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Buddha Essay Examples

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Life Of The Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama who later on in life becomes Buddha is the son of Maya and King Suddhodan. As soon as he was born he was able to talk and to walk and when he walked lotus blossoms grew in his steps. To show him off...
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The Teachings Of Buddha

The Buddha realized that nothing was really permanent. He asked himself, what this life is. The Buddha taught his message to his father, wife and son in this way. He did not attach any importance to religious rituals. He tried to find out why the...
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The Peculiarities Of Buddha Art

During the life of Buddha Shakyamuni and for many centuries after his departure to parinirvana to the north-west of India, there was a country called Gandhara. At the beginning of our era, Kanishka, the most famous ruler of the Kushan empire, ascended the throne in...
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Buddha Vs. Confucius

Buddha and Confucius’s ideas reshaped the mindsets of the world and added new scopes to universal concepts of ethics, justice and humanity. Write a well-developed argumentative essay of four to five paragraphs on either Buddha or Confucius and any other Western philosopher of your own...
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Jesus And Buddha Shake Hands

Both the Christian religion and the Buddhist faith are based on the principles of love. If Buddha and Jesus were to meet I believe they would not try and convert each other but rather shake hands and smile. The parallels between the two faiths are...
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Buddha And The History Of Buddhism

A lot of the myths and other stories are based on the history of Buddhism. The start of Buddhism dates back to 580 BC, when Buddha Siddhartha Gautama was born in the Lumbini, Southern Nepal. When Siddhartha was only a few days old, it is...
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The Role Of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha In Buddhism

Siddharta Guatama, or “The Buddha”, went through a rough and painful life until he reached his goal “enlightenment”. He grew up with his father (his mother died shortly after Buddha was born) and his father wanted him to become the next king. Once Buddha found...
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