing of foetuses, with respect to Islamic morals and stringent viewpoints, has been progressed. Morals is claimed to be a western idea emerging out of Christian territory.Common and newly emerging moral issues are debated in the Western...
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The Role Of Aristotelianism And Buddhism In The Contemporary Abortion Debate

The philosophies of Buddha and Aristotle are vastly different and have origins in opposite sides of the world. Aristotelianism is a very practical form of philosophy, focusing on why things are the way they are; using this as the basis for how one should live to achieve an excellent character. Whereas, Buddhism is less fascinated about how the world works, instead, how to self-navigate through life and reach nirvana. However, both philosophies have firm beliefs about what is considered to...
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The Effects of Roe V Wade Case on Abortion Rights

Imagine you’re a 17-year-old girl in Alabama. You had a little mishap and ended up pregnant, but you can’t keep the baby, so you decide you want an abortion. However, laws passed in your state don’t allow you to get an abortion-under any circumstances, even in the case of rape or incest. The nearest abortion clinic is over 100 miles away, and you’re afraid if you leave the state to get one you may be arrested. You barely even know...
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The Relation of Abortion and Crime Rates

A woman has the right to do what she wants with her body and her life without other individuals passing judgment on everything she might do. Abortion is an action that all women ought to have the option to perform in the event that she thinks it is fundamental without being detested for it. Abortion is a major issue in many parts of the world. Different people have different views and opinions on this topic based on different factors, such...
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Mary Anne Warren: On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion

Warren believes that abortion is morally right because a fetus does not meet the criteria for personhood. I intend to oppose Warren’s liberal position that contains illogical and fallacious statements that splinter her argument, down to the postscript she tacked on many years later. (Work on this) Warren starts off her introduction with a barrage of questions on how everyone should define the moral community, who should have total moral rights to life, and whether a fetus fits into these...
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