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Moral Obligations And Etiquettes Of A Muslim Army

Introduction Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) are the buzzwords of the new millennia. One is inundated with these terms on mainstream media, within the field of academia and in the political arena. Why are these phrases mentioned so frequently, dissected in such minutiae and...
3 Pages 1261 Words

What Makes A Muslim Donor Click

Introduction There is no doubt that Britain is one of the most generous nations in the world but, for the last few years Muslims charitable giving also taking quite a limelight in UK. As per charity commission reports, every Ramadan, Muslims in UK donate more...
2 Pages 969 Words

Muslim Communities In The United States

We see people from different backgrounds every day. Just alone in Chicago, we see different cultures no matter where you go, you see people with different beliefs and values. There are so many opportunities to learn something from people, some of whom are your friends...
3 Pages 1200 Words

Science Contribution To Muslim Scholars

Muslim scholars in medicine have left a clear imprint on the forehead of history, as many bright-minded people flock to engage in a circle of inventions and innovations in various fields, including medicine, and in this article we will talk about the contributions of Muslim...
1 Page 451 Words

Muslim Afghani Women Refugees In Delhi

Introduction Much acclaimed and celebrated Afghan writer, Khalid Hosseni in one his works, the Kite Runner mentions “There are many children in Afghanistan, but little childhood” (Hosseini, 2011). A statement as such is years of honour and threat their generations had to encounter simply to...
3 Pages 1442 Words

The Identity Of Muslims

Now does everyone know the meaning of phobia? Well according to Google it is an ‘extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.’ People have phobias of heights, spiders, clowns which are pretty common. Then there’s the ‘believe it or not, it’s real’ phobias...
2 Pages 1041 Words

Why Do Muslim Women Wear Head Coverings?

Muslims are individuals that regularly live by or practice Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion. Muslims think about the Quran, their religions blessed book, to be the exact expression of god as uncovered to the Islamic prophet and courier (Muhammad). Islam spread first all through Arabia...
1 Page 605 Words

Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

Today in American culture it is apparent some people have antagonistic thoughts and view of Islam and Muslims. Hate crimes against Muslims have scaled in the United States, prompting the presentation of the term ‘Islamophobia’ into the ordinary vocabulary of Americans. Today in American society...
4 Pages 1723 Words

Men Who Contributed To The Islamic Era

Abstract In this research, I chose to write about Abu Bakr because of his outstanding work during his life and his contributions to Islam. Abu Bakr Abdullah ibn Uthman was a close friend to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, as well as the primary of the...
4 Pages 1855 Words

How Are Muslim Women Represented In The British Media

The methodology chosen for the research is discourse analysis, specifically analysing contemporary media texts (post-2010) that depict images or focus on Muslim women in the forefront of the articles. The media texts are newspapers, with a mix of tabloid and broadsheet newspaper articles. The language,...
1 Page 527 Words

Muslim Achievements And Contributions

Muslims have had numerous outstanding achievements in the past. These achievements and groundbreaking discoveries covered diverse areas including math, science, medicine, literature and architecture. WIthout the foundation set by these Muslims, the world would not be as advanced as it is today and therefore it...
2 Pages 1103 Words

The Significance Of The Veil In Islam

The veil is a religious symbol in Islam that doesn’t have one definitive reason behind why peocople wear it. The motivation behind the veil varies from person to person. In Islam, the decision to wear the veil is very subjective. It can be a symbol...
7 Pages 3270 Words

Differences Between Muslim Ummah And West

There has continually been a distinction between Islamic Ummah and West and their civilization and different aspects. This report can explore the variations of each. Civilization may be a heritage of social norms, moral values, ancient customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and...
5 Pages 2369 Words

The Peculiarities Of Muslim Marriage

Introduction Marriage is an important provision of Islam. Along with the creation of men, Almighty Allah has given some demands for all men and some methods for satisfying those demands. One of the important demands amongst all of them is marriage. Marriage is a special...
5 Pages 2471 Words

The Situation With Muslim In The USA After 9/11

Zohreh Assemi, an Iranian American Muslim lady owner of nail and facial salon was robbed and beaten badly and called terrorist. She was kicked, sliced with box cutter and her hand was smashed by the hammer. It continued to two weeks of phone calls calling...
2 Pages 749 Words

The Issue Of Divorce In Muslim Society

INTRODUCTION Termination of beautiful marital bond due to lack of something, which can be trust or any other purpose is called as Divorce or ‘talaq’. It is the annulment of the legal responsibilities, and considered very awkward in Muslim Society. The divorce rules and regulations...
4 Pages 1953 Words

Leadership Crisis In The Contemporary Muslim World

Abstract [bookmark: _Hlk23617257]This paper is a secondary study based on online research on how modernisation has impacted the contemporary Muslim world. The paper explores the various factors that have contributed to the decline in the Muslim Ummah including the inability of the Muslim leaders to...
6 Pages 2573 Words

An Overview On Arab Muslim Culture In America

Although Arab and Mulims are constantly placed in the same category in the US Census, with the unconscious thought of no clear distinction between the two, they both have their own distinctive make-up that separates them. As Shelby Telhami (2002) put it “most Arabs in...
6 Pages 2533 Words

The Features Of Muslim Minorities

There is no consensus on the concept of the Muslim minority and the Islamic State, some theorists believe that if the proportion of the state more than 50. It inevitably becomes an Islamic state, and others argue that if Muslims are a majority compared to...
6 Pages 2602 Words

Muslim Influences On Occupational Therapy

The creator of the Muslim faith is Muhammad. The Muslims believe that the only God and creator of the universe is Allah. Allah is the equivalent to a Christian’s God in the Muslim faith. Muslim belief states Muhammad was Allah’s last prophet. When trying to...
3 Pages 1139 Words

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